January 2022 Persian Baby Names Expressing Cultural and Heritage

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– Persian Baby Names –

Persian baby names are among the most historic and epic names we have around. These names were used to express feelings, wishes, and symbolise things. Mostly, Persian baby names often originate from a work of Persian literature called the Shahnameh, also called the Book of Kings.

Persian Baby Names


Actually, the Persians are famous for their intricately inlaid metalwork and their legacy of show-stopping architecture. Similarly, Persian baby names are outstanding.

Persian heritage, traditions, and culture have influenced the many distinctive names you can bestow upon your child. Persian baby names represent these qualities and culture.

Persian Baby Names for Male Kids from Letter A to F  

These Persian names are so lovely and I believe they are so significant. Take your time and go through it to have the best pick of Persian names for your kids…

1. Abdalbari  – true follower of Allah              

2. Abdalfattah- the Servant of the One who Gives Nourishment                                   

3. Abdalhadi – the Servant of the Leader    

4. Abdalhakim – the Servant of the Wise One                           

5. Abdalhalim,    the Servant of the Patient One 

6. Abdalhamid,  the one who is Servant of the Praiseworthy One                             

7. Abdaljabbar the Servant of the Comforter    

8. Abdaljabir the servant of the one who helps others                             

9. Abdaljawwad the Servant of the Noble One                   

10. Abdalkadir the Servant of the Capable                         

11. Abdulkarim the Servant of the Generous One                           

12. Abdallafif, the one who is a Servant of the Kind One                                            

13. Abdallah the Servant of Allah       

14. Abdalmajid, the Servant of the Glorious One              

15. Abdalmalik the one who is Servant of the King                         

16. Abdalmatin the Servant of the Strong

17. Abdalmufi, the Servant of the Donor                            

18. Abdalmuhsin, the Servant of the Charitable One                                           

19. Abdalqadir the one being Servant of the Capable                   

20. Abdalrahim the Servant of the Compassionate          

21. Abdalrahman being Servant of the Merciful                    

22. Abdalrashid, the Servant of the well Guided                 

23. Abdalrauf the servant of sympathetic                                        

24. Abdalraziq being Servant of the Provider   

25. Abdalrazzaq, the Servant of the helper                                            

26. Abdalsalam the Servant of Peace     

27. Abdalsami the one who is Servant of the All-hearing            

28. Abdalwahab the Servant of the Giving                            

29. Abdelati the one being Servant of Allah  

30. Abdelfattah the one being Servant of the One who treats others with tenderness     

31. Abdelgawwad the Servant of the Noble One   

32. Abdelhadi, the Servant of the supreme Leader                        

33. Abdelhakim the kind Servant of the Wise One                            

34. Abdelhalim, the Servant of the Patient One 

35. Abdieso Derived from name Abdiel that means my servant

36. Abnus A dark-colored wood that does not sink, ebony

37. Abtin One who is of good deeds or with good thoughts            

38. Abufiruz The father of a triumphant person                       

39. Abzari One who sows, seeds or spices                

40. Adh One who is from or of someone or something  

41. Afrin The one who is worthy to be praised and blessed.                          

42. Afsar A man in charge of an armed group.                       

43. Aftab Aftab means “the sun”. A masculine name who is positive, happy go lucky, prosperous, and energetic                   

44. Ajmal The total, More beautiful,                           

45. Amooz Teacher, or instructor.  

46. Anaar Arabic – Light and Radiance; Glow; Bright; A variant of this name is Anar; Persian – Pomegranate

47. Andya Persian – Little Angel, Pure Girl; A variant name of Andia                               

48. Anjuman Place of Gathering; Committee; Council;            

49. Anosh Eternal; Everlasting; Immortal; Elixir                        

50. Anoush Eternal; Everlasting; Immortal; Never Ending                      

51. Anousha Sweet, Joy, Fortunate; It is a Variant of the name Anoush                                

52. Anzor Noble                   

53. Aref Knowing; Knowledgeable; Wise; Intelligent; Sage;                           

54. Arsha Persian – Man; Hindi – Prayer Ceremony; Also means from the Rishis                                      

55. Arsham Persian – Very Powerful, Very Strong; Name of Dariush’s Grandfather                                   

56. Artin Righteous, Pure or Holy (also a name of a Median king)                

57. Aryasb One who possesses Aryan horse named Kourosh                            

58. Aryo Name of the Iranian hero who fought against Alexander the Great.                        

59. Arzhang Name of a character in Shahnameh.                       

60. Ashkan Name of a Persian dynasty                         

61. Asman The Sky; Highest Heaven nearer to earth                             

62. Ata Arabic – Gift; Fante – One of the twins; Turkish – Ancestor, Predecessor        

63. Atal Hero; Leader; Guide      

64. Aurang They are full of wisdom, understanding, and a watercolor                                             

65. Ayas To cause good to somebody; Persian – Morning Breeze                

66. Azar Persian – Scarlet, Fire; Nineth month in Iranian Calendar; Hebrew – Help               

67. Baddar One who’s always on time. A punctual man.                       

68. Baghish Light rain that affects just a small area.  

69. Baha al-Din Beauty of faith or a helper or supporter.      

70. Bahauallah One who is a quiet, systematic and inventive mind     

71. Bahiri Variant of Bahirun, meaning a brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.      

72. Bahirun A brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.               

73. Bahman: A person who has a content heart and good spirit          

74. Bahnam A reputable and honorable person.                      

75. Bahram Name of a Persian King; A Character in Shahnameh;

76. Bakeet One who uplifts the mankind    

77. Bakhit A fortunate and lucky man         

78. Bakhshish Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present                 

79. Bakhtawar One who Brings Good Luck; Fortunate; Lucky;   

80. Baksheesh A divine blessing             

81. Baksis Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present  Boy                       

82. Baqer Man Of Knowledge        

83. Baraz Exalted, high  

84. Bedel A servant or a messenger of people                       

85. Behdad Excellent Gift; Of Good Birth      

86. Behrooz Fortunate, lucky, and compassionate being                      

87. Behruz Lucky; Prosperous; Success; Good; A variant name of Behrouz  

88. Behzad Noble; High Born; Honorable     

89. Bejul Jewel worn around the neck             

90. Bejun Name of a Persian Boy King        

91. Bihjan A person who is a hero 

92. Bijann He who is considered a hero, a legend among men                         

93. Bijon Persian – Ancient Hero; A variant of name Bijan                

94. Borna He who is a youthful man            

95. Burzin, An exalted Boy, a praised one   

96. Buwayh An ancient Persian ruler              

97. Cas An imperial man                              

98. Caspar A man who guards the treasure               

99. Cem: A born leader and a ruler                             

100. Chadi One filled with joy and happiness; a Capricon                    

101. Chamali The one who serves water.                                      

102. Changaz An extremely brave man.                         

103. Changeez Adapted from Chengiz khan                                 

104. Charlesh Chief of the tribe.                        

105. Chashida An experienced man.

106. Chavdar Derived from a Persian word meaning leader, dignitary.                                             

107. Chawish Leader of the tribe.                     

108. Chishti A Saint from Ajmer

109. Cye Sun; majestic and charming                        

110. Cyrus Farseeing young individual                                            

111. Daana A knowledgeable person            

112. Dahra Rich individual                  

113. Dalawar One with the heart                       

114. Dara       One with many talents 

115. Darakhshan Bright light         

116. Dareh A rich person    

117. Darian Gift sent from heaven on Earth  

118. Darioush A healthy King                               

119. Daris Very important person                 

120. Darius   Rich and Kind    

121. Dariush Wise King           

122. Darrius A rich, kind, and daring individual                              

123. Darwish Sufi man             

124. Daryush Wise and noble King                   

125. Dastagir A supporter                     

126. Dastan Form of oral history; the art of story-telling                                 

127. Dastgir: The one who supports and cares; holds hands

128. Dawar Judge of character                          

129. Didar One who is gifted with the perfect vision or sight             

130. Dil Awar One who has a heart; courageous                                         

131. Dil Dar A beloved and courageous human being                             

132. Dil Shad, A worthy person whose heart is filled with happiness  

133. Dildar A charming and beloved person               

134. Dilshad One who has dreamy eyes and a happy heart                       

135. Džanan A variant of Dženan, meaning he who is loved.                 

136. Dženan He who is loved               

137. Ebi Paternal; A variant of the name Eby               

138. Elham A beautiful inspiration

139. Emad  this name means to support or pillar or confidence.                             

140. Erach Noble; Name of the youngest son of King Farridoon; Belonging to Iran;                                         

141. Eranvej Land of Aryans; Home of the Aryans; Iranian Expanse                    

142. Ervad Religious Teacher; Spiritual Leader;                         

143. Esfandyar Name of a character in Shahnameh.                       

144. Eskander Persian word for Alexander.                      

145. Faireh   The bringer of happiness.                           

146. Farbod One who protects the glory                       

147. Farhad A feeling of great happiness                      

148. Farhang Good One of good-breeding                                  

149. Fariborz One who possesses a big honor and might                        

150. Faridoon One who is the third                  

151. Farjaad Excellent, or eminent in learning.                            

151. Farjad One who is endowed with wisdom                         

152. Farnaz One who is of high status and great                   

153. Faroqh A good and blessed man                             

154. Farrokhzad One who was happily born                         

155. Farrukh An auspicious and fortunate man                                            

156. Farshid A splendor bright as a sun                            

157. Fartash A being, an existence    

158. Farvardin One who protects the good and the pure       

159. Farzaan  An intelligent wise person                          

160. Farzad One of splendid birth    

161. Farzam A befitting and worthy man       

162. Farzan A man with great experience and intelligence                   

163. Fereydoon The third man                                           

164. Finn A ‘fair’ or ‘white’ person                                               

165. Finneas The Oracle; Biblically, the son of Eli; Dark-skinned( Egyptian)                       

166. Firoj A winner, successful person      

167. Foroohar, It means quintessence or intrinsic nature 

Persian Baby Names for Male Kids from  Letter G to L      

Persian Baby Names for Male Kids from Letter G to L   

These Persian names are so lovely and I believe they are so significant. Take your time and go through it to have the best pick of Persian names for your kids…  

1. Gasparo One who is possessing an abundant supply of money.                      

2. Gharib A known, familiar feeling                                             

3. Guebers They love adventure, freedom, and excitement. They are very active and mind-blowing in every task.                      

4. GulfamA person whose face is like roses. Soft, beautiful, and alive face

5. Gulshan Its feminine version means Rose Garden, while its masculine version means Flower garden. It is a variation of the name Golshan, a name of Persian origins.                           

6. Haabeel Name of the son of Hazrat Aadam                        

7. Ham Raz A friend who knows every activity of yours, Close friend                            

8. Hesam A sharp sword

9. Homayoun Royal; Fortunate; A variant of Homayun, Homayoon, or Homayon                           

10. Homeira A redman          

11. Hoshyar Wise                     

12. Hosmundus Wise person      

13. Houman Good Nature; Having a Good Soul; Benevolent; A variant of Hooman                                     

14. Isfandiyar The brave king. Also, the name of an Iranian king.                                             

15. Issavi A Persian term used for Christians.         

16. Jaaved One who is eternal                         

17. Jadu One who is Magical                        

18. Jaghan Everything in the world

19. Jahandar He possesses the world 

20. Jahangir The World’s conqueror                 

21. Jahangirkhan He who conquered the world                   

22. Jahanshah An Emperor of the world             

23. Jasper One who brings a treasure

24. Javaan  A variant of Javan which means young in Persian; Young Man                                    

25. Javad A liberal                               

26. Javaid One who is eternal                         

27. Javana  Young man; A name derived from Persian word Javan meaning Young  

28. Javed One who is alive              

29. Javeed  Living Forever; Immortal; Eternal; A variant of Javed

30. Javion  One who is made out of clay

31. Javon A name from Greece                    

32. Jawed The eternal one                               

33. Jehangir The champion of the world.                     

34. Jihan The World; Universe; Land; Name of a river in Iran                          

35. Jubin Honorable; Righteous; A variant form is Zubin which means one who touches the sky                    

36. Judea They are very kind to others, believe in charity, noble, blessed and honored by others                  

37. Judee The one who is optimistic who grasps the standards of sympathy and pardoning. They are likewise inventive and creative that gives them an aesthetic ability.      

38. Judge The one with a passionate soul and reserved nature, will keep calm, strict, and ambitious throughout life.                      

39. Judhail the descendant of Goda, The person who lives with and after us, Who will help everyone, keep happy everyone                               

40. Kaamran Prosperous; Successful; Blessed; Fortunate; A variant of name Kamran                              

41. Kamran Kamran name means Fortunate and Successful

42. Kamshad Kamshad means Desire, A wish that is happy                                     

43. Kamyar Kamyar means is Successful       

44. Kardar Karad means Experienced                          

45. Kasper Kaser means A treasured secret                              

46. Kava Kava name means Hero of Ancient Times            

47. Kaven Royal; Ancient Hero; A Character in Shahnameh                               

48. Kayan Kayan means Important Person               

49. Kayvan Kayvan means The Universe                      

50. Keshwar A country or a territory, a state, ruled by a king                 

51. Keyvan Keyvan name means Universe                 

52. Khashar The name means brave Boy                       

53. Khawaja Mister; A Spiritual Title; An Iranian title for Master, Lord                               

54. Khortdad The name means Man without a Flaw   

55. Khusru King; Ruler; A variant of Khusro                

56. Khwaja Khwaja means a Maser, He Who Owns                 

57. Kirus  Bretons form of Cyrus, meaning sun

58. Kiyan  The name means Royal One                      

59. Korosh  Korosh means Young    

60. Kourosh First King of Iran; The Sun; Historically translated into English and Latin as “Cyrus”           

61. Ksathra Ruler    

62. Kurus Name of many Persian Kings and Rulers                               

63. Kushaada Having a lot of capacity, capacious                           

64. Ladarius The name means The Upholder of God, The One who Protects 

Persian Baby Names for Male Kids from  Letter M to S

Persian Baby Names for Male Kids from Letter M to S

1. Mah wash A person with the face pretty as the Moon

2. Mahafuzur, The one whose heart and love belong to the sea             

3. Maihtab He whose face shines like a Moon          

4. Maisil One who is a born warrior; accepting being                         

5. Masih Persian name for Christ. A Person that is blessed                                             

6. Meghdad The justice of the Heaven                           

7. Mehtaar One who cleans, a cleaner          

8. Mehtab The light of the moon   

9. Melchor The monarch of the nation, the one who has higher authorities all over the land.   

10. Merab Georgian form of Mehrab, meaning water          

11. Mihran A rain of kindness by Almighty  

12. Milad In Persian it means the “Gift of the Sun”. In Arabic, it refers to the birth or birth date.                     

13. Mirac Ascension                          

14. Miran A Ruler or a leader          

15. Mirja A highly ranked nobleman                          

16. Mirsab The dear King or the respected ruler      

17. Mirza A nobleman with high rank, a respected person                       

18. Mohammadreza Excellent in drawing, highest quality of Art talented person                        

19. Mohsen A person who has a physical appearance of black skin.                                              

20. Mokammel A sweetheart, dear, the one who is pleasant and appealing.                     

21. Moroccan One who belongs to the land of God                     

22. Morteza The one who is chosen among many                     

23. Muhammed Praised, Praiseworthy, Commendable                  

24. Mukhtar The chosen one.                             

25. Mursalin Messengers, or message-bearers                           

26. Naasah The one who gives advice about difficulties.     

27. Naase The one who is chromatically pure.         

28. Naasih Expert in giving advice to others.                             

29. Nabibakhsh Something given by the Prophet                             

30. Nabibux Provided by the Prophet of Almighty                     

31. Nahro River                     

32. Namdar A famous person, known to all                 

33. Naraiman The faith and the brightness                      

34. Narbir Unpleasant stern, rough taste, very difficult to accept or bear                   

35. Nareeman The brightness of the faith                         

36. Narin Gentle, tender, fresh    

37. Nashad An unhappy person, who is not happy  

38. Nashah A judge, a fair or just person                  

39. Naushaad  The happiest person, very cheerful        

40. Niaz  Talents or skills or gifts from God

41. Nirmaldharam The bright light of something                                     

42. Nirupa Bright nimble.   

43. Nirvaan The child who was born to this world joyfully.                                    

44. Nizamuddin One who looks after the religious arrangements                              

45. Nizamulmulk The governor of a country                          

46. Noorulain concord of eyes or nimble of eyes.                        

47. Norul  The bright light of something                     

48. Nouman Flower beds      

49. Noushzad: The child who was born to this world joyfully.                                    

50. Orang One who has wisdom, creative nature, and clever                                            

51. Painda A wise and intelligent man.        

52. Parvage One who is born fortunate and always wins                       

53. Parvaiz One who comes out victorious                 

54. Parveneh  The one who is like a butterfly                  

55. Parviz    Lucky; Fortunate; Victorious;                                     

56. Pašaga Higher rank official in the Ottoman Empire          

57. Payam One who an interesting message                            

58. Pedram One who is successful in life                                       

59. Pejman Desire; Wish; Broken-hearted; Sad; An Islamic surname; A variant of name Pezhman                     

60. Persian A master who is like the shining Sun

61. Peyman One who has made a promise and an oath                        

62. Pirzada He is a son of a saint                                          

63. Poria A Persian mythical Warrior’s name                          

64. Pouyan To Search; Searcher; To Seek; Seeker; To Run; Runner                  

65. Pridon  Georgian form of Fereydoun, meaning third in Persian 

66. Ramak Delighting; Gratifying; Sporting; Happy; Joyous                 

67. Ramin A Persian name and a variant of name Rameen which means Joyful or tamer                     

68. Rashan One who has a good sense of judgment; A variant of Rashn which is the name of the angel of justice in the Pahlavi language                             

69. Revaz He who is wealthy and successful                            

70. Reza Arabic word for ‘consent, agreement’. One who is content; A variant is Rezah                                    

71. Reziko Diminutive of Revaz, meaning wealthy and successful   

72. Ronaq One who is luminous and fresh                

73. Rostam A hero fighter from a Persian legend                     

74. Rostom Georgian form of Rostam It means strong, valiant, and brave                      

75. Rustam A tall and strong free man           

76. Saadee The lord or the master                  

77. Sabghta Color given by Allah, true faith,                               

78. Saeed Happy; Fortunate; Felicity; A variant spelling is Sayid       

79. Safan  He who is brave, bold, and courageous,                               

80. Sahasan One who is the finder of Sasani dynasty                             

81. Sajeel Alluring and beautiful person                    

82. Samsher One who is like a sword                             

83. Shadhan A joyful, happy person                             

84. Shah A surname meaning King                             

85. Shaheen One who is like a royal falcon     

86. Shaheryar He is the king                    

87. Shahjahan He is the King of the World

88. Shahkam As the King wishes         

89. Shahou The best and most valuable pearl. A variant of Shahu.   

90. Shahpur Prince, son of a king.                     

91. Shahrdad He is the town’s gift                       

92. Shahrokh One who has a royal face                                            

93. Shahrooz One who is like a great river                           

94. Shahryar A Kingly person

95. Shahu: The best and most valuable pearl                            

96. Shahyar A friend of the King        

97. Shahzore A powerful kingly person with great strength                    

98. Shahzuina A kingly one      

99. Shamshad A tree that looks like a pine                        

100. Shamsher His choice of weapon is the Sword                                          

101. Shamshera One who chooses the Sword                                       

102. Shayan A person who is worthy and deserves good things in life                              

103. Sher Persian name meaning lion                        

104. Siavash One who is a keeper of dark horses       

105. Simin One who is made of silver                           

106. Siyamak One who enjoys solitary                  

107. Siyavas One who has many black stallions           

108. Soheil To be on the same level, to be even                                      

109. Sohrab One who is a hero, a living legend

110. Soroush He who is a happy man               

111. Syrus Throne or Lord  

Persian Baby Names for Male Kids from  Letter  T to Z

Persian Baby Names for Male Kids from Letter T to Z

These Persian names are so lovely and I believe they are so significant. Take your time and go through it to have the best pick of Persian names for your kids…

1. Tabnak Hot too much appealing                                               

2. Tahib Observing someone or something closely                           

3. Tahmores Resembling a strong wild dog              

4. Taimur Iron, as strong as iron.                  

5. Tajbakhsh Protector of the king                               

6. Tajwar King who is crowned, who has the power, the ruler                        

7. Tamaz Georgian form of Tahmasp, meaning strong, brave, and valiant                  

8. Tamerlan A man of iron               

9. Temuri Georgian form of Timur, meaning iron                  

10. Tigran Shooting or fighting with arrows               

11. Tooraj A brave man, founder of Turan, Central Asia from Persian mythology Shahnameh                           

12. Touran The land or Tur, an ancient Persian kingdom                       

13. Vakhtang Wolf-bodied     

14. Varten Rose giver                          

15. Waaiz Preacher, or advisor                      

16. Warqah Name of a dignitary in the Quran.                                            

17. Wuhaib A gift or present.                             

18. Yahya The almighty is gracious                  

19. Yar A companion or friend.                         

20. Zakariya God has remembered                

21. Zaryab Rich, Wealthy; Liquid Gold; Colloidal Gold


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Persian Baby Names for Female Kids form Letter A to F

More names for Female Kids form Letter A to F

1. Aafreen Afareen is a Persian name for girls, sometimes also used for Boys, that means “to praise”, “to give thanks”, “to congratulate”, it is also an expression of praise and gratitude                     

2. Abnus A dark-colored wood that does not sink, ebony                     

3. Abreshmina A spotted gemstone, a gemstone that has a spot                

4. Abru. An honor or the dignity of a person                     

5. Adh One who is from or of someone or something                  

6. Afhak Dew      

7. Afsaneh A story about fairies.                  

8. Afsarara A person who is serving a crown.                           

9. Afshaneh Sprinkling or scattering                 

10. Aghigh Name of a stone. A stone that is precious, treasured, priceless, immeasurable, and rare.                               

11. Ahou deer, gazelle                     

12. Allysiah Distinguished; Kind                                        

13. Almira Of Higher Birth Order                    

14. Armani Faith; Persian – Desire; A variant form of name Arman                   

15. Arsha Persian – Man; Hindi – Prayer Ceremony; Also means from the Rishis                      

16. Arsia Persian – Throne; One who is worthy of Throne; A variant spelling of the name Arshiya                 

17. Aryana Utterly pure; noble and pure individual,

18. Arzu Desire or wish  

19. Astrella A form of Esther, meaning star.                

20. Atossa Name of Kourosh’s daughter                                     

21. Avaleigh A beautiful individual; desired song

22. Avaley One who is pretty as a bird with sound                                 

23. Aytan Persian – Moonlike; Beautiful; Brilliant; Serene  

24. Azadeh Persian – Dry Earth; Detached; Free of Material Things; Noble                    

25. Azita Noble; High-born; Humble; Free; Name of an Iranian Princess   

26. Azizah Arabic – Dear; Beloved; Esteemed; Precious; Cherished                

27. Bahar Spring, Prime, Bloom, Beauty, Glory, Delight; Youth                        

28. Baigum A title for high officials                                  

29. Bakhita The fortunate one                          

30. Bano Girl; Lady; Princess; Bride                            

31. Berin Blond, fair; quick, and active individual                                   

32. Berina Best, highest                     

33. Bolour A woman who is like a crystal                    

34. Caspara She who is the keeper of the treasure                                         

35. Cyra Moon faced                      

36. Daana A knowledgeable person                            

37. Damsa A silk of white color.                      

38. Darejani A form of Darejan, meaning unique                                     

39. Daria Trustworthy natured person                     

40. Darien Royal gift                            

41. Darsameen Valuable, expensive, and costly.                                              

42. Darya One who is good                             

43. Diba A priceless brocade; smart          

44. Dil Shad, a worthy person whose heart is filled with happiness                  

45. Dilara One who is an ornament of beauty                                        

46. Dildar A charming and beloved person               

47. Dilnaz Kudish variant of Delnaz. It means beloved or sweetheart.                         

48. DilrubaA beautiful and charming person

49. Dilshadkhatoon One who lived between 730- 750                                           

50. Ehteram Respect; Consideration; Admiration; A variant spelling is Ehtiram and Ihtiram   

51. Elaheh. They are the moon goddess      

52. Emagine it means the image of her mother or innocent or blameless.            

53. Estere A form of Esther, meaning star.

54. Esther Sweet; Star; Planet Venus; The Babylonian goddess of love; Fifth Century Queen of Persia         

55. Etti myrtle or bride or star. 

56. Ettie a word that means a star or bride or myrtle.                                   

57. Farahnoush One who is always happy, or one who is always joyous.

58. Fareena A kind, merciful, and charming young woman                                     

59. Fariba A woman who plays tricks on people     

60. Farideh One who is delightful and unique                            

61. Farsiris A royal girl, a princess    

62. Farvardin One who protects the good and the pure                            

63. Farzanah Intelligent, smart and wise woman                         

64. Farzeen A Queen who rules        

65. Fatemeh: A captivating chaste woman                      

66. Fehmeeda The one who has a clever mind.                               

67. Finna A ‘white’ or ‘fair’ female (feminine for Finn)                                        

68. Finnegan Fair, white or pale                           

69. Firoja The turquoise color, shining, a gemstone             

70. Forouzan A feminine name which means ‘shining and warm’                          

71. Freema Refers to gorgeous or stunning.                               

72. Friya The girl who is loving, darling, and most affectionate.     

New Born baby

Persian Baby Names for Female Kids from Letter G to L

1. Gelsomina A kind of shrub with white color sweet-smelling flowers.                              

2. Giti Giti means World, Universe.                      

3. Goli Persian – Rose Colored; A variant of name Golda                              

4. Golnar People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.  

5. Gordie They have good abilities of leadership. They are idealistic and dramatic.                         

6. Gulbarg rose Gulbarg means the petal of soft rose flower.                     

7. Gulbarg Gulbarg means the petal of a soft rose flower.

8. Gulshan Its feminine version means Rose Garden, while its masculine version means Flower garden. It is a variation of the name Golshan, a name of Persian origins.              

9. Gulzaar A variation of the name Gulzar and it means rose.                                

10. Gulzar Garden or Land full of flowers                              

11. Ham Raz A friend who knows every activity of yours, Close friend

12. Hassie A diminutive form of Hester                      

13. Heer Power, riches, pure                       

14. Hessie A variant form of name Hester which means Star                             

15. Hester Star. Myrtle leaf                              

16. Homa A mythical Bird; Pheonix                                              

17. Huma Lucky Bird; Phoenix; The Huma bird is a legendary bird from Persian myth “Persian baby names” 

18. Jabeen A name of the Ganga river          

19. Jahan A Persian word for the Universe                              

20. Jahankhatoon A persian poet 

21. Jaleh Dewy; Rain; A variant transcription is Zhaleh                       

22. Jasmin Spelling variation of Jasmine. It means jasmine flower. 

23. Jasmine Name of the Jasmin flower                                       

24. Jasmyne Name derived from Jessamine 

25. Jasperine A keeper of treasure       

26. Jazmin Tall plant that has beautiful flowers which give sweet fragrance.                              

27. Kaameh Goal, wish                          

28. Kaamnoosh Sweet wish or, sweet desire                      

29. Kashm A historical and mythical Persian princess                             

30. Khaanam The name means The Wealthy Wife                       

31. Khatuna Lady or woman

32. Khawla Khawla means the One of the Great Beauty                                       

33. Kiramay Kiramay neams Light of Son                      

34. Kiriana Kiriana means Far-Sighted          

35. Kiya Kiya means King in Persian                          

36. Kobrina The name means Dominant       

37. Kokab Star; Celestial Body                                        

38. Kowkab Star; Celestial Body; A variant of the name Kokab “Persian baby names”                  

39. Ksaman Ksaman means Beautiful like a Jasmine                               

40. Kyra Kyra means Throne, Sun                              

41. Kyrah The name means Far-Sighted, Light                        

42. Laela Woman who is Dark-Haired and Beautiful            

43. Lale Love as perfect as a Red Tupil flower “Persian baby names”                    

44. Laleh The ever-lasting love which the red tupil flowers symbolizes                                      

45. Larmina Blue sky                             

46. Layla Nigh time in Arabic. Layla and Qays are a popular romantic story in Persia and Arabia                         

47. Leila Nighttime, time of a day after the sundown       

48. Leilah A black-haired woman born in the dark

49. Leilia She who is born in the night       

50. Leilyn A dark beauty that is born in the nighttime                                         

51. Lejla A dark-haired beautiful woman who is born in the night                       

52. Lelah A beauty that comes alive at the night                  

53. Liana To be bound by vines; A lady that glows; My God has answered                               

54. Lyanna God has answered or Girl who has a pretty face     

Nice Baby Feet

More names for Female Kids from Letter M to S        

1. Mahatab Moonlight                                          

2. Mahlegha, One whose face is lit by the moon                          

3. Mahnaz A woman glorious like a Moon                 

4. Mah-naz One who is glorious like the Moon                       

5. Mahrosh She is bright like a Moon                              

6. Mahroz Girl with the face of the Moon  

7. Mahrukh A woman whose face is Moon-like                         

8. Mahsa Woman who resembles a Moon                              

9. Mahsati One who is like the Moon                           

10. Mahsheed A woman who obtains the radiance of the Moon             

11. Mahta A Moon-like individual                                  

12. Mahtab She is beautiful like the Moon                   

13. Mahtalat A person with the beauty of the Moon                 

14. Makali One whose looks are compared to the Moon                    

15. Malakeh A beautiful queen who is also a messenger                        

16. Margat Person who is a cluster of blossoms and like a pearl                       

17. Marzhan Pearl or coral is among Persian baby names

18. Mastanah A person with a happy and joyous personality      

19. Mastoureh A woman who is veiled and chaste                         

20. Meesha In Persian it refers to a marigold flower. In Hindi, it means a smile             

21. Meg She is the Child of Light                

22. Meggie A Daughter of the Light                                

23. Mehlika Female beautiful like a Moon                    

24. Mehri Derived from the word “Mehr” which means someone who is lovable, kind, and friendly.                             

25. Mehriban A Kind-hearted, merciful, gentle person. One who is benign.                     

26. Mehrish The most beautiful Aroma that is full of wonders.                                            

27. Mehrnaz The brilliant and radiant charm of the Sun, a state of the high honor of the biggest star                       

28. Mehru A girl likely the sun or as gracious as the sun.      

29. Mehry Mehry derives from the word “Mehr” which means “The Sun”. It also means someone who is kind and lovable.                  

30. Mehvesh A pleasant light of the moon.                                    

31. Mehvish A bright shining Star       

32. Mehwish Something as beautiful as the moon. Something that we can compare to the elegant beauty of the moon.                         

33. Mehzebeen One who has a beautiful face that is compared to the beauty of the moon                  

34. Meladi A gift of happiness, a person that brings joy                       

35. Meshia The butter made from the Sheep’s milk.              

36. Mina In Persian it means azure or clear like a crystal. In German, it means pure love or true love    

37. Minoo A paradise, a heaven     

38. Minu A heavenly place, not less than paradise                               

39. Mirana A female ruler, The one who is followed                              

40. Miray Glowing like a moon      

41. Mirzeta Princess                                             

42. Mishaal A short illustrating religious lessons       

43. Mishal A religious or moral governing                   

44. Mishall Moral or religious values from the God                 

45. Mohor Parsi Moon; 12th day of a month                             

46. Mojgan The person who provides cooperation or assistance to Michael, an associate of Michael. These Persian baby names.

47. Monireh A shining person, one who is bright

48. Moroccan One who belongs to the land of God     

49. Morvarid A shining pearl                 

50. Mozhgan The pluralized form of an eyelash; eyelashes                           

51. Naadiya The one who calls, or the one who announced                    

52. Naaheed The star Venus, an elevated person                       

53. Naasiha Professional in giving truthful guidance to others.                            

54. Naazneen Stunning and fascinating lady.                   

55. Nadereh Not widely known to others.                     

56. Naghmah A melody or a song                        

57. Nagma The tune or the melody                               

58. Nahal A young plant                   

59. Naheed The planet Venus of the solar system                    

60. Naheeda A delightful person        

61. Nahid The Second planet of the solar system; Venus  

62. Nahida Planet Venus, Referred in Shahanama                  

63. Nahidah A delightful and beautiful girl                                     

64. Nahrin River     

65. Nareen Good-natured, tolerance of delay or incompetence.                                      

66. Narges A flower of a shape of an eye                          

67. Nargis The eye-shaped flower

68. Narina Fresh, pomegranate flower       

69. Narjis A sweet smelled flower, narcissus                          

70. Narmeen Pleasing to the senses, delicate                

71. Narmin Soft and gentle girl                         

72. Nashad An unhappy person, who is not happy  

73. Nashah A judge, a fair or just person                      

74. Nasreen A white colored wildflower                       

75. Nasrin A Jonquil flower                              

76. Nasrine A beautiful white flower              

77. Nastaran A flower like a wild rose                               

78. Nazanin Zahra Nazanin means sweetheart, lovely, and, delightful, Zahra means flower, blossom, or beauty. So far, these are lovely Persian baby names.

79. Nazhin Name of a particular tree                            

80. Nazilla A cute person, pleasing                

81. Nazis The proud or something that can be proud of                    

82. Nazish Something to proud, full of proud                           

83. Nazveen A beautiful lady, queen of delicacy and charm   

84. Nedžara dear or beloved.                             

85. Negar The one is very loving and close to heart.                             

86. Negin The priceless gem or valuable gemstone.                            

87. Negina, The precious gemstone                               

88. Nermana Hero     

89. Nermina A variant of Nermana, meaning hero.                    

90. Nestani A form of Nestan, meaning unique         

91. Nihada Character, temper                          

92. Nijaza Wish or need                    

93. Nikoo The most deadly one.                    

94. Nilofer Lilly flowers that flourish in the water places.                               

95. Niloofar A beautiful flower of Lily                              

96. Niloufar The lily floras are prospering in the water ponds.

97. Sahba One who is like a wine  

98. Sanaz A flower, Rose, Full of Grace                      

99. Šeherzada Free city                                              

100. Seriyah A princess or a daughter of a king            

101. Shadleen Happy and soft hearted women.                             

102. Shadman A happy woman                              

103. Shahida One who is considered beautiful                             

104. Shahlah One who blushes            

105. Shahmir A woman with beautiful, magical eyes                  

106. Shahnaz Pride and bride of the king                         

107. Shahrbano She is the king’s wife                     

108. Shahrbanou She is the lady of the town

109. Shahrnaz The town’s most loved one                                        

110. Shahrzadi She was born in the city         

111. Shahwar A woman worthy of Kings           

112. Shakufa The opening bud.                           

113. Shamsa Sun                     

114. Shawdi One who feels deep joy                                              

115. Shayana She deserves nice things in life                 

116. Sheeva A charming woman                        

117. Shehzadi Persian name meaning princess                               

118. Sherene Woman who is pleasant to be around                   

119. Sherin A charming woman                        

120. Sheyda A lovesick woman                                           

121. Shideh The bright one                 

122. Shirin banoo A very sweet young girl                

123. Shirin A sweet girl in Persian. Also, the name of the character from the Resain and Turkish legend                

124. Shiva She who is very charming                            

125. Shohrah A famous woman who is well known                    

126. Shohreh   She is a very famous girl                               

127. Shouka A kind of a deer                               

128. Shydi     One who brings happiness                         

129. Somaieh One who is high above others   

130. Sooria   To be like a red rose                      

131. Soraya She is precious as a jewel “Persian baby names”                           

132. Soulmaz, a Persian  woman who never wilts                          

133. Souri A girl who is like a red rose                                          

134. Soussan She is as beautiful as the lily flower         

135. Suraa A woman of great power and strength 

136. Suraya A woman precious as a jewel        

Persian Baby Names for Female Kids from  Letter  T to Z

More names for Female Kids from Letter T to Z

1. Tabinda Bright and shining           

2. Tahirih Morally good or excellent           

3. Taraneh Persian name meaning a song   

4. Tarja Upholder of good           

5. Tawana A capable woman                           

6. Tayyebeh A good deed                     

7. Tigran Shooting or fighting with arrows

8. Touch Out of a birds name Toucan                       

9. Turan The land or place of Tur, who was a Persian hero. “Persian baby names”                          

10. Turandot Name of the beautiful daughter of Turan                            

11. Turkessa The one who comes from Turkey.                           

12. Vardo Rose     

13. Veeda Found, or evident                           

14. Wasifah One who describes.                       

15. Wejah,  She who practices Purdah.                         

16. Yasmine Jasmine flower                              

17. Yegane A woman of incomparable beauty.         

18. Zarafshan Spreader of gold or one who spreads happiness.                             

19. Zhavia Perspective

Persian baby names, as you can see above, have some really interesting meanings. I am certain that these names have great appeal and attractiveness. You can find a suitable Persian baby name here for your kid if you want them to stand out and be unique.

If you want to see more articles such as these, also don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thanks for reading.

CSN Team.

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