Nigerian Customs Tariff Plan for Cars 2024

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Customs Tariff Plan for Cars – The Nigerian Customs Service is the body responsible for the clearing of vehicles after which they are allowed within the country. Are you ready to get a car? Then read this page to know what the Customs Tariff Plan entails.

Customs Tariff Plan for Cars

Buying a car in Nigeria is a necessity, so when importing cars like a car dealer, the question of how much does it cost to clear a car arises. What you would do is to visit any car-related websites or forums online in search of answers.

Nevertheless, you must still be aware of the cost of clearing certain car models. This is vital as you would want your customers to know the latest clearing cost.

The same goes for the buyer bringing in a vehicle from any foreign country, he too must know the cost of clearing the car.

There are many reasons for wanting your car, maybe due to the decline in the Nigerian public transport system which makes moving from one place to another difficult.

It might also be that buying a car abroad is better in terms of reliability, the sound engine, body parts, etc, than when you buy directly from a Nigerian dealer online or offline.

The Nigerian Customs Service

It is good to know that the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) is the body responsible for the clearing of vehicles after which they are allowed within the country.

Things have quite changed as the method used in determining the cost of clearing a car in Nigeria today is no longer based on the size and year of manufacture of the vehicle.

The new tariff system for determining the cost of clearing vehicles is what the NCS has been using for the past 4 years.

According to the Customs website, “a 35% duty is charged on the cost of your car, with an additional 35% levy which sums up the total clearing cost at 70% of the initial cost of the vehicle.”

Nigerian Customs Tariff Plan for Cars 2024

In a move to make Nigerians patronize locally manufactured vehicles, the Nigerian Government raised the tariff on imported cars. This was done in 2014 with the aim of creating employment and a wide range of technologically advanced manufacturing opportunities.

In the old tariff, the factor that was used to determine the import duty tax, was based on the year in which the car was manufactured.

For example, a car that was manufactured in 2016 would attract a higher tariff than a car that was manufactured in 2008.

How to Calculate the Nigerian Customs Tariff Plan for Cars 2024

To know how to calculate customs duty for cars, using the Nigeria customs tariff book or Nigeria customs valuation for cars below, there are values to be considered:

The Dollar Value of Your Car

First of all, these values are generated by Nigerian customs, it is a generated fixed cost price of the car you intend to clear.

These values seldom change or do not change at all. If any changes occur in the coming times, trust us, The Clearing Agent will always give you updated values.

The Exchange Rate (which is currently ₦893.50 and is subject to change at intervals)

Furthermore, this value is subject to change. While this exchange rate is subject to change at intervals, (depending on the strength of ₦) we will keep you informed of any change in exchange rate thus, affecting the cost of clearing cars in Nigeria.

The Percentage of Duty to be Paid (usually 35% duty for vehicles)

In addition, these are fixed values for cars and vehicles, other industrial vehicles may attract lower CET.

The 128 Trigger, to Get the Total Amount Due to be Paid to the Nigeria Customs

Hence, the 128 trigger is a Shortcode that helps us calculate other values of the total duty, values like VAT….

Furthermore, points 1 to 4 will give you the total value of your car due to be paid to Nigeria Customs at any designated bank. In addition, you may want to know how much it will cost you to clear a car or other vehicle.

Shipping and Terminal Charges

Furthermore, shipping and terminal charges vary. Cars, SUVs, and Trucks approximate cost is ₦800,000 ₦800,000 ₦90,000 Respectively.

Agency fee or Clearing Charges

In addition, this may be fixed or negotiable depending on the clearing agency you are dealing with.

Hence, be rest assured that the Clearing Agent will give you the best price for the cost of clearing cars and other container cargo, as we are cost-effective and want to make you happy.

The Process of Clearing a Car in Nigeria 2024

This is an instructional guide explaining how to clear cars across the nation. Though the price of shipping a car from the United States or Canada to Nigeria may vary, the process for clearing a car is always the same.

Give the Vehicle’s Bill of Lading

One important document that doubles as a receipt is the Bill of Lading. Occasionally, the document is provided to you via the Internet, so you can print it whenever it’s convenient for you. It goes without saying that you will not be able to clear your car at the port if the bill of lading is missing.

The document contains information on your car. – It includes the ship’s name, weight, year of assembly, serial number or VIN, and the port of destination in addition to the starting point port.

Apply For Import Duty Valuation

The administrations of a registered and approved custom clearing agency acquire the import duty receipt. The company would need to apply to the Nigerian Customs Office using its official letterhead. A copy of the bill of lading must also be attached to the application letter.

Have the Assessment Notice

Upon completion of the evaluation, the custom agents will enter the information into their database. The computerized manifest would be presented with assistance from the clearing officers. For the paperwork, the recipient’s TIN (Tax Identification Number) will be kept in mind.

The Assessment Notice would be printed following the electronic manifest’s successful presentation. The notification includes pertinent details about the trade-in, such as the kind of vehicle, the destination of appearance, the amount owed for the obligation, and any transfers involving the car.

Pay Import Duty

You will be provided the record number of Nigerian Customs to make the installment during the previous step. When you visit the bank to make the necessary payment, you will have the Assessment Notice and the record subtleties with you.

Submit Documents for Vehicle Inspection

All of the documents that we have already consulted should be combined and sent to the Customs office in order to conduct vehicle inspections. Bills of lading, assessment notice, valuation photocopy, SGD, and bank receipt are among the documents you should bring.

Following the presentation of the necessary paperwork, customs would acknowledge them and schedule a time for the real evaluation. They can identify the car and confirm the accuracy of the archives provided with the data they have removed.

Print An Exit Copy

Once your car has undergone inspection, you can use your SGD to visit the terminal where your vehicle was found. Before printing an exit copy, the SGD is needed. One method is to use the C-Number that is displayed on your reports to print the exit duplication.

Get The Vehicle Released From The Shipping Company

You should get ready with all the paperwork needed to release your car from the delivery company before releasing it from the shipping company. It is necessary to have the bill of lading, exit copy, SGD, and representative person data.

Properly marked and stamped Certificate of Incorporation for Companies, Internal Passport, Driver’s License, and National ID (NIMC Card or Slip). It is necessary to have a copy of the letter and Form C30 that were used to request valuation.

The document that permits a clearing agency to function is called Structure C30. You will be responsible for paying the terminal fees and the cost of delivery once the transporting company has evaluated the reports.

Proceed With Some Documentation At The Gate Office

At this point, you could close your records and register by going to the gate office. You will bring the appropriate customs documentation and the discharge duplicate with you when you visit this office. They would verify the payment of the charge and the two documents. Your records will be stepped and closed in the gate office once you’re done.

Gather The Terminal Delivery Order

The terminal delivery order, or TDO, needs to be processed next. You will need the shipping company’s receipt and the reports that are marked at the gate office to request to pick up this item.

Your car will now be transported to the open floor upon the submission of the paperwork. By then, you may be certain that the car will shortly pass the border and arrive at its destination.

Pay Final Customs Examination Fee

Paying the final custom examination charge is the last task to do while on the open floor. Before you are allowed to drive your automobile from the port, an evaluation will be conducted by the company’s representative and customs officials to ensure there are no discrepancies. In reality, there are some costs that you must cover for the customs officers doing the inspection.

Summary of the Nigerian Customs Tariff Plan for Cars 2024

1. Find the Dollar value of your car.

2. Multiply it by the current exchange rate used by the customs (₦893.50). *(Nigeria Customs Tariff Book)

3. Then, multiply it by the percentage of duty to be paid (35%).

Most noteworthy, the first step should give you the duty of your vehicle, this is called the surface duty. Hence, to get the total duty which includes VAT, here’s where the 128 trigger comes in

4. Multiply the total for Surface duty by 128.

In addition, this will give you the total duty you will pay to the customs via designated banks in Nigeria. To know the total cost of clearing your car, do this below.

5. Add it up with shipping and terminal charges.

While shipping and terminal charges vary. Cars, SUVs, and Trucks approximate cost is ₦50,000 ₦60,000 ₦70,000 respectively.

6. Add the Agent fee or Clearing Charges which is usually negotiable. (₦100,000 to ₦150,000 for older cars, and higher charge for newer cars).

We believe this guide on the Nigerian Customs Tariff Plan for Cars 2020 is helpful to you?

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