What is The Price of iPhone XR in Nigeria in 2023?

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Apple products have been shipped in large quantities to Nigeria. Nigerians really love iPhones because their security just never disappoints. What is the price of the iPhone XR in Nigeria?

How Much is iPhone XR in Nigeria?

As of 2023, the cost of the iPhone XR in Nigeria is 184,000 NGN for the 64GB model, while the more substantial 128GB model is available for 224,000 NGN.

These prices are subject to fluctuations based on the dollar-naira exchange rate, which may cause variations in the final pricing.

What is the Cheapest Price of the iPhone XR?

The most affordable platform in Nigeria to get an authentic iPhone XR from reliable sellers is Konga. In Nigeria, the pricing of the iPhone XR in competing stores is far higher than it is in the local online store.

The iPhone 11 has subsequently replaced the iPhone XR, which Apple stopped selling in 2021. However, it is still possible to easily purchase a refurbished iPhone XR or even a brand-new one.

Does iPhone XR Have a Fingerprint?

The iPhone XR does not include a home button or a TouchID fingerprint sensor. Despite the significantly lower iPhone XR price in Nigeria, FaceID is included.

Comparing iPhone XR to iPhone X

Because of its design, enormous 6.1-inch display, and most crucially, lower pricing in Nigeria while sporting the same technology, the iPhone XR is preferable to the iPhone XS.

Although the iPhone XS has more internal memory than the iPhone XR, which has tragically inadequate 3GB of RAM, you can combine this RAM with 64, 128, and 256GB of storage to ensure that you never receive the dreaded “storage full” signal.


Technical Sheet of iPhone XR

The iPhone XR boasts an elegant design and numerous advantages, even though it sports a noticeable notch on the screen to accommodate Apple’s face recognition sensors.

Despite being powered by the A12 Bionic CPU, which is three generations older than the SoC in the latest iPhone 13 series, the XR remains a popular choice.

When compared to other Android and iOS devices currently available, the iPhone XR stands out in two key aspects: the camera module and screen quality.

How Good is the iPhone XR Camera?

Its 12-megapixel back camera with a wide-angle lens contributes to its affordability in Nigeria. While it may not match the specs of some high-end phones like the Infinix Zero X Pro, its performance is still commendable.

The device’s Liquid Retina display, featuring an HD resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels, falls short of luxury market standards. Many mid-range Android devices offer similar displays, making it a competitive choice.

Initially introduced with iOS 12, the iPhone XR now supports iOS 15.6, and users can expect at least one more operating system update from Apple.

This ensures that the device will continue to receive new features and improvements in privacy and security aspects for the next couple of years.

Is the iPhone XR Worth a Buy in 2023?

Even if the iPhone XR price in Nigeria makes it Apple’s most affordable gadget, the smartphone does not offer the best value for money when compared to other devices with comparable specs.

If you want a smartphone with a higher screen resolution and a camera with extra capabilities like ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle lenses, optical zoom, and a depth sensor in 2023, the iPhone XR is not worth buying.

Other Apple models provide stronger battery management and a more powerful CPU at prices comparable to the iPhone XR. This is true of the iPhone SE, which we highly recommend.

The iPhone XR remains relevant in the domain of updates and software maintenance. For this reason alone, the iPhone XR is still relevant in 2023.

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