How to Pass the Federal Road Safety Recruitment Test Exercise

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Relating to catching a seat in the Road Safety recruitment, one has to be won over some rudiments and developments. A few of them could be unavailable in one agency handbook, but in this guide lies reliable details so, tag along. 

Pass Road Safety Recruitment

The whole process of success is composed by discipline and a set of rules with that, getting good grades is no more a problem. 

Just a little effort to learn more and get more out of the time spent studying, one should also:

1. Be familiar with the FRSC recruitment regulation and stipulations as it is highly needed. Then, do the same with the FRSC recruitment guide.

2. Brush up on the format of the test and prepare your answers to the types of questions that are likely to be asked.

3. Get ready for the exam by preparing yourself with the questions for the past term and other required textbooks. The same goes for a detailed study schedule for topics to ensure all are adequately covered.

4. Focus on the areas where learners are the weakest – general knowledge, English language, basic mathematics and current affairs.

5. Regular practice will not only accelerate your speed and accuracy, but it will also increase your confidence and diligence.

6. Besides using the online resources and practice tests, one should also use other techniques such as social groups, personal study notes, and online tests for additional preparation.

7. Do your best to pay attention to the clock while taking the exam as you read each question attentively rather than trying to tackle them before that.

8. Go through wrong options so as to have a positive impact on your chances of selecting the correct result. Use logic and go into a situation which you are not familiar with to solve.

9. Do the best you can during the test after time permits, and also, always follow all the directions given to you by the test administrators.

10. Keep tracking and be aware of any changes and updates with regard to the recruitment process.

In addition, make use of college instructors- or tutors for help if required and then, review it and do it again on a regular basis to regain your knowledge.

Who Created Road Safety in Nigeria?

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Nigeria was established by the Federal Government on February 18, 1988.

When this happened, the Agroecologia College came into being with the promulgation of Decree No. A Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Establishment Order was made in 45 of 1988, now known as the FRSC Act Cap 141 LFN 1990. 

The main set up for the FRSC was solely to solve the road transportation crisis and crashes that were worsening with time in Nigeria. 

Lastly, this agency was established to make the country safer through different activities, for example, road education and safety, traffic rules understanding and monitoring and prevention of traffic law violation. 

What Are the Requirements for FRSC?

What Are the Requirements for FRSC?

While FRSC is under the administration of the Ministry of Transportation, it plays a major role in making roads safer across Nigeria through traffic offense monitoring and controlling and reduction of accidents.

To qualify to be part of this form, one must: 

1. Candidates will be required to have a minimum of O’Level (WAEC/NECO/or his equivalent) with at least credit 5 in Mathematics and English Language GCSE subjects.

2. Applying for this position requires candidates to be of 18 years old through 30 years old. They must also be physically and medically fit as the criteria require and are enforced by the FRSC.

3. Males shall not be less than 1.68 meters tall, while female applicants will not be shorter than 1.63 meters.

4. Aspirants should be able to see clearly without eyeglasses or contact lenses, as per standards set by the FRSC. Low character and criminal convictions are not acceptable for applicants; all no-offenders.

5. Besides, a legitimate driver certificate is an asset to the available positions but not obligatory for the whole job. The positions of FRSC which require computer skills including administration are very common.

It is most important that all applicants must be citizens of Nigeria, and when one follows the laid down regulations or the FRSC, hiring framework will be much easier. 

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