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Outstanding Payment Request Letter 2022 Sample Formats

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– Payment Request Letter –

Has your payment been delayed before? Sometimes payments can be delayed or cannot be made because of various reasons like technical problems in processing transactions.

Outstanding Payment Request Letter 2021 Sample Formats

A letter requesting payment should be written under these circumstances. For Outstanding Payment Request Letter sample formats, read through this article carefully.

This letter should show gratefulness to the customer for doing business with you, use polite language, describe the details of the goods or services delivered, and the outstanding payment.

Professional and polite language is also of the essence.

So how do we collect our debts now that we recognize we have every right to and that our customers won’t hold our efforts against us?

And how do we minimize the time spent pursuing overdue accounts? A properly worded overdue payment reminder letter is the perfect strategy.

An overdue payment reminder letter is written by an official in an institution, company, or individual regarding a payment that needs to be made soon or the deadline has already passed.

What is a Payment Request Letter? 

Outstanding Payment Request Letter: we address this letter to a client or customer who has purchased goods or services and they have not made payments.

An overdue payment reminder letter is a kind letter to notify the client that the due date for making the payment is approaching or the deadline has passed.

It is a request letter to the relevant party to make the payment as soon as possible. It also reminds the customer of the repercussions of late payments according to the particular company.

However, it is a formal document that can be used as evidence in case they will handle legally the matter.

Sample Letter to Customer Asking for Payment




Date (date on which letter is written)





Dear _________________,

My name is ____________ and I write to notify you of an outstanding payment of ____________ dollars. We very much regret to inform you that your payment of 72500 dollars has been long overdue. Despite our repeated reminders, you have not cared to make the payment for the 5 tons of paper delivered to you on the 20th of February.

Your credit period of 15 days has elapsed, and they require you to pay the entire amount by the 20th of March latest.

You have been a consistent customer of our company and we have shared many good business deals with you. But unfortunately for the first time, we are experiencing such a careless attitude from your end.

We don’t wish to lose a valuable customer like you as you are important to our firm.

Hence, to continue to maintain amicable relationships, we request you to make the above payment within the stipulated time period.

If we do not receive the amount by the 20th of March then we would be forced to resort to legal proceedings against you. And you shall be liable for its consequences.

To avoid this, please do remit the due amount and we assure you continuous good quality service like before in exchange for this favor.

A Professional Sample Letter for Payment Reminder

The sender’s name
The senders’ title in the company
The company’s name
The company’s address
State, City, Zipcode

The date that the letter was written

The name of the person the letter is being addressed to
Address of the person the letter is being addressed to
State, City, and the Zip code of the person the letter is being addressed to

Re: The First Reminder of Late Payment

Dear (Receivers name)

This is a letter to notify you that the payment you owe, of (amount of money) was due on (date). Please submit the payment by cashier’s check along with your account number. Attached is a copy of the invoice with the amount due stated. Enclosed is also a stamped and addressed envelope should you need it.

If you have already made the payment, please ignore this letter. But if you have not yet made the payment, please do so immediately.

Thank you for making this matter a priority. Sorry for any inconvenience we might have caused.

(Sender’s signature)

List of the enclosed documents.

Overdue Payment Reminder Letter Sample


The Manager
Radha Textiles

Date: 6th February 2Mr


Mr. Anil Kumar

Subject: Overdue Payment Reminder–TREAT AS URGENT.

Dear Sir,

This letter is to inform you that we appreciated doing business with you, but based on accounts, we have noticed that your payment of Rs. 1,95,000 for 100 carts of textiles is overdue by 45 days above the credit period. Also, we request you to pay to avoid future complications kindly.

We had sent you a reminder on DD/MM/YYYY for making the overdue payment but got no response from your side. We promise to serve you diligently in the future.

To maintain healthy business relations, we request you to explain the payments by DD/MM/YYYY. If you would like to make the payments in installments, please contact us within two days so that we can help you make the procedure simpler.

We would highly appreciate your prompt action in this matter. Please contact us with any issues. We look forward to doing business with you.

Yours sincerely

Ian McEwan

Sample Payment Request Letter for Services Rendered

Madison McCarthy
McCarthy Designs
444 Sunset Drive
Galena, TX 67345

May 19, 2019

John Clemens
3478 West Street
Galena, TX 67345

Dear Mr. John Clemens,

I know you’re a very busy man, and sometimes bills can easily get misplaced. However, my records show that you still have an outstanding balance on your account in the amount of $575.00 with a past due date of March 30, 2019. I have enclosed a copy of the invoice.

If you have already submitted this payment, please accept my sincere apologies. Otherwise, please send the full amount based on our written agreement, or I will begin charging a 3 percent interest charge for the amount still outstanding after 60 days.

Thank you for your prompt response to this matter. Also, I value you as a customer and hope to continue doing business with you in the future.


Madison McCarthy
McCarthy Designs

Many service-based businesses find it challenging to receive payments on time. If a customer doesn’t readily respond to the first bill you send them, you’ll need to submit another request for payment.

In most cases, a simple reminder is all that’s necessary, but sometimes, you may have to be more assertive.

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