How to Activate Ntel Wawu Data Plan See Codes and Subscriptions

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Are you searching for Ntel Wawu Data Plan? Just like every other network, Ntel Nigeria has its own data plans with its own code for activation. To use Ntel Wawu, you need to have a compatible device.

How to Activate Ntel Wawu Data Plan See Codes and Subscriptions

The new Ntel promo is called “WAWU”. It gives you 1GB on buying and activation of the sim card valid for 48Hours (more like timely data). To enjoy more data and bonuses, register the sim in any Ntel outlet within your area.

But, it still has to do with the new Ntel sim card. Visit any nearby Ntel outlet and register for new sim and in the next 12month (1 year), you will enjoy seamless data browsing with 12GB for N1000.

It is no longer news that Ntel is now available in almost all the shops in states nationwide. And you can get it without stress and of course, you really don’t need to pay enough to have one for yourself.


Being the first network to gives us pure 4G LTE in Nigeria, Ntel is once more bringing another interesting promo/bonus that will shake you up. This works for new Ntel sim cards.

To use nTel Wawu, you need to have a compatible device. nTel SIM cards have been known to not work with many popular phones.

Using NTEL Wawu SIM Card and its data plans is arguably the cheapest way to get access to the internet in Nigeria today.

Fortunately, it works with smartphones such as Infinix, Tecno, Gionee, and Xiaomi used by Nigerians. You can also buy the NTel Mifi or compatible universal wireless modem. This article will guide you on how to activate the NTEL Wawu data plan.

How to Get NTel 23GB Data Plan on WAWU SIM

1. Login to your dashboard on the Ntel website.

2. Click on Bundle Purchase and navigate to Data Only Plans >> Choose Wawu 1000 Naira for 2GB >> Use Account Balance as your Payment Option.

3. You will be given 2GB for 1000 Naira plus 500% bonus ( 500 / 100 x 2GB = 5 x 2GB = 10GB). No need to make any payment as you are using the bonus N1,000 credit given to you.

In total now, you have accumulated 23GB of data: the initial 1GB plus the bonus 10GB that came with the SIM cards. Now you get 2GB for this N1,000 and a bonus of 500% on it (10GB).

You have 1GB + 10GB + 2Gb + 10GB = 23GB.

How to Subscribe to Data Plans on Ntel Wawu

Below are the data plans, what you get, and the subscription codes:

Ntel WAWU Old Data Plans, Prices and Subscription Codes

WAWU 2GB 2GB 12GB 1,000 30
WAWU 4GB 4GB 24GB 2,500 30
WAWU 8GB 8GB 48GB 3,000 30
WAWU 16GB 16GB 96GB 7,500 30


Ntel Wawu Promo Bonuses, Other Benefits & Validity

Once you buy the SIM card, you need to register and activate it. The following are the benefits you enjoy in terms of the data and voice promo, and validity period:

1. The first SIM card has a free 1GB data bonus. It is valid for 48 hours (2 days) only.

2. The second SIM has free 10GB data + 1000 Naira airtime for phone calls to any network in Nigeria (8 Kobo per second) that are both valid for 30 days (a month).

3. Subsequent data subscription attracts a 500% data bonus valid for 1 year.

4. The call rate for the next 1 year to all Nigerian networks remains 8 K/secs.

Ntel 500% Plan and Validity

All you need to do is, buy a WAWU plan and get a 500% data bonus instantly. Understand that it is available to new and existing customers. That means, you really don’t have to register a new SIM card to enjoy these alluring bonuses.

Name Price Main Data Bonus Data Total Data Validity Other Benefits
WAWU 2000 N2000 2GB 4GB 6GB 7 days 8k/s for national calls
WAWU 4000 N4000 4GB 12GB 16GB 7 days 8k/s for national calls
WAWU 85000 N8500 9GB 36GB 45GB 14 days 8k/s for national calls
WAWU 10000 N10,000 16GB 80GB 98GB 14 days 8k/s for national calls


FAQs on Ntel Wawu Data Plan

Below are the frequently asked questions on Ntel Wawu Data Plan

1. Does ntel have data cap?

No data cap

2. How do I renew my ntel subscription?

For this purpose, use thse ntel self care portal

3. How can I browse free on ntel?

What you need to enjoy this Ntel free browsing cheat is an already registered Ntel Sim card (either the Wawu sim or the normal sim) with no active data bundle. 

Just insert your Ntel sim into your phone or Mifi > Set APN as ntel. That’s all. Your free browsing has been activated.

4. Can I use ntel sim on my phone?

Ensure that an ntel SIM is inserted in the phone

5. Is ntel fast?

Yes, it is.

6. Which network is NTEL in Nigeria?

Ntel, Nigeria’s 5th mobile network, begins operations in Lagos, Abuja

7. Is ntel available in Kaduna?

Yes, it is.

8. Is ntel in Benin City?

Yes, it is.

9. Is 4G network available in Nigeria?

Fourth-Generation (4G) mobile network coverage in Nigeria currently hovers around 37 per cent

10. Is Swift network in Owerri?

No. they are currently in Lagos state

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