How to Prove ‘I Love You’ Without Saying ‘I Love You’

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How to Prove I Love You: Love comes in various ways, and different people have different ways of expressing it. You can express love through spoken words, actions, and gifts. Most people find it difficult to say “I love you” and this often brings about questions in a relationship.

Some lovers feel that there are lots of ways to express their love than just making use of the “L” word and this is actually true.

When you love someone, you will want to show it, it is not necessary you say ‘‘I love you”. So if you feel you can’t make use of the words, why not prove it?

Below are some ways to prove “I love you” without saying “I love you”.

1. Make your Relationship a Priority

Everyone is always busy, we are both busy. But no one is too busy to take out a little time to send a text.

Send a love note, which shows that you are thinking of him or her; try to stay in touch with your lover each day. No matter how busy you are, create a little time to hear from your lover.

Find out how he/she is doing and say a lot of romantic things. Plan a weekly date night with your partner. All these little things really matter as if they don’t.

2. Pay Attention to your Partner

Another way to prove your love without saying it is to pay continuous and undivided attention to your lover.

This is very necessary. Give your partner a listening ear. This is one thing that made me love my partner so much.

Each time I bring up a conversation, he puts a lot of interest in it, most times he contributes, and if the conversation was all about correcting his mistakes.

At the end of it he appreciates me for the correction, and if it was a mere gist he’ll tell me at the end that he enjoyed it.

Each time he does this, it makes me feel I am of great value in his life, and therefore everything I do or say is of great value to him. Paying great attention to your partner really shows that the person is worth a million to you.

3. Make your Partner Laugh

Laugh at your partner’s jokes, especially if you’ve heard them several times. Making your lover laugh is also another way of displaying your feelings.

4. Trust your Partner Always

As the saying goes, “no trust no love” You need to trust your partner always. Trust your partner even when you are not around, knowing that he/she can make the right decision in your absence.

Trust them to where you suspect nothing, even when you find them with their ex or their opposite sex. Always believe that everything your partner says is true.

5. Frame a Picture of Two of You

Giving your partner an attractively framed photograph of the two of you is a very touching gesture. Pick a picture where you two looked thrilled and comfortable together, and frame it.

Present it to your partner. Tell your partner how happy and loved you feel each time you stare at the picture. This little act can melt your partner’s heart.

6. Prepare your Partner’s Favorite Meal

Prepare your partner’s favorite meal especially, when he/she had a terrible day. Prepare something tasty, just as the saying goes; “a man’s heart is through his stomach, but a tasty meal works equally well for either gender.

If possible, go the extra mile by feeding your partner. With this, your partner will feel loved, even without you uttering a word.

7. Talk about your Future Together

Any lover who speaks of the future together in any discussion sees you as a life partner. If your partner is always talking about the upcoming holidays.

Also, what you plan to do together during the holidays, or how much they’d like to move in with you. This shows that they’re clearly in love.

8. Never Let an Argument Get Out of Hand

Never let an argument get out of hand. Find a polite way to talk about things that bother you. When arguing, watch out for your partner’s feelings; try not to hurt your partner’s emotions.

You two can argue in a very healthy way, even when you are upset. This act alone is an act of love. Partners show their love when their partner is irritable, and lashes out, by understanding, and giving space and also offering support.

Show love to your partner’s wishes, even when it is inconvenient. This act shows you love your partner.

9. Bedtime Cuddling

Bedtime cuddling really helps to sustain a long-term loving connection. Touch each other for a while before you sleep.

Those who engage in this activity also have better sex lives. If you look at your partner’s face after you break a kiss, and you find them smiling, their body is saying; I love you; even if their lips are not.

10. Encourage them to Pursue their Dreams

If you truly love somebody, you will want the best out of them and want them to pursue their dreams
no matter the consequences.

Don’t hold them back for your own selfish reasons. They will only end up hating you for it.
Figure out a way to make the relationship work, encourage them to pursue their dreams, and not hold back.

They say love is all about recompense from both sides, but nobody should have to sacrifice their dreams
for love. It is very normal wanting to hear the “L’ word from your partner, but that is not the only
way to express love.

I have been able to present to you some ways of proving” I love you” without saying it.

So watch out for the ways your partner proves that he/she loves you without saying it.

And as for many that find it difficult to make use of the “L” word, I guess you will find it easier to speak
the word after proving your love in these ways.

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