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Pick and Pack Fulfillment – Logistics Terms and Definitions

Filed in Articles, Education by on September 9, 2021

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– pick and pack –

Explaining everything about pick and pack is what this article comprises. This is often a hot topic within the world of warehousing, logistics, and e-commerce, especially once you consider the Amazon Prime of everything.

- pick and pack

Overview of The Concept

If you are a student of logistics, you’ve come to the proper place to know these fundamental concepts.

Warehousing may be a competitive business, to realize market share, warehouse operators alongside the greater logistics industry are constantly developing, adapting, and searching for a foothold.

This is not surprising once we consider the worldwide warehousing market is estimated at half a trillion dollars and growing.

The basic functions of warehousing are as follows – receiving, storage, order picking, order packaging, and shipping—which are essential components of any supply chain.

Pick and pack are a part of those fundamental concepts that, once you realize them, form the inspiration of a basic knowledge domain in the logistics industry.

We will provide you with definitions of key terminology, and will also include a fundamental summary of the pick and pack process.

We’ll also check out how warehousing is iterating, optimizing, and changing. After the linguistic process, you will walk off with a firmer understanding of those twin bedrock functions that support the worldwide supply chain.

The Basic Definition of Pick and Pack

Basic Definition of Pick and Pack

Pick and pack may be a sort of order fulfilment used most frequently by eCommerce retailers that receive small orders that are shipped around the globe.

Rather than preparing and shipping entire cases and pallets of products, eCommerce retailers believe workers pick individual items from master cartons on warehouse shelves then put them in boxes or packets addressed to a particular client for shipment.

This activity gives pick and pack employees quick access to items and, when arranged properly, saves handling time. Pick and pack also limit shipment charges and other costs.

A Breakdown of Pick and Pack Definition

Pick: Picking begins after someone places an order. Picking is the process of locating the right quantities of every product from its respective location within the warehouse.

Pack: Packing means placing the ordered items into the right packaging, alongside the acceptable packing materials and documents. (For example, someone might put the item in a bag, which then goes during a box, which is placed on, then strapped to, a shipping pallet.)

Label: After the ordered items have been packed properly, someone must label the package. Labelled information interfaces with a warehouse’s technology system.

The knowledge on a label will include shipped name and address, customer or consignee name and address, order number, tracking number, bar codes, and so on. Once packed and labelled, the things can ship.


Benefits of Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Pick and Pack fulfilment comes with so many benefits that’s why all warehouse needs it to run the business perfectly. Below are few lists of Pick and Pack fulfilment benefits;

1. Fulfilment centres performing pick and pack services, making it easy for organizations to supply different products, from online stores to customers.

2. Pick and Pack fulfilment enables customers to admire having a good sort of items from which to settle on, and corporations often sell more once they offer more.

3. The fulfilment centre collects orders, pick and pack workers requested items from the master cartons and package and label them for dispatch.

4. When properly done well, pick and pack may be a fulfilment method that will increase customer satisfaction.

5. Experienced pickers and packers fill orders accurately with items that are in fitness and ensure orders are shipped on time.


6. Companies that hire talented pick and pack labourers also improve customer satisfaction by ensuring items are handled carefully and packaged well and also clearly labelled.

7. Skilled staffers handle fluctuations in so many numbers and manage busy periods well, too.

8. So many organizations also use pick and pack fulfilment because it’s efficient.

9. Pick and pack also eliminate collecting goods from different storage facilities and sending them elsewhere for packaging and labelling.

10. The simplified nature of pick and pack makes it more efficient overall, which keeps costs. Naturally, the pick and pack process is meant for orders of varied sizes, so minimum order charges rarely apply low.

11. Pick and pack may be a way of life for eCommerce satisfaction.

12. Pick and pack workers are competent in fulfilling orders and meeting customer expectations, and organizations got to continually work to streamline operations to form sure their pick and pack work is completed as efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively as possible.

Challenges of Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Challenges of Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Pick and pack fulfilment works perfectly, only when there is a high level of coordination, organization, and a spotlight in fact. Rationalize goods pickers go through warehouses to fill the best number of orders within the shortest period of their time.

One way to make sure worker movement is as productive as possible is to use the only pick and pack strategy for order volume and warehouse size.

Pick and Pack Strategies

To discuss several common challenges of pick and pack fulfilment centres, use one of these four common order picking strategies: piece picking, batch picking, zone picking, and wave picking. Let’s go into it deeply;

1. Piece Picking: Many organizations begin with piece picking because it’s an easy picking method. Workers pick orders one at a time as they receive them.

Workers obey into the warehouse and fill them by picking items off shelves until the order is complete. It’s important to note that this picking process is inefficient in most warehouses; it is best suited to the tiniest warehouses.

2. Batch Picking: Warehouses with more traffic use batch picking because it’s more efficient. Similar to piece picking, batch picking involves picking items for individual orders; however, workers who batch pick fulfil quite one order at a time.

3. Zone Picking: This concerns dividing the warehouse into areas called zones. People Order pick items from their assigned zones only, and workers pass boxes from one zone to subsequent for orders that need items from multiple zones.

The boxes could also be passed manually or with conveyor belts. This type of picking is more competent than the other two types of picking.

4. Wave Picking: Wave picking combines zone picking and batch picking together. Workers using this strategy are allotted to zones and pick orders in batches and pick them only within the zones they are allotted to.

The Challenges

The Challenges

1. Customers who are customary to shopping online and expect items to be in stock, to be shipped in 24-48 hours, to arrive on time, and to be just as described online.

2. They also search for an excellent selection, the power to order employing a mobile device, fast and free delivery, and free returns.

3. Customers expect a positive experience, and fulfilment centres got to streamline pick and pack operations to satisfy and even exceed customer expectations.

4. Retailers familiar with operating within the direct-to-consumer market won’t pay attention to these customer demands.

However, many fulfilment centres and their logistics and distribution executives are new to the sport and face challenges in adapting their knowledge, experience, and resources to satisfy the stress of consumers they serve via pick and pack fulfilment.

More Details on Packing

Packing involves placing the things into the acceptable sized box with the proper packaging materials to make sure they reach their ultimate destination undamaged within the most cost-effective way.

To reduce shipping costs and maintain order accuracy, packing should be kept in order within the smallest number of boxes and use the proper sort of packing materials for all products.

A lot of warehouses will have a warehouse management system (WMS) which will help detail which box is going to be the first appropriate choice for the first order at hand.


When choosing a warehouse, pick and pack services are the best and first to consider. A good warehouse can rotate orders quickly with a high accuracy rate that manages internal control and eases the shipping process to take care of high customer satisfaction.

Pick and Pack FAQs

Pick and Pack FAQs

Below are a few most asked questions on pick and pack fulfilment!

1. What is a pick and pack fee?

A pick and pack fee is that the fee related to picking a bit of inventory out from a warehouse and packing it for shipment.

2. What is a pick and pack warehouse?

Warehouses have inventory stored in them that will be picked and packed right after an order is placed.

3. What is pick packing?

Pick packing is completed by a pick packer (that’s a tongue twister). The pick packer goes through the warehouse or fulfilment centre to select up a bit of inventory and complete their picking list.

ShipBob’s Pick and Pack Warehouse Fulfillment Services

ShipBob’s Pick and Pack Warehouse Fulfillment Services

ShipBob is a global logistics platform that fulfils eCommerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands. Our mission is to make you more successful online by providing best-in-class fulfilment so your customers get the fast and affordable shipping they expect.

With reliable fulfilment services, warehouses near your customers, and connected technology that powers our fulfilment network, we help improve transit times, shipping costs, and the delivery experience for your customers.

ShipBob offers its clients a same-day turnaround for orders that are placed before 2:00 PM. Along with an accurate and speedy pick and pack process, ShipBob offers subsequent order fulfilment services to eCommerce businesses.


Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Technology continues to weave into every facet of logistics and life. Warehouse management systems track products from the time they enter a warehouse to the moment they ship out to the customer.

Investing in a warehouse management system is an easy decision. But there are other types of software that support and integrate with a WMS.

For example, software providers like Vector integrate with most major WMS and allow warehouses to automate certain processes. The key with Vector is their imaging tech and customizability.

Vector grants access to important work in process (WIP) data and documents. These documents are stored in the cloud. The purpose of software like vectors is to reduce the risk of pick and pack errors.


Put another way, Vector will help limit the possibility of Mr Piper misplacing those peppers. Make no mistake, streamlined processes translate to dollars and ROI.

Beyond that, Vector’s electronic bills of lading (eBOLs) are a game-changer. Instead of the COVID-19 social distancing measures, a simple process change to Vector eBOLs can provide a huge return on risk mitigation.

Vector solves a tough question: Why bring outside drivers into your warehouse? We aren’t here to make friends.

Instead, Vector transmits all relevant load docs directly to a driver’s smartphone. In short, that makes business sense but also translates to peace of mind.

Types of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Types of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)


Network of warehouses across the country that perform pick and pack services, one of them is ShipBob, ShipBob allows customers to split their products across any combination of warehouses to store and ship them closer to the end customers.

Not only does less distance reduce logistics costs, but it also speeds up delivery times.


While you won’t need software that tells you which box to use, you will want to keep track of your inventory levels. ShipBob’s proprietary software simplifies inventory management and lets you run detailed reports to keep track of vital metrics for your business.


All orders processed by ShipBob are updated in real-time through their fundamental dashboard. Answering customer questions becomes extremely easy when you have all the information at hand, including eCommerce order tracking numbers.



Using ShipBob packages won’t have our name printed anywhere but the shipping label.


Do you have packaging that you’re not ready to give up? No problem. ShipBob understands that unboxing is a vital part of the brand experience and will pack your orders in your own custom packaging.


ShipBob ships hundreds of thousands of packages with the four major U.S. carriers daily. They’ve negotiated bulk shipping discounts, so the saving.

What Factors Drive Decision-Making in Warehouse Operations?

The complexity evolves from the translucent volume and frequency of the pick and pack process. In addition, the enormous size and shape of some warehouses can add complexity. Warehouses use vertical space. 

This translates to very tall storage racking, accessible only by specialized pieces of machinery or robot. Warehouse activities can become difficult at certain volumes that an alcove industry has developed that allow the entire process to be outsourced to third-party logistics (3PL) companies.

As the world trends away from brick and mortar shopping to e-commerce, the stakes are increasing for warehouse operations.

Smart warehouse management focuses on optimization (of floor space and personnel), continuous process improvement, and the many ways technology can improve overall pick and pack efficiency.

The goal on one hand is faster deliveries. Warehouses are looking for the lowest possible overhead costs. If we work backwards from those two goals, we see the solution becomes a balanced dance of several factors.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment is very important in warehouses. As a logistics student, you can make a move from here to aim high, because we just offered you a piece of detailed information.

we believe you learnt a lot, please don’t forget to share it with friends and love ones on social media platforms.

CSN Team.

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