Recharge and Get Paid Registration Guide 2022

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– Recharge and Get Paid Registration –

Recharge and Get Paid Registration: Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP) is a telecom business that allows its members to earn money daily through a combination of VTU Business and a Multi-level marketing model.

Recharge and Get Paid Registration Guide 2021

Anyone looking for ways to make extra cash will find RAGP rewarding. With a startup cost as low as N5,000, a new member can register on the RAGP network and start making money through airtime purchases. 

How to Earn Money on RAGP

1. Earning through Commission of VTU recharge:

For example, you sell VTU airtime to all networks worth about N2 Million in a month, then you’re earning from that will be N2,000,000 x 2% = N2,000,000 x 2/100 = N40,000.

Then you sell Data VTU of about N500,000, commission on data is 10% i.e. N500,000 x 10% = N500,000 x 10/100 = N50,000.


2. Earning through Referral Commission:

If you refer just 10 people in a month i.e.

i. 2 New members sign up at Basic Level, You earn 20% commission = N5,000 x 20% = N1,000 x 2 = N2,000

ii. 2 New members sign up at Bronze Level, You earn 20% commission = N10,000 x 20% = N2,000 x 2 = N4,000

iii. 2 New members sign up at Silver Level, You earn 20% commission = N20,000 x 20% = N4,000 x 2 = N8,000

iv. 2 New members sign up at Gold Level, You earn 20% commission = N30,000 x 20% = N6,000 x 2 = N12,000

v. 2 New members sign up at Diamond Level, You earn 20% commission = N40,000 x 20% = N8,000 x 2 = N16,000

vi. 2 New members sign up at Platinum Level, You earn 20% commission = N50,000 x 20% = N10,000 x 2 = N20,000

3. Earning through Both VTU recharge Commission & Referral Commission.

If you earn both referral and VTU recharge commission, then your total earning based on the illustration above will be N90,000 + N62,000 = N152,000.


Recharge and Get Paid Registration Process

1. Click on this LINK to fill the online registration form:

2. Fill in all the details required including your username and password and click on submit.

3. Pay your registration fee into any of the company accounts below:


b. DIAMOND BANK: 0068623787

c. GTBANK: 0199798323

d. ZENITH BANK: 1014812771

4. Send your payment details to this number: 08094414899, in this format:

a. Name of depositor:

b. Amount paid:

c. Date of payment:

d. Which bank did you pay to (Diamond/GTB/Zenith)

e. Teller number: (If you transferred just write ‘Transfer’)


Note: Send the details through SMS or WhatsApp message to 08094414899

5. Now, login with your Recharge And Get Paid username and password that you created in step 2 above.

6. Once you are logged in, the system will present you with three payment options which are:

  • E-wallet
  • E-pin
  • Bank Wire

Choose Bank Wire. It will request for your payment details.

7. Enter your payment details.

  • Name of depositor: The name you wrote on the deposit slip. Or if you did a transfer, you write the full name on the bank account you transferred from.
  • The amount deposited: Write like this: 20000. Do not add a comma.
  • Teller: Enter the number of the teller you used to deposit into the bank or write ‘Transfer’ if you did a transfer.

8. Click on submit. They will activate your RAGP account in a short time.

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