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Nigerian Talent Shows 2021 and List of 20 Nigerian Popular Talent Shows

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Nigerian Talent Shows 2021- One of the ways through which big businesses in Nigeria promote their products and services is by organizing various Nigerian talent shows. However, these talent shows are very helpful to the Nigeria society at large as it provides young talented Nigerians the opportunity to promote and showcase their talents.

Nigerian Talent Shows 2021 and List of 20 Nigerian Popular Talent Shows

Talent Show: a show consisting of a series of individual performances (such as singing) by amateurs who may be selected for special recognition as performing talent

It also helps to boost the entertainment industry in Nigeria and provides fun for those that watch them. Here are a list of 20 Nigerian talent show that you can join.

1 MTN Project Fame

As implicit from the name, this talent show is sponsored by MTN, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Nigeria.

The MTN Project Fame is a yearly talent show that provides young people the opportunity to show their talents and get a chance of winning huge prizes.

2 Gulder Ultimate Search

Gulder Ultimate Search is open for graduates and undergraduates in Nigeria. The talent shows help young people to show their strength, endurance, and wisdom. A huge prize awaits the winner of the show.

3 Nigeria’s Got Talent

If you think that you can impress the audience and the judges with your talents, you should consider joining this show. It is aimed at building a creative spirit in young people.

4 Maltina Dance Show

Maltina Dance Show is sponsored by the makers of Maltina which is a popular drink in Nigeria. It is a talent show for people who can dance. It is held on a yearly basis. You can register for the show to get a chance of winning a huge amount of money.

5 Star

The Star is a talent show for young people who think that they have the voice to produce sweet melodies. The winner can go home with a prize amounting to millions of Naira. Seize this opportunity today in order to become a millionaire.

6 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

This is one of the earliest talent shows in Nigeria. It is aimed at testing the intelligent quotient of the participants. Each participant will be asked 15 questions one after the other. 

If you answer all of them correctly, you will win N10 000 000. You gain some money for each question you answer correctly. But if you fail any question, it will be over for you and you may lose some amount from your earning so far.

7 Nigeria Idol

Nigeria Idol is one of the biggest music reality shows in Nigeria. The show is part of the global idol franchise which is a global show. It provides a veritable opportunity for young people talented in music to showcase their music talents.

8 MTN Next Titan

MTN Next Titan talent show is sponsored by MTN. The show is organized for Nigerian young entrepreneurs. In the show, 20 talented young entrepreneurs compete in business-driven tasks.

Lagos which is the most popular city in Nigeria is normally the venue for the task. The competition normally lasts for 13 weeks.

9 Peak Talent Hunt

Peak Talent Hunt is a 13-week talent show organized and sponsored by Peak a well-known maker of liquid and powdered milk.

The talent show provides a platform for young Nigerians that are gifted in music, singing, dancing, and acting to demonstrate what they know best. An amazing price awaits the winner.

10 YouWin

YouWin is an acronym for Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria. It is organized by the federal government of Nigeria through its ministry of finance, ministry of women affairs and social developments, and ministry of youth development.

It is an annual business plan competition organized for talented young Nigerian entrepreneurs.

11 X-Factor

X-Factor is an N24m reality TV singing contest sponsored by Glo Mobile one of the dominating telecom companies in Nigeria. The competition has various stages. The winner will go home with a huge amount of money.

12 Gift Talent Hunt Show

This talent show is organizing this special reality show to help young Nigerians that are gifted in entertainment such as music, singing, drama, and dancing to showcase their talents.

13 Freestyle Unplugged Nigeria Music Talent Show

This is a music talent show in which 20 young talented musicians contested for the grand prize. The contestants’ performance will be judged by a panel of judges as well as the audience.

The contestants will produce music during the contest in different genres such as highlife, hip-hop, pop, and reggae.

14 Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt

Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent hunt is one of the few talents shows in Nigeria that gear towards fishing out talented gospel singers and help them to develop their music skills in order to build a booming music niche.

15 MTN Battle of the Year

MTN Battle of the Year is a break-dance competition aimed at producing the best break-dance group capable of representing Nigeria on the International stage.

16 Next Movie Star

Next Movie Star initiated by Sola Fajobi has as its objective the discovery of young talented movie stars. Popular Nigerian actors and actresses that emerged through this TV Reality Show include Tonto Dike, Portia Yamhan, Annie Macauley, Tamara Eteimo, and many more.

17 Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO)

Amstel Malta Box Office normally abbreviated as AMBO is sponsored by the producer of Amstel Malta, Nigerian Breweries Plc.

This reality TV show aims are helping young Nigeria that is talented in acting to develop their acting skills in order to become superstar actors.

18 Dance 234

Dance 234 is a dance reality TV show presented by Koga Entertainment and supported by a number of businesses and organizations.

This dance TV show showcases all types of dance in Nigeria. The winner of the competition will not only go home with huge prizes but will also get a chance of studying dancing in a professional dance academy outside the country.

19 Harvest of Dance at Theatre Centric Performance

Harvest of Dance is a competitive dancing show established by Theatre Centrik, a Lagos-based company in order to promote and safeguard Nigeria’s culture and tradition. The show aims at showcasing Nigeria’s rich dance cultural heritage to the entire world.

20 Celebrity Takes 2 (CT2)

Celebrity Takes 2 which is aimed at promoting the dancing in Nigeria through creative and inspiring choreography is a creation of the Spirit of David Gospel Dance Company.

The creator of this music show believes that dancing is much more than the moving of the body but also using these complex steps to communicate to the audience.

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