Plant Names for Boys: All Shades of Nature

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Use plant names for boys to express your love of the natural world. These typical boy names originate from all over the world. You’ll adore our recommendations for each of them!

Plant Names for Boys

Plant names are frequently sweet and straightforward, which makes them even more unique as baby names.

Plant Names for Boys

Check out these plant-inspired names for your boys.

1. Adair

The Scottish name for “oak tree ford”

2. Alfalfa

The Arabic name for “best horse fodder”

3. Arbor

Latin for “herb garden”

4. Ash

Old English means “ash tree”

5. Aster

The Greek name means “star” or the genus name of most flowers

6. Basil

Greek for “royal” or Arabic for “brave”

7. Bay

Latin for “berry”

8. Bentley

The Anglicized version of Benedict, means “from the moor” in Old English

9. Oliver

This name of English origin means the “olive tree” and symbolizes beauty and dignity.

10. Oren

Oren is a Hebrew origin name that means “the pine tree” or “ash”.

11. Palmer

Palmer is an English boy’s name with Latin origin word referring to the palm tree. The name means “pilgrim” or “bearing a palm tree branch”

12. Reed

Earlier used as an English surname, this boy’s name is from Old English reader meaning “red”. It refers to a person who has red hair or a red complexion.

13. Roosevelt

Roosevelt is a Dutch origin name meaning” a field of roses”.

14. Rowan

Rowan of Celtic origin means “little red-haired one” and refers to the rowan tree.

15. Rye

This is an English boy’s name which refers to the grain crop barley. The name means “island meadow”.

16. Spruce

Spruce of English origin refers to the conifer with the same name. The adjective spruce means “dapper or neat”.

17. Sumac

Sumac with origin in Middle English, Old French, and Latin refers to a plant by the same name.

18. Birch

Old English for “white” or “birch tree”

19. Cedar

English and comes from a cedar tree

20. Chervil

Latin for “leaves of joy”

21. Clay

The German name means “adhere”

22. Cosmo

Greek, meaning “order” and “beauty” is also the name of a flower

23. Elmore

Old English for “famous nobleman”

25. Elwood

The English name means “from the old forest”

26. Ivy

Typically thought to be a girl’s name, in more recent times it has been used for both genders.

Not only is it fantastic ground cover, but it also is an Old English word that signifies fidelity and eternity.

27. Larch

If you’re looking for a plant name that represents something unique, Larch is one to consider.

The larch tree is a deciduous conifer, which is a rarity! The larch is a towering evergreen whose needles turn golden yellow in the fall.

28. Lark

The name Lark is inspired by the larkspur, a flowering plant that produces airy blue blossoms and lends itself beautifully to any garden.

Lark is of English origin and means “songbird” as well, a double allusion to the natural world.

29. Leymus

This steel-blue grass is a striking choice for boy name inspiration!

It’s truly unique, and this is an excellent option if you’re looking to set your son apart.


Beautiful Plant Names for Boys

Plant Names for Boys

Nature is beautiful, check out these beautiful plant names for boys.

30. Mal

This name is taken from the apple tree’s formal name: Malus Domestica.

31. Briar

Origin: English, Meaning: A thorny patch.

32. Asciano

Blue bottle flower

33. Aloe

Gealing and soothing

34. Blodwyn

Welsh, meaning blessed flowers

35. Cosmos

Of the sunflower family. Unique and grand

36. Crisanto

Golden flower

37. Elm

Strong and robust

38. Chrysanthos

Chrysanthos is a beautiful plant name of Greek origin meaning “a golden flower”.

39. Rodger

Derived from the plant called Rodger’s Flower, this name is a unique spin on the more common Roger.

40. Sage

English for “wise one” or Latin for “from the sagebrush plant”

41. Savannah

Spanish for “flat, tropical grassland”

42. Violet

Latin for “purple” because of the flower that shares its name

43. Willow

English for “tree” or “freedom”

44. Tecoma

In nature, this name refers to the small tree or shrub by the same name.

It also has Native American roots and is a variation of the name Tahoma or Tacoma, which means “that frozen water.”

45. Clove

Cloves are the buds of an evergreen tree with crimson flowers, commonly used as a spice.

46. Douglas

The Douglas fir is often recognized as the ideal choice for a fresh Christmas tree because of its towering strength. It is the symbol of the Pacific Northwest and is the state tree of Oregon.

47. Florent

It is a popular French boy’s name that means ‘flowering.’

48. Hinata

Japanese for sunflower

49. Nalin

From the Hindu and Buddhist religions, meaning Lotus

50. Roosevelt

Like the President, except it means “field of roses” in Dutch.

51. Pine

Wisdom and longevity

52. Sorrel

When flowering, the sorrel is a hibiscus, Perfect for a reddish-brown-haired babe

53. Zahur

Egyptian name meaning flower

54. Zephyr

A Greek God and a beautiful flower native to Peru and Columbia

55. Noll

This is the Latin and Scandinavian variation of Oliver, which means “olive tree.”

It’s a unique option if you like the name Oliver but feel like that one’s off the table because it’s becoming too trendy.

56. Oakes

An English name that means “near the oaks,” this choice practically oozes strength and prominence.

Another monosyllabic name that packs a punch with its brevity

57. Oliver

This Latin name meaning “from the olive tree” has spiked in popularity in recent years.

58. Oren

Meaning “laurel or pine” or “Jerusalem pine”  in Hebrew, this name is more often heard in Israel.

It’s a great choice if you want a plant-inspired name with a nod to Jewish culture. You could call him “Ore” for short.

59. Oxalis

Although this is a flowering type of plant, this choice comes with the very manly nickname, Ox.

This plant is usually associated with success, reliability, and endurance.

60. Perrin

Inspired by pear trees, Perrin is a name for a child you pray will grow up to produce good fruit.

Of French origin, the name Perrin comes from the name Pierre. Perry is a common nickname for Perrin.

Unique Plant Names for Boys

These are unique names for boys likened to nature.

61. Ewan

English for “friend of the law” or Irish for “born to nobility”

62. Forrest

The old French name means “out of the woods”

63. Hawthorne

Old English for “where Hawthorne trees grow”

64. Herb

The old English name means “exalted ruler” or “shining army” in German

65. Camellia

Name for an exotic flower whose buds are used to make tea

66. Clementine

The female form of Clemens means “mild” in Polish and Latin. Also shared with the name of a sweet citrus fruit

67. Dahlia

Hebrew for “branch”

68. Daphne

The Greek name means “laurel tree”

69. Flora

Latin for “blooming flower”

70. Forsythia

Yellow flowers name of Scottish botanist William Forsyth

71. Hazel

Old English for the hazel tree that symbolizes protection

72. Holland

A province in the Netherlands

73. Holly

Old English for “holy day” or a grove of holly trees

74. Hyacinth

Greek for “blue crystal”

75. Indigo

Greek, meaning “dark blue”

76. Iris

Greek for “Goddess of the rainbow”

77. Florian

This Latin masculine name of Roman origin is derived from Florianus and means “flower”.

78. Gentian

Gentian is a name referring to a plant of the same name.

79. Hawthorn

This is of an Old English origin referring to someone who lived near a bush or hedge. The name is also the name of a tree.

80. Ivy

Old English or Latin for “vine”

81. Jasmine

The Persian name for a form of flowering olive, that also has white flowers

82. Juniper

Latin for the juniper berry

83. Katniss

It comes from the name of an edible aquatic plant

84. Lavender

English for the purple-flowering plant

85. Leilani

Hawaiian name that means “heavenly flower”

86. Lily

Latin, meaning “pure” or “flower”

87. Magnolia

Latin for “flowering tree”

88. Marigold

Greek for “a flower” or “mother of Jesus”

89. Heywood

Old English for “hedged forest”

90. Huck

German for “bog”

91. Kamal

Hindi name, means “lotus” or “perfection”


What are Earthy Names?

1. Clay      

2. Dawn    

3. Dusk

4. Twilight

5. Fern      

6. Aurora

7. Aurelia

What are Male Flower Names?

1. Peregrine            

2. Saffron                

3. Sage     

4. Sorrel   

5. Talasi

What is a Boy Name that Means Flower?

1. Akhtar  

2. Ambuj   

3. Ankur

4. Anthony

What is a Lucky Name for a Boy?

1. Asher    

2. Bakthawar         

3. Behrooz              

4. Bhagesh

What is the Most Meaningful Boy Name?

1. Aaron: Hebrew — Enlightened.

2. Aiden: Celtic — The sun god; fiery.

3. Alexander: Greek — Defender of men.

4. Amell: German — Power of an eagle.

5. Amory: German — Leader; divine; brave; powerful.

6. Andrew: Greek — Strong; manly; courageous.

7. Anthony: Latin — Priceless.

8. Asher: Hebrew — Happy or blessed.

What Name Means Gift from God?

Mikelle or Mikell means: “a gift from God.”

What is a Good Plant Name?

1. Spaghetti (trailing succulents and ferns)

2. Hot Dog (Dragon fingers)

3. Bill (money plant)

4. Christofern (fern plant)

5. Fluffy (cactus)

6. Lil Plant.

7. Mr/Miss Plant.

8. Mr. Prickles (cactus)

What is a Fancy Flower Name?

1. Dahlia   

2. Dianella              

3. Fleur

4. Daisy    

5. Diascia 

6. Flora

7. Dandelion

What is a Nature Name for Boy?

Names like Bear, Koa, River, and Orion, once relegated to the fringes, have become mainstream.

And other rare nature boy names, like Cosmo, Wolf, and Zephyr, are rising up to join them.

What is the Prettiest Flower Name?

1. Rose.

2. Hydrangea

3. Bleeding-heart

4. Cherry blossom

5. Orchid

6. Tulip

7. Peony

8. Lily.

On this list of plant baby names for boys, maybe you’ve found a few top choices or at the very least gained some baby name ideas.

All of these boys’ names are fantastic options. Keep following our page for more name ideas articles like this.

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