Best Australian Female Names and Surnames

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Picking the perfect Australian female names can be tough because there are so many great options. In Australia, names are often similar to those in the US and Europe, influenced by Latin, Greek, British, and Scandinavian cultures.

Australian Female Names

Australia is a large country in Oceania, made up of the mainland, an island called Tasmania, and many smaller islands. 

Even though there are over 250 native languages and 500 different nations across the continent, there are plenty of unique Australian female names to explore.

List of Australian Female Names and Their Meanings

Here’s a list of 50 Australian female names along with their meanings:


1. Evie: Meaning “ Life or Breath”

2. Harper:  Meaning “Harp Player”

3. Harriet: Meaning “Home ruler”

4. Hazel: Meaning “Hazelnut tree”

5. Heidi: Meaning “Noble one”

6. Imogen: Meaning “Maiden”

7. Indiana: Meaning “From India”

8. Isabella: Devoted to God

9. Isla: Meaning “Island”

10. Ivy: Meaning “Ivy plant”

11. Lara: Meaning “Protection”

12. Layla: Meaning “Night”

13. Lilly: Meaning “Lily flower”

14. Sydney: Meaning “Wide island”

15. Aaliyah: Meaning “Highly regarded”

16. Abigail: Meaning “Father’s rejoice”

17. Addison: Meaning “Son of Adam”

18. Alexis: Meaning “Defender”

19. Alice: Meaning “Of nobility”

20. Amelia: Meaning “Work”

21. Anna: Meaning “Gracious”

22. Matilda: Meaning “Strong in battle”

23. Olivia: Meaning “Olive tree”

24. Ava: Meaning “Life or living one”

25. Charlotte: Meaning “Free woman”

26. Emily: Meaning “Industrious, striving”

27. Grace: Meaning “Elegance, beauty, and goodwill”

28. Zoe: Meaning “Life”

29. Sophie: Meaning “Wisdom”

30. Mia: Meaning “Mine or bitter”

31. Ella: Meaning “Beautiful fairy”

32. Harper: Meaning “Harp player”

33. Chloe: Meaning “Blooming or young green shoot”

34. Ruby: Meaning “Red gemstone”

35. Scarlett: Meaning “Red, bright”

36. Lucy: Meaning “Light”

37. Emma: Meaning “Universal or whole”

38. Hannah: Meaning “Grace or favor”

39. Sienna: Meaning “Orange-red color”

More Unique Australian Female Names

Australian Female Names

40. Abigail: Meaning “Father’s joy”

41. Alice: Meaning “Noble or truthful”

42. Georgia: Meaning “Farmer”

43. Aria: Meaning “Melody or air”

44. Maddison: Meaning “Son of Matthew”

45. Zara: Meaning “Princess or flower”

46. Victoria: Meaning “Victory”

47. Eva: Meaning “Life”

48. Imogen: Meaning “Innocent”

49. Layla: Meaning “Night or dark beauty”

50. Willow: Meaning “Graceful and slender”

51. Penelope: Meaning “Weaver”

52. Alyssa: Meaning “Noble”

53. Jasmine: Meaning “Fragrant flower”

54. Poppy: Meaning “Red flower”

55. Olive: Meaning “Symbol of peace”

56. Amelia: Meaning “Work of the Lord”

57. Daisy: Meaning “Day’s eye”

58. Piper: Meaning “Pipe player”

59. Isabelle: Meaning “Devoted to God”

60. Ariana: Meaning “Most holy”

61. Audrey: Meaning “Noble strength”

62. Stella: Meaning “Star”

63. Ellie: Meaning “Bright shining one”

64. Aurora: Meaning “Dawn”

65. Heidi: Meaning “Noble one”

66. Evelyn: Meaning “Desired or wished for”

67. Sofia: Meaning “Wisdom”

68. Tahlia: Meaning “Morning Dew”

69. Annabelle: Meaning “Lovable and graceful”

70. Aurora: Meaning “Goddess of dawn”

71. Ayla: Meaning “Terebinth tree”

72. Quinn: “Meaning “Wise”

Traditional Australian Female Names

Australian Female Names

73. Miriyan: Meaning “Moon”

74. Jarra: Meaning “Eucalyptus tree”

75. Talia: Meaning “Near water”

76. Tarni: Meaning “Wave”

77. Birrung: Meaning “Morning star”

78. Warrina: Meaning “Queen”

79. Mia-Mia: Meaning “Shelter or house”

80. Yara: Meaning “Spear”

81. Jindabyne: Meaning “Valley”

82. Daramulum: Meaning “A star in the sky”

83. Kirra: Meaning “Leaf”

84. Nerida: Meaning “Water lily”

85. Tindra: Meaning “Sparkle or twinkle”

86. Wongara: Meaning “Camp or home”

87. Merindah: Meaning “Beautiful”

88. Bunara: Meaning “Blossom”

89. Walyunga: Meaning “Happy place”

90. Kurrajong: Meaning “Tree with heart-shaped leaves”

91. Yindi: Meaning “Sun”

92. Coolabah: Meaning “Eucalyptus tree”

93. Waratah: Meaning “A type of native Australian flower”

94. Bimbimbie: Meaning “Quiet place”

95. Budya: Meaning “Good”

96. Marralyn: Meaning “Beautiful”

97. Jalinda: Meaning “Songbird”

98. Kalinya: Meaning “Love”

99. Womindjeka: Meaning “Welcome”

100. Goolara: Meaning “Kangaroo”

101: Bindara: Meaning “Bright star”

102. Billa: Meaning “River”

103. Dulili: Meaning “Star”

104. Koraleigh: Meaning “Moon”

105. Yana: Meaning “Blossom”

106. Gulaga: Meaning “Sacred mountain”

107. Wanita: Meaning “Charger or thunder”

108. Yalumba: Meaning “All the land around”

109. Bilyana: Meaning “Vine”

110. Bundilla: Meaning Moon

The meanings of Australian female names are highly diverse, from nature-inspired beauty to eternal virtues.

Whether you love the timeless appeal of Evie and Matilda or the modern attraction of Harper and Aaliyah, every name tells a different and fascinating tale.


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