MTN Lumos Review 2022 See What You Should Know about Lumos Solar

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Have you heard of Mtn Lumos Solar services? Are you in need of a portable solar to power your home or office? MTN Lumos has been people’s choice for a long time now but not everyone can afford the monthly charges.

This article is all about MTN Lumos Review 2021 and What You Should Know About Lumos Solar, read through carefully.

MTN mobile solar or yellow box as well call it is more like hire purchase partnership between you and MTN because when you get the solar system you will continue to pay for it until 5 years through an installment payment plan.

However, you might choose to pay for the whole 5 years which is totaling 240k plus.

So many people ask this question, how reliable is the yellow box, so with my knowledge so far with solar system setup, I have decided to put the difference to you so you can make your choice properly to avoid regrets letter in the future.

The MTN Mobile Electricity is a partnership between MTN, Nigeria’s largest Mobile Network, Lumos, maker of PayGo off-grid Solar Home Systems, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) to deliver safe, reliable and affordable power to millions of households and businesses in Nigeria.

With this innovative service, you can enjoy affordable, accessible, noise-free, and fume-free electricity for everyday use and conveniently pay with airtime from the MTN mobile phone.

The Mobile Electricity Service kit which comes with a 5-year repair service policy can light up bulbs and power appliances like fans, televisions, cellphones, and computers.

What is the Lumos Solar Service?

Lumos provides access to affordable, reliable and clean solar energy to millions of people with no access to the electricity grid at a cost comparable or lower to what consumers currently pay for dangerous and polluting kerosene lanterns or noisy diesel generators.

Lumos connects the dots between the mobile revolution and solar energy, through its patented, self-deployable mobile electricity system, with integrated cellular payment and advanced security mechanisms.

With Lumos, households and businesses in the off-grid world can replace kerosene and candles with modern electricity that can power lights, mobile phones, fans, computers, TVs, and other small electronic devices.

They can do this on a lease-to-own basis, purchased via the mobile phone. What makes Lumos so innovative is its built-in security technology, and its ability to remotely track and analyze each self-installed system, eliminating the need for on-site technicians.

How Does Mtn Lumos Solar  Work?

Through partnerships with leading mobile operators, Lumos delivers smart solar systems as a service purchased through the mobile phone.
Customers pick up the Lumos system at their local mobile operator store for an affordable, one-time commitment fee.
They install the solar panel on their roof, put the indoor battery unit inside the home, and connect the provided cables and LED lights.
Thereafter, they pay for usage through their mobile phone using airtime. It’s as easy as sending an SMS or dialing a shortcode.
The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity that is stored in the indoor battery unit. This electricity can be used day and night to power lights, mobile phones, fans, computers, radios, small TVs and other small electronic devices.

How to Join the Mtn Lumos Solar Service

Walk up to any MTN store nearest to you with your registered SIM card, ID Card (National, Voters, International Passport or Driver’s License), and an initial N26, 000 set up fee and a minimum of 20 days payment and usage term which can be combined from a list of payment plans.

Advantage of MTN Lumos

Before I share some MTN solar alternatives, I will like to tell you some outstanding benefits you get while using Lumos solar system.

• 5 years of maintenance Guaranteed.

MTN takes care of the maintenance of the solar system during the 5 years term until it becomes permanently yours. The maintenance includes replacing the indoor solar units, solar panel, and inverter.
You don’t have anything to worry about if the system suddenly stops working. they will send their agent to check and fix the system or replace the system when necessary.

• Portability (can be carried around)

The MTN solar has everything packaged in one small yellow box which makes it easy to be carried around. You can set it in your house and then unplug the solar panel wire and take the box to your shop but BE careful to avoid spoiling the will which costs up to 10k.

Mtn Lumos Solar Service Cost of Consumption

5 days (N200 per day = N1000), 10 days (N180 = N 1,800), 30 days (N150 = N4, 500), 90 days (N140 = N12, 600), 180 days (N130 = N23, 400), 365 days (N128 = N 46,720).
The monthly payment plans are paid via your mobile phone, and which you must credit regularly in order to reach the minimum usage terms required by the service.
A minimum of 20 days is required to be paid monthly, whether you use the system or not, this applies even if you credit more than 20 days the previous month.
If the minimum usage terms per month are not met, the system will automatically lock.

Who is Eligible for Mtn Lumos Solar Service?

Anyone who either lives off-grid, or lives within the existing grid but has an inadequate power supply and seeks an alternate electricity supply.
Anyone who wants to power basic appliances, TV, Fans, Light bulb, laptops, Decoders. Small businesses -Barbers, Pharmacists, Makeover shops, and Groceries.

Mtn Lumos Solar Service Ownership Cycle

It will take until 1800 days of consistent payment, usually within 5 years to take complete ownership of the Lumos mobile electricity system.

Mtn Lumos Solar Service Coverage

While coverage is anywhere you have MTN service, optimum service is however available in Lagos,  Abuja, Niger, Nasarawa, Kogi, Kaduna, Kano, Kastina, Zamfara, Plateau, Gombe, Oyo, Ondo, Kwara, Jigawa, Kebbi, Sokoto, Bauchi, Abia, Anambra, Delta, Edo, Ebonyi and Imo.

Best Alternative to MTN Lumos Solar Electricity

The among you spend on MTN solar can be up to 300k within the 5 years installment payment plan depending on the payment plan you choose, if you pay monthly then you will be spending more compared to those who pay quarterly or yearly.

Why you Should Consider Other Solar Alternatives

Below are some reasons why you should go for MTN Lumos alternatives:

To be honest, the amount you will spend subscribing to MTN solar system is enough to build a standard solar system with more power.

The bottom line here is that you might not have up to 200k plus for the solar project instead, you go for MTN Lumos and pay like N4,800 plus monthly.

However, if you can afford between N150,000 to N300,000 then I will strongly suggest you go for some reliable alternatives which I will differently show you before the end of this post.

MTN mobile solar is also not for those who can not afford to fuel their generators because you need to pay for subscription fees to use it.

• Low Capacity (carries lesser loads)

Yes, I know exactly how MTN mobile solar system works because I own one myself which I bought specifically to ensure that my laptop and phone don’t go off. Some people asked a series of questions such as.

1. Can it work with a 12inche flat-screen TV

2. how long does it last with a laptop at night?

3. How well does it work during the rainy season and night

4. can LUMOS power my 55″ LG UHD LED TV

5. Can it power 43inches led tv and rechargeable fan

More questions are coming in from my readers but the truth is, the solar can only carry few loads like low voltage LED Tvs, at least it powers my 32 inches LG LED TV but using it with an LCD Televisions might be a problem.

When I plugin my Laptop and Phone then nothing else can be plugged because it can’t call more loads. Also, the MTN Lumos struggles to power my 32 inches LED with Strong satellite decoder, sometimes it trips OFF and ON.

You can’t do much with MTN Yellow box apart from lighting your home or shops, charge laptops, and phones. The alternatives that I will be shared with you will have the capacity to do more.

• Not Expandable (Can’t add more batteries or solar panels)

Another problem with MTN Lumos solar is that it’s not expandable, you can’t add more batteries or solar panels to generate more sustainable power but a normal standard solar system will allow you to generate more energy by adding extra batteries and solar panels but with MTN Lumos you are restricted permanently.

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