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Nigerian Military Rank – Check Out Nigerian Military Rank

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– Nigerian Military Rank –

Nigerian Military Rank: Army is an essential thing for every country. It fulfills many functions. Nigeria is not an exception. It has a strong military. However, few people actually know Nigerian military ranks and their symbols. Nigerian Military Rank – Check Out Nigerian Military Rank

First, let’s find out what the military is. It denotes armed forces, which may apply deadly force and weapons for support and protection of the interests of a certain state and of all or a part of its citizens.

The main task of the army is to defend citizens and the country itself and to prosecute against the other states. Depending on the country, they can also have additional duties.

Speaking about Nigerian military ranks and their symbols, they may differ according to their types. Each of the kind has obligations.

The Nigerian Military consists of the Army, Navy, and Air force. Below are the Nigerian Military Ranks for Army, Navy, and the airforce.


Nigerian Navy Ranks


This is a sea branch. Nowadays most of the Naval Headquarters are based in Abuja, Lagos, Calabar, and Bayelsa. They also own operational bases throughout Nigeria and lots of training facilities, such as dockyards and fleets.

The Nigerian Navy ranking starts at mid-ship-man all the way to admiral of the fleet. The ranking is stated below with the highest rank at the top.

1. Admiral of the Fleet

2. Admiral

3. Vice-Admiral

4. Rear Admiral Commodore

5. Captain

6. Commander

7. Lieutenant Commander

8. Lieutenant

9. Sub-Lieutenant

10. Acting Sub-Lieutenant

11. Mid-Shipman

Navy Ranking for Non-Commissioned Officers:

1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer

2. Chief Petty Officer

3. Petty Officer

4. Leading Rating

5. Able Rating

6. Ordinary Rating

7. Trainee

Nigerian Army Ranks

Nigerian Military Rank

These Nigerian Armed Forces include land branches. It means the soldiers carry out missions on the ground. This category possesses the largest quantity of all the armed forces. There are also several divisions in Nigeria.

The Army ranking has a field marshal at the top followed by a general. We listed the complete ranking order of the Nigerian Army below.

1. Field Marshal

2. General

3. Lieutenant General

4. Major General

5. Brigadier General

6. Colonel

7. Lieutenant Colonel

8. Major Captain

9. Lieutenant

10. Second Lieutenant


Nigerian Army Ranks for Non-commissioned Officers

There are 8 ranks in the Nigerian Army for non-commissioned officers. We list them below;

1. Warrant Officer Class I

2. Warrant Officer Class II

3. Staff Sergeant

4. Sergeant

5. Corporal

6. Lance-corporal

7. Private

8. Recruit

The Nigerian Air Force Ranks

Nigerian Military Rank


The Nigerian Air force ranks include

1. Marshal of the Nigerian Air Force

2. Air Chief Marshal

3. The Air Marshal

4. Air Vice-Marshal

5. Air Commodore

6. Group Captain

7. Wing Commander

8. Squadron Leader

9. Flight Lieutenant

10. Flying Officer

11. Pilot Officer


FAQs on Nigerian Military Rank

Below are the frequently asked questions on the Nigerian military rank;

1. What rank is Nigeria military in the world?

According to Global Firepower, the Nigerian Armed Forces are the fourth-most powerful military in Africa, and ranked 35th on its list internationally.

2. How many ranks does the Nigerian Army have?

There are 11 ranks in the Nigerian Army for commissioned officers.

3. Is the Nigerian Army Strong?

The Nigerian Army is 70,000 strong, by far the largest in Africa

4. How many Nigerian Army do we have in Nigeria?


5. What is the lowest rank in the Nigerian Army?

Lance corporal

6. What is the top rank in the Army?

Five-star general

7. How many tanks does Nigeria have?

Nigeria has 376 tanks

8. What rank is 3 stars in the Nigerian Army?

Lieutenant General. (Three Stars)

9. What is the lowest rank in the Army?

Private is the lowest rank.

10. What is the highest rank in the Air Force?

General of the Air Force

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