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20 Reasons You Should Choose to Study Abroad Over your Country

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20 Reasons You Should Choose to Study Abroad Over your Country.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Study Abroad: Spending a lifetime studying in a particular country, be it your home country of the resident country isn’t so much fun as compared to exploring and traveling to other countries to acquire knowledge through studying a course of study or the other,

Come on! there is so much out there to be seen, learned, experience, and stored in your box of memory.

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Studying abroad away from home has never really had disadvantages but more of the advantage as its benefits are numerous. Are you still having doubt about leaving your home country for a different country entirely then we are here to give you a very convincing reason to change your mind abruptly

1. A Break from Academic Routine

After a couple of years in college, some students may feel like they’re stuck in a rut and would welcome a break from daily college life. Some leave to take this break and never come back.

But taking a break in the form of studying abroad could prove to be a welcome change from the routine of regular college, keeping students engaged and interested in education instead of becoming burnt out.

2. Education

Another reason you might consider studying abroad is for the chance to experience different styles of education. By enrolling in a study abroad program, you’ll have the chance to see a side of your major that you may not have been exposed to at home.

You’ll find that completely immersing yourself in the education system of your host country is a great way to really experience and understand the people, its traditions, and its culture.

Education is the centerpiece of any study abroad trip is, after all, a study abroad program—and choosing the right school is a very important factor.

3. Developing Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning has a host of benefits, supporting a curious, hungry mind. Studying abroad is a great way to spark a love of full-time learning.

When traveling outside of their home country, students learn that even mundane experiences like grocery shopping can become educational, and visits to museums and cultural sites are seen for their true value.

As these students come home, they may find that their thirst for knowledge has grown and want to spend more time exploring educational activities in their own communities.

4. Knowledge of Politics of Other Countries

By studying and living in the United Kingdom (or any other country), you’ll get a greater understanding of the political and social structure and how everyday citizens feel about it. You can then learn to appreciate (or not) the politics of your own country and the freedoms you are privy to by being a U.S. citizen.

5. A New Perspective on Domestic Issues

The country you live in isn’t the only one with great ideas, but sometimes it can be difficult to get exposed to the insight of different countries.

Studying abroad allows students to get an understanding of how other countries are dealing with issues like energy and economics, a knowledge that can be put to work back home.

6. High Possibility of Getting a Good Job in Your Home country

Even in college, you might be unclear about your future career path. Spending time in a foreign country may help you narrow down your preferences when you get back to the States, as we now live in a global workforce.

Perhaps you’d like to become a foreign language teacher or work for the World Bank — professions that require you to be multilingual.

Or maybe there’s a job opening in a business where they need someone who speaks fluent Korean, Spanish, and English, and you just happen to have that ability.

7. Study Abroad is a Training Ground for Future Global Leader

Study abroad education fosters growth and attitudes that are respectful of all countries, not just a student’s home country.

According to IES Abroad, one of the goals of study abroad is to create future global leaders who are “willing to take a stand for the world’s welfare, not just what benefits a specific country.” This eye-opening experience can help create a world of mutual global respect.

8. International Networking

Those who study abroad with students from other countries are bound to make friends along the way. Many students with study abroad experience report creating international friendships that have lasted for decades.

As they create friendships with fellow international students and even locals, study abroad participants are creating networking opportunities around the world.

9. Serves your Opportunity to Explore Countries

We tend to live in a vacuum, only experiencing other cultures by virtue of a neighborhood gathering or a religious event.

The opportunity to be fully immersed in the traditions and rituals of another culture is a gift, even if it isn’t as “comfortable” as what you’re used to.

Trust us, if using a rougher grade of toilet paper is the worst thing you’ll ever experience in life, you’re in good shape.

10. Acquire Diverse Language

Speaking a variety of languages is always advantageous, no matter what industry you’re in. When you study abroad, you have the chance to become fluid in a language rather quickly (or you’ll never find the restroom or the nearest bus stop), and it’s much more fun and effective to engage in a language with native speakers than to try to learn one via textbooks and pop quizzes.

11. Become Independent

Everybody knows that, just because you live in a dorm room and don’t have to tell your parents what time you’ll be home, you’re not the big-shot grown-up you think you are.

But studying abroad under those same circumstances, in a foreign country, by yourself that’s a whole other ballgame. The experience will give you the tools necessary to become fully independent by the time you graduate.

12. It Adds a Feather to your Resume

As soon as employers see that you’ve studied in another country, they’re either going to think you’re a rich snob or you’re an ambitious go-getter who likes to break the mold.

Most likely, it’s the latter — and you’ll shine above other applicants if you’re viewed as someone who likes to stray from the norm and seize an opportunity.

13. You Get to Widen Your Palate

While we’re on the subject of dinner, one of the perks of studying abroad is being able to sample another culture’s cuisine.

If you’re game to try new things, you’ll learn to truly appreciate international food, especially when it’s prepared in its country of origin (i.e., Mexican food from an American chain restaurant will never be a match for a Mexican meal cooked in the mother country).

Some foods, however, might be a little less palatable if you’re not a native. Spend a semester in Korea, and you might want to avoid sampling the live octopus, which is one of that country’s edible delicacies.

14. Study Abroad Offers a Lesson in Red Tape

Every young adult can benefit from a lesson in dealing with the intricacies of red tape and administration, which they will almost certainly experience in their adult and working lives.

Applying for study abroad scholarships, visas, foreign degree certifications, and more can offer an opportunity for learning to work through difficult administrative situations while still having access to helpful resources like parents and school administrators.

15. Improves Communication Skills

Studying abroad isn’t just useful for developing language learning; it’s a great way to improve communication skills in general. As students navigate daily life in a foreign country, they learn how to bridge the gap between the communication they’re used to and the way native speakers communicate with one another.

This experience is incredibly helpful for learning how to communicate across different cultures, at home and abroad.

16. A New Perspective on Domestic Issues

The country you live in isn’t the only one with great ideas, but sometimes it can be difficult to get exposed to the insight of different countries. Studying abroad allows students to get an understanding of how other countries are dealing with issues like energy and economics, a knowledge that can be put to work back home.

17. Personal Development

Studying abroad is a great way to accelerate your personal growth and become more independent. We learn by doing new things and when you study abroad basically everything that we experience is new. It can be challenging at times but hang in there and you are in for a very rewarding experience with friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

18. Take in a New Culture

Many students who choose to study abroad are leaving their homes for the first time. When they arrive in their new host country, they are fascinated by the distinct cultural perspectives. When you study abroad you will find incredible new foods, customs, traditions, and social atmospheres.

You will find that you have a better understanding and appreciation for the nation’s people and history. You will have the opportunity to witness a completely new way of life

19. Operating Outside of Defined Comfort Zones

At home, students may not have the chance to take many classes outside of their area of study, but studying abroad can present this type of opportunity.

Studying a new subject or developing a new skill can be scary, but it builds character and makes students more willing to take on new challenges, a skill that is incredibly valuable in the workplace and in life.

20. Find New Interests

If you are still questioning why to study abroad, you should know that studying in a different country offers many new activities and interests that you may never have discovered if you’d stayed at home.

You might find that you have an as-yet-undiscovered talent for hiking, water sports, snow skiing, golf, or various other new sports you may never have tried back home.

You’ll also have the chance to discover other new and exciting forms of entertainment. Plays, movies, dancing, nightclubs, and concerts are just a few activities that you can enjoy.

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