How to Make Up With Your Girlfriend Using 5 Easy Steps

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– Makeup With Your Girlfriend –

Humans are emotional beings so it is impossible to coexist without conflict. Everyone has different goals, wants, and interests, just as our DNA’s different. These interests will not always align, hence our struggles with conflict.

make up with your girlfriend

Makeup With Your Girlfriend

In a relationship, individuals get to a point where they want different things and do not seem to have an agreement on certain issues.


The disagreement goes through a lot of spite that may aggravate into a quarrel or in worse cases a fight.


So if you have this situation with your Girlfriend or Spouse which is likely possible, here are the best 5 steps to take in handling it.

1. Take a Pause

Only pride and anger are paramount in a heated quarrel and both individuals are mostly irrational and there’s no space for a reason. We lose sight of what’s important.

In our ardent desire to emerge victorious and be proclaimed ‘Right‘, we forget that we’re both supposed to be on the same side!

So the first thing you can do is take a little breather, anything that calms you down and gets the ugliness out of your head.

We can resolve not all fights in one sitting, definitely not when you are red with rage and spitting fire. So go take a walk or hit the gym to vent out that anger.

This might give your girlfriend time to calm down too if you’re lucky, and it’ll be that much easier for you to patch things up with her.

2. Own Up To Your Half of the Quarrel

Takes two to have a disagreement and then come to an agreement or agree to disagree. Admitting to her you were wrong too, is not only the right thing to do, but it’ll also get you on the track to patch things up.

Admit to her that if only you’d been a saner and calmer you, the fight would not have turned into a blazing fireball.

The most reasonable woman would apologize too because when you admit first and apologize, it softens her heart.

3. Talk it Out

You are in a relationship with someone totally different from you. So don’t expect them to always see things from your perspective.

It is important to always talk things out after calming the atmosphere and ridding it of tension.

4. Get & Give a Hug

Nothing says, ‘I care for you like a nice big, warm hug’. The person being hugged instantly feels protected and loved, and that is exactly what you want to relay to your girl after a fight.

A simple hug will let her know that you still love her the same way, and the relationship is more important to you than any stupid argument.

5. Take Her Mind Away

After settling things, it’s time to totally leave that phase emotionally. A pleasant distraction is certainly a good way to start.

Plan something different, something exciting, and something that you haven’t done as a couple in a while.

Maybe a trip somewhere lovely or just a night of club hopping, whatever excites your girlfriend more! Bring out your more loving side and remind her why you love each other.


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