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Nollywood Movie Industry – How to Become a Nigerian Nollywood Actor or Actress

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Nollywood Movie Industry – How to Become a Nigerian Nollywood Actor or Actress.

Nollywood Movie Industry: In this article, I want to explain the simple, easy, and most realistic way of getting into the Nollywood and making a great career out of the Nigerian movie industry and probably become one of the household names in Nigeria soon.

Nollywood Movie Industry

Still, it is important that I warn you about the inherent danger associated with quests like this. While you go about looking for the phone numbers of actors and actresses to call to help you gain entry into Nollywood, fraudsters are aware of it and are capitalizing on this to give out fake numbers on various websites through which they defraud, rape or lure ladies into inhuman sexual activities. Even some of the actors themselves are said to have used the opportunity to take advantage of ladies too.

Nollywood Movie Industry

Granted, most of these girls who are desperately looking for a breakthrough into the Nollywood are very much ready and interested in being exploited sexually as long as that helps them climb the Nollywood starship ladder. Some are said to have even sent their nude pictures to male celebrities actors in an effort to seduce them, hoping that will help them get a role in movies. This article may not be for these ones.

However, if you are looking for straight forward means to become a Nollywood actress or actor, pay attention to this post. The process is not difficult as long as you already have the talent because talent is what makes a great star. Before we go into the details, let’s see what you stand to gain if you finally become a Nollywood star.

Earnings – The Nigerian Movie industry is the third biggest in the world. Therefore, one would expect the glamour and wealth that flows in Nollywood. Average Nigerian movie stars earn between N100,000 to N500,000 per role, while the big names in the industry earn between N1 million to N5 million depending on the name and the movie production budget.

If you earn N100,000 per role as a new and upcoming star and get ten roles in a year, that will amount to a whooping N1,000,000. Remember you are still upcoming, your earning is bound to grow even bigger as you grow bigger and more popular. In the beginning, you should focus more on getting your roles right rather than cash.

Apart from the take-home from movie roles, the real money actually comes from product endorsements and contracts that will come your way when you become popular. Some popular stars are currently being signed up for product endorsement by some of the Telecom and other big companies in Nigeria. That is where the big bucks will come from.

Lifestyle – There is huge glamour and seemingly enjoyment going on in the entertainment industry all over the world. You will have the opportunity to attend some of the finest events in the country, travel to places, I mean some of the places you can only dream about now and get to meet great people in the society.

To most people, this aspect is the most attractive of it all. Red carpet events, awards, and other stuff like that you used to watch on TV. You get to be in all of them and enjoy yourself to the fullest, at least as it seems.

Opportunity – Many celebrities have been able to get political appointments in their states or at the national level due to the popularity acquired through the entertainment industry. People get to see you perform on TV including government officials and policymakers and see what you are capable of doing through the way you act.

From there, you can land a political appointment which is a big deal in Nigeria considering the amount of money that is being shared in Government here. So, if political appointment or getting into politics in Nigeria is your dream, I must tell you that the easiest means of achieving it these days is through the Nollywood.

With all these in mind, I’m sure you’re now gearing to go! But how exactly do you gain entry into the Nollywood?

You must be talented –  Talent, like I said before, is your number one weapon because even if you manage to gain entry through sex, are you going to persuade the audience to like your acting through sex as well? So, you got to be talented first if you hope to get in and get further.

Since money and fame are involved, it is natural for everyone to believe he or she is talented, that’s what we call self-belief which sometimes is self-deception too. The main reason our movie scenes are full of shouting and crying by mediocre actors and actresses who are trying hard to impress is because of this self believe/deception.

But how really do you know if you are talented? Since acting is about pretending to be what you are not and assuming different characters at a different time and circumstances, you need to ask yourself:

Am I good at pretending to be what I am not without people finding out the difference? 

Can I interpret someone else to attitude exactly the way the person does it without having to try hard? 

If your answers to the above two questions are positive, you may just be a naturally gifted actor/actress. But it’s not just enough to answer it yourself, others have to say the same thing about you and you must have records to back it up!

If you are really good as you claim to be, people must have noticed it in you long before now. You must have been featured in one local acting or the other, as the school dramas. Do you have the videotapes of some of the local dramas you have been involved in? Gosh! That’s why you need to document those things at an early stage. You need to be good at keeping history; it helps in your careers and the careers of your children. There is no better resume than documented experiences.

Attend Auditions – Audition is the fasted means of letting producers spot your talent without delay. Look for legitimate auditions and avail yourself to it, who knows, that may just be your breakthrough!

Approach a Registered Talent Agency – Having examined yourself and believed you are truly talented, your next and possibly final step is to approach a Legitimate Talent Agency in Nigeria and let them test you out.

Most of them may require that you register with some amount of money, so it will be a waste of funds if you are not really talented and go ahead and register. But if you are really talented in acting, no agency would want to trade the opportunity of discovering a star except if they too are not talented at spotting a star when they see one.

Remember! Millions of other people just like you believe they are talented and are going out of their way to gain entry into the industry ahead of you. The only thing that will stand you out is your exceptional talent, if your talent is average, I may advise you to look for another profession elsewhere.

Note: Exceptional beauty, Extreme sexy appeal, and Attractive macho physics are considered a talent in the movie and entertainment industry most times.

What’s your take on this? We believe this article was helpful, if yes, don’t hesitate to share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp.

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    1. Ojay Emmanuel says:

      Please keep me updated on the audition dates

    2. Collins Matthew says:

      Thank u here is my number 08154966334

    3. Stella Udechukwu says:

      I do have passion in acting and writing scripts. Do keep me updated about the registration form.

    4. Joachim Leo says:

      Please i have a confidential question i will want to ask about the AGN license. Please the publisher of this article should contact me via email or contact me @09039608267

    5. Chidi Precious says:

      I do have passion 4 actin..plz wen wil d registration form be out??i wil love to be auditioned

    6. MBA Alphonsus says:

      gud day sir /ma’am my name is Alphonsus am from Enugu state I am having this dream of becoming a nollywood actor but I don’t have the connection please i need ur help I will be so grateful if you do this for me thank you may the good lord bless you
      this is my number 09038036492

    7. Ruth Osime says:

      My name is Ruth and my dream is too to be a kid actress I do have an experience on acting in school pls I do need a reply thank you!

    8. Pretty says:

      Hello I’m a girl wth a lot talent so I love Nigerian movies I use to watch them since I was young until now I so wish to act for Nigeria movies please help

    9. iyaji isaac says:

      Hello to every one,am so much interested and am ready to become a nollywood actor

    10. I believe talent is everything if it’s in u it’s in u

    11. Abraham miracle Joseph says:

      Good day ma sir am Abraham miracle joseph am an upcoming actor who believes that all humans act everyday in one way or the other but the ability to be exceptionally good in what you do is what makes you an extraordinary good among others please notify me if there is a way forward this are my number 08108509011

    12. Frank Ameh says:

      good day sir or ma. I have passionate interest in Nigeria noolly woolly industry. please link me up. here is my contact. 07014004011

    13. Abigail says:

      I have strong passion for acting,and as the saying goes make your passion your profession. please kindly inform me of any opportunities to showcase my talent. Thanks

    14. joy lawal says:

      I really really want to Act,and I know I can act well,I am a drama coordinator in my church.Pls let me know of any Audition pls thanks.

    15. success says:

      am well talented nd i wnt to show d world wot i hav to offer, jxt gve me a chance to prove ma self cos i bliv a trial u convince u. 08133193112

    16. winner iwuoha says:

      I wrote stories 2 be acted. is it possible 4 directors 2 buy them.

    17. Joseph Adam says:

      I want to become a Nollywood actor, but I don’t know if d form is out.
      If there is any information pls my contact are here:

      Name: Joseph Adam
      Tel: 09032961799

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    19. Good day team, i have a passion for acting.How can i become one, please?

    20. azubuogu chinaza says:

      want to become an actoress

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