MTN MiFi Check Data Plans, Router Login and Subscription Steps

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MTN MiFi Plan: Are you aware of the MTN MiFi? The Mtn MiFi links up to 10 Wi-Fi-activated devices such as Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, game consoles, smart TVs, etc. at the same time. You may use MTN LTE MiFi for home or small business purposes.

The MTN MiFi is definitely another awesome choice for household, traveling, when with friends. You can boast of fast connection with Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, Game Consoles, Smart TVs, etc.

Mtn MIFI Capacity

Like the Ntel Notion MiFi, the MTN MiFi connects up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled at the same time, this is a short-of-users when compared with the standard Ntel MiFi with 15 users at a go. And MTN said the MiFi can stay up to 8 hours of battery life.

That is impressive and tempting, after the normal charging of the device, you can proudly go out with the MTN MiFi, having the surety of 8-hours of non-stop internet browsing with your enabled and active data bundle plan.

You can use the MTN MiFi device for both your home and business enterprise. Undoubtedly, MTN provides a superior internet connection.

One annoying experience with MTN 4G service is that it consumes a lot of data within a short period of time, anyways, I don’t really blame them, it is because of the network service. It is easy to set up also.

Just by tapping on one button, you can quickly connect to your mobile network and start streaming your favorite music, browse the internet, check your emails, watch videos and more at a super-fast 150 Mbps download speed

What is MiFi?

Any wireless router that acts as mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is called a MiFi. MiFi devices can provide connection up to 10 – 15 devices at a go via a mobile data sim card. Anyways, Novatel Wireless introduced the first MiFi device in the United States, in May 2009.

A MiFi taps into 3G or 4G mobile phone networks and uses this connection to create a mini wireless broadband cloud or hotspot. It provides wireless internet access for many devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

What’s More?

MTN MiFi Device is a portable WiFi device compact wireless router that provides internet services simultaneously for up to 5 devices like Laptops, Phones, Tablets, PSP, and other such devices simultaneously to the internet.

However, MTN Nigeria has made a new development once again for its customer who enjoys their internet services.  Now with this MTN new MiFi modem.

You can connect your system and also allow your friends to connect theirs through you while surfing the internet.

With this device, you can also manage a mini cyber café with full available internet services on all your computers.  It is called MTN Nigeria MIFI Modem.
All a customer requires is one data subscription on the MiFi device, with which he/she can connect the WiFi-enabled devices to the internet.

How Can I use the MiFi Router?

Unlike other dongles out there, MiFi devices can be kept a few meters away from the device, you want to connect with. Most dongles require wires to connect them with the device.

As we already know, MiFi acts as a mobile hotspot for your device but only with the help of a WiFi connection. Hence, it is all wireless!

The steps to use the MiFi is quite simple and understandable. Note that, MiFi with 4G LTE is more preferable to the 3G mode. After purchasing the gadget, you can then follow the below steps;

a. Now get a SIM card that has an active data plan

b. Keep the MiFi router on a table or whatsoever place, you want it to be

c. On your Smartphone / PC, switch on WiFi and search

d. Get connected and browse the internet.

How Do I Enjoy the MTN MiFi Offer?

To enjoy the MTN MiFi offer, simply:

• Buy a new MTN MiFi from any MTN store, partner stores.

• Insert a registered MTN SIM in the MTN MiFi device and turn it on to be qualified for the free 30GB.

• Activate the free 30GB data bundle at the store or call 180 (MTN Customer care line).

• Ensure the MIFI is turned on with the registered SIM inside before activating the Free 30GB.

• Dial *131# to activate any of the selected MTN Data Bundle and enjoy up to 100% bonus on data bundles below N5000.

How to Buy a Data Bundle on MTN MiFi Device

You can buy a data bundle on your MiFi device without removing the SIM card from the MiFi device by following below steps:

1. Dial *131# from an alternative SIM.

2. Select option 7 for Data Gift

3. Choose data plan (Daily Plans, Weekly Plans, Monthly Plans, 2-Months Plans, 3-Months Plans)

4. Select preferred data bundle

5. Select 1 to proceed with a data bundle purchase

6. Enter the Msisdn (MiFi SIM Msisdn)

7. Enter Customer Care PIN of Alternative number(Security Key/ PIN)

8. You will receive a successful data gifting message.

Ways to Use the MTN Mobile WiFi Device

1. These are the things to do to get started:

2. Insert your SIM Card via the SIM card slot entrance at the back of your MiFi device.

3. Connect the MiFi to a PC with the compatible data cable inside the pack

4. Power on the MiFi by pressing and holding the power button until the light comes on.

5. The modem is “plug and play” and will auto-install upon powering it on. However, if the auto-install does not work, simply double click the setup icon in the MiFi folder from your computer and wait for the software to install.

The MTN Mobile WiFi can be used in USB mode (connected to your PC) or WiFi mode (connecting up to 5 WiFi-enabled devices).

How to Activate the Free MTN Mobile MiFi Bundle

1. Launch the MTN Mobile WiFi icon from your computer or start your Internet browser and enter in the address bar.
2. Type the Login Password: The default password is admin (you are advised to change this password to prevent for security reasons).
3. Click on SMS at the top of the screen and send an SMS with the keyword MIFI to 131.
4. You will receive an acknowledged SMS confirming you now have 500MB of data, valid for 1 month.
6. Now you can connect to the Internet.

Note: Approved Offer is: 1GB for the first month and up to 160% bonus on activation of 100MB and above for the remaining 11 months.
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