Prize Rebel Login Portal 2023 Create Sign-Up Account

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Prize Rebel is a reputable online paid survey site and get-paid-to site (GPT). Prize Rebel login Portal plays a pivotal role to Prize Rebel, as a business that is dedicated to providing the opportunity to complete paid online surveys.

Prize Rebel Login Portal 2020 Create Sign Up Account

It has existed since the year 2007 and according to their numbers; it has more than 8 million users and has also paid out over $17 million in rewards.

This piece is all about Prize Rebel, read on to get more information.

How to Create an Account for Prize Rebel

There are no criteria to be followed, but just the same with most survey sites on the internet.

Prize Rebel regulates the ages of their online participants, which means minors aged 18 and below are not allowed to perform the surveys and other tasks, except when they have their parents’ or legal guardians’ consent.

18 years old and above are allowed to try. So for your convenience, you have to make sure that you are already of legal age before performing the tasks required.

Using your e-mail, sign up for free on the Prize Rebel website. You must only use one account. Provide the necessary information and fill out the form. Only truthful information about yourself is required.

Enter your first and last name, your email address, and your password.

Proceed with the process and start making money by getting paid for your opinions!


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Things Needed to Use Prize Rebel

It is best to use a laptop or pc to navigate better. Google Chrome, as well as Mozilla Firefox, are going to be your best friends. Offers take some time to complete.

• There has to be a reliable and fast internet connection.

• A new e-mail for each day might do the trick of avoiding spam, especially since you need to dispose of them. These are coming from the messages automatically sent to your e-mail.

• Spare time is the key to success. You do not have to pressure yourself with the amount of time and in which hour you are supposed to answer surveys from this site.

• Dedication does pay off. If you are diligent in achieving your target of a specific amount, hit the dartboard with enthusiasm and perseverance.

The will be times when you get rejected answers, so you have to possess a strong-willed spirit in trying and trying again.

The Best Method to Earn More Points on Prize Rebel

When talking about earning from online jobs, the deal is always taking up so much time; your free time is usually not enough.

It ordinarily uses more than half of your day to accomplish. As for daily accomplishments, it is indeed necessary to back them up with a passive income, so that you still earn while sleeping. And the referral method is the best example.

From anybody you refer to, make easy cash and earn up to 20% referral points. You invite at least one person, and when that person signs up for an account, you can get a percentage of their earnings on Prize Rebel.

But just like any other sites and tasks that need referrals, you have to be diligent in looking for people who are capable of maintaining their accounts for Prize Rebel.

They must prove to be active members so that you, who referred them, could surely get your investment in return.

Earning from your referrals goes down to teaching them your techniques on how to get points. But how do you do this? The instruction is self-sufficient already. Teach them how to gain points so that they could get excited.

How Much Does Prize Rebel Pay?

We know Price Rebel pays, next we need to figure out how much we can expect to make here.

First, here is the standard conversion rate for Prize Rebel’s points system:

1,000 points = $10 USD

You can request a withdrawal for as little as a $2 gift code or as much as a $250 airline gift card.

If you opt for the $100 VISA card, keep in mind that it costs 10,300 points instead of 10,000 points, as they also charged you for the activation cost. Likewise, a $50 VISA card will require 5,200 points to order.

You will notice a few other gift cards require slightly more points than the 1,000 points / $10 rate suggests.

Some oddities include Shell, 76, and ExxonMobil, but with 15+ pages of withdrawal options to choose from, cashing out certainly is not an issue.

I suggest two particular cash-out options: bank transfer via Dwolla and Bitcoin via SnapCard.


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The two above carry insignificant fees and have no overcharges.

If you want to enjoy earning with Prize Rebel, you can target consumer goods like Xbox One consoles, first-generation video games, fun board games like ‘Cards against Humanity’, and so much more!

To crown it all, it is a great way to make cool money if you know how to play the game. Always be sure to provide correct information.

The accuracy is most of the time recognized using your IP address, which is why they probably can tell whether the address provided is accurate or not.

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