Most Expensive Thing in the World

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– Most Expensive Thing in the World –

This article contains a compiled list of the most expensive things in the world along with their costs. Keep scrolling!

Most Expensive Thing in the World

When it comes to the world’s most expensive items, it’s safe to assume that the majority of them are unique and hard to come by.

Being wealthy has the advantage of allowing you to be quirky without fear of ridicule.

Also, one of the benefits of having a lot of money is that you can buy the most outrageous things for even more ridiculous prices and flaunt them.


Most Expensive Thing in the World

Now let’s take a virtual tour of the most expensive things in the world

1. Yacht History Supreme

Yacht History Supreme

The most expensive yacht in the world, the History Supreme, is valued at $4.8 billion.

Stuart Hughes, a world-famous UK-based luxury designer, took almost three years to create this yacht.

This costly 100-foot sailboat was purchased for 4.5 billion dollars by a Malaysian businessman.

2. Hope Diamond

Hope Diamond, most expensive thing in the world

The Hope Diamond, a 45.52-carat blue diamond worth roughly $450 million, is the most costly and perhaps most famous item of jewelry ever made.

Impurities from boron atoms are thought to be responsible for the blue hue. The Hope Diamond is thought to have come from a southern Indian mine.

It was then given to King Louis XIV of France, who kept it until it was stolen from the royal family in 1792.

It reappeared in a prominent London banking family’s collection in 1839.

Before that, no one knows what happened to it. The Hope Diamond changed hands several times after it reappeared before being donated to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

3. Diamond Panther Bracelet

Diamond Panther Bracelet

The most expensive bracelet in the world is a diamond panther bracelet. It will set you back $12.4 million.

This piece of jewelry sparked a romance between Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson, the original socialite, and queen of style.

4. Dead Shark

Dead Shark, most expensive thing in the world

Costing a whopping sum of 12 million dollars, Damien Hirst produced this sculpture of a dead shark.

“The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” is the official title of this piece.

An unidentified financial whiz who works in the hedge-fund industry picked up on this.

5. Gold-plated Bugatti Veyron

Gold-plated Bugatti Veyron

Flo Rida and some middle-eastern billionaires are among the owners. It costs 10 million USD

It accelerates from 0 to 100 mph in 2.8 seconds and seems to be a ghost at that speed.


6. The ‘Perfect Pink’

The ‘Perfect Pink’, most expensive thing in the world

The flawless pink diamond was auctioned for $23.2 million dollars at Christie’s in Hong Kong.

It is the most valuable jewel in the Asian subcontinent, according to Vickie Sek, director of Christie’s Asia’s jewelry department.

7. Crystal Piano

Crystal Piano

As the name implies, this piano is totally made of crystal. It is one of the world’s most costly musical instruments, with a price tag of 3.2 million dollars.

The piano was first shown to the public in 2008 during the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony. It was broadcast in front of a billion people both online and offline.

8. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, most expensive thing in the world

It’s no surprise that the world’s most costly residence belongs to one of the world’s most famously affluent families.

Buckingham Palace, home to the British royal family, is valued at $6.7 billion, although it is unlikely to be sold anytime soon.

There are 775 rooms in the palace, as well as a swimming pool and an operating room in the event of a medical emergency. Most of the rooms of the home may be seen on guided tours.

Buckingham Palace has a total of 240 bedrooms, 19 staterooms, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms, and there are rumored to be quite a few secret rooms around the halls of the mansion.

9. iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose

iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose, most expensive thing in the world

No one will dare to lose or break Stuart Hughes’ cell phone because it is not an ordinary phone.

The iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose is the world’s most costly phone. It’ll set you back 2.9 million dollars.

75 immaculate diamonds and 4 pink baguette diamonds weighing 2.5 carats each make up the handset.

It comes with a gorgeous hand-finished wallet made of genuine Ostrich foot.

10. Feather of Huia Bird

Feather of Huia Bird

Friendship and respect are symbolized by Huia feathers. Because Huia birds have been extinct for almost a century, their feathers are extremely valuable.

It is thought to be the most valuable feather on the globe because it is now the only known surviving specimen; it costs around $10,000 USD.

In New Zealand, it was auctioned off and won by an anonymous buyer.


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