How to Register an Association in Nigeria in Minutes

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How to Register an Association in Nigeria in Minutes.

Register an Association in Nigeria: Associations are formed to achieve certain goals and objectives. Corporate societies, cultural associations, non-profits, political parties, professional associations, social clubs, trade unions, and women groups are forms of an association.

How to Register an Association in Nigeria within a Minutes

Popular Associations Include:

  1. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN),
  2. Nigerian Medical Association (NMA),
  3. Nigeria Computer Society (NCS),
  4. Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),
  5. Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC),
  6. Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE), etc.

Steps to Register an Association in Nigeria.

1. Choose a name that will inform the public about the association.

2. Visit the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to register. The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has been empowered by the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) to be in charge of registering associations in Nigeria.

4. Go to three (3) national newspapers and publish notices.

5. The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) requirements include:

  • Two (2) copies of the association’s constitution,
  • Original copies of the newspaper  containing the advertisement,
  • Two (2) formal letters of application signed by the secretary and chairman,
  • Two (2) passport photographs,
  • Receipts of filing fees,
  • Minutes of the meeting of the association where trustees are adopted and signed by the secretary and chairman with the association’s letterhead,
  • Full residential address,
  • Affidavit sworn by trustees and IT declaration form,
  • Evidence of land ownership by the association,
  • Two (2) passport photographs of trustees.

Benefits of Registering an Association in Nigeria.

  • The association becomes a corporate body or an artificial human being which means it has the right to sue and also be sued.
  • The association can purchase, own, and sell lands in Nigeria.
  • The association now has a standard seal.
  • The association has continuous succession; even in the death of the board of trustees or stakeholders, it will still be in existence because it is an incorporated trustee.

Registering an association in Nigeria is very important because of the benefits mentioned above and unregistered associations are not taken seriously in Nigeria.

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