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Best 10 Free Sites to Download Motivational Audio Speeches

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– 10 Free Sites to Download Motivational Audio Speeches –

Needs some motivation to check our 10 free sites to download motivational audio speeches. We can define the term motivation as a reason or reason for acting or behaving particularly. In this article, I will list and discuss some free sites to download motivational speeches.

10 Free Sites to Download Motivational Audio Speeches

The motivational websites below represent a broad list of websites where you can find the motivation to help keep you moving forward on your big dreams.

List of Free Site to Download Motivational Audio Speeches

1. Academy of Achievement– org

The American Academy of Achievements website has a broad collection of exclusive, first-person interviews with its honorees is available to parents, teachers, and students.

The online website also features a Gallery of Achievement that includes video footage of insightful discussions.

2. Jack Canfield– com

Jack Canfield is warmly known as “America’s #1 Success Coach.” He has studied and also reported on what makes successful people different.

On the part of his website, he offers free resources from his book, The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to BeYou should also recognise him from the “Soul “series.

3. DuoLingo – DuoLingo.com

Duolingo is a free language-learning website that includes a language-learning application, as well as a digital language proficiency assessment examination.

According to an independent study, 34 hours of Duolingo are equivalent to a full semester of language education at an average U.S. university! In the year 2013, the DuoLingo App was the iPhone app of the year.

4. Project Gutenberg – org

The Project Gutenberg website is the first and also the largest single collection of free electronic books or e-books.

Michael S. Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, invented eBooks in the year 1971 and passed away in September 2011. However, his project continues to inspire the creation of eBooks and other related technologies today.

Project Gutenberg offers over 36,000 free e-books to download to your PC, Kindle, Android, IOS or other portable devices.

You can pick between ePub, Kindle, HTML, and simple text formats. PG carries high-quality e-books. Bona fide publishers previously published all their e-books.

5. UpLift– com

UPLIFT is a global media channel that is dedicated to sharing thought-provoking content that inspires positive change around the globe.

Their audience has access to free content on a range of topics, including but not limited to wellness, spirituality, science, and also the earth.

Combining the gift of intimate live dealings with the power of the internet to reach the world, UPLIFT is a bridge of love and also consciousness into real-world action, guided by a fundamental vision of Sarvodaya Sanskrit meaning: “Upliftment for all”. UPLIFT stands for Unity, Peace, and Love in a Field of Transcendence.


6. To Write Love On Her Arms– com

Founder, Jamie Tworkowski, did not set out to start a nonprofit organisation. All he wanted to do was help a friend and tell her story.

When Jamie met Renee Yohe, she was struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury, and also suicidal thoughts.

He wrote about the five days he spent with her before she went into a treatment centre, and he sold T-shirts to help cover the cost.

When she went into treatment, he posted the story on MySpace to give it a home. However, The name of the story was “To Write Love on Her Arms.”

7. MIT OpenCourseWare– MIT.edu

MIT Open Courseware (MIT OCW) is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to put all the educational materials from its undergraduate and also graduate-level courses online, partly free and openly available to anyone, anywhere.

However, MIT Open Courseware can be considered as a large-scale, web-based publication of MIT course materials.

They will announce the project in October 2022 and adopt the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.

The initiative has inspired several institutions to make their course materials available as open educational resources.

8. Unsplash – com

Montreal-based entrepreneur Mikael Cho created Unsplash in the year 2013 as a simple tool for creators.

The concept was born from the pain he had in finding pronounced, usable imagery. Also, it has since morphed into a leading site for free, with beautiful images for public use.

Check out the site and enjoy the wonderful, free photos gifted to the world by the world’s most generous community of photographers.

9. The Creativity Portal – Creativity-Portal.com

Creativity Portal features the voices of today’s creativity leaders and has also been named one of the 101 Best Websites for creativity for multiple years by Writer’s Digest magazine. However, you need that extra boost of creativity, spend some time on this website.

10. TEDTalks – Ted.com/talks

TED is a small nonprofit website devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading through its video website. It began (in the year 1984) as a conference bringing people together from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, and Design.

TEDTalks is where you will find the best video talks and performances from TED conferences, TEDx and partner events–and the best talks on the web.

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