Top 5 Ways of Reporting a Driver in 2024

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There are several ways of reporting a driver in Nigeria but after our proper research, only five of them are unique and can yield quick and positive responses. This discourse settles this course and all you need to do is explore the content to the end.

Ways of Reporting a Driver

Speeding, road rage, and drunk driving are all unsafe driving behaviors that could put many travelers at risk. Luckily, you can help put a stop to such reckless driving by reporting them to the appropriate authorities…

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to file a report over the phone with the police or online and what type of evidence you’ll need. Once you’re done exploring, you’ll be well-informed about what you can do to keep the streets safe.

Ways of Reporting a Driver

Here are the best five ways of reporting a driver in Nigeria. There are other good ways but the ones we are about to list below are the best for 2024.

Kindly explore the methods below:

1. Reporting by Phone

If the driver is driving extremely dangerously and putting other people at risk, call 911 as soon as you pull over to report them. When the dispatcher picks up, tell them you’d like to report a reckless driver and provide them with the information you’ve gotten.

However, if the reckless driver is not posing a direct threat to others, dial the local police’s non-emergency number. These will vary by state and city, so do a quick internet search to find the number for the area you live in.

2. Online Reporting

Drop a report to a national database. If you were able to get the license plate number of the car, submit the details to a national database, such as Alternatively. you can use an app such as Bad Driver to file your report. It is that simple and stress-free.

Check the website of your area or the police. Plenty of local police departments and city transportation departments have online forms where you can report reckless drivers.

3. Collecting Evidence

Make a note of a driver’s reckless or aggressive behaviors. A reckless driver is someone whose driving has the potential to put others in danger and lead to an accident. Only report someone if you think that they pose a grave risk to the people around them or have violated traffic rules.

Note the car’s license plate number and any other physical attributes. When you make your report, giving as accurate a description as possible of the vehicle will assist law enforcement in apprehending the driver. Take note of the vehicle’s make-up and model, the color, and the license plate number.

4. Reporting by Notifying the Highway Patrol

Another way of reporting a bad driver is by reaching out to the Highway patrol team in your city. It is one of the faster ways of reporting a driver in Nigeria.

You can notify the US Highway Patrol of reckless driving incidents that are currently happening by calling 911. It is that simple.

If the incident has already occurred, you can call the non-emergency number at 800-TELLCHP.

5. Reporting by Notifying the Department Of Motor Vehicles

The Department of Motor Vehicles is instituted to address driving-related issues like reckless driving, over-charging of passengers, poor maintenance of vehicles, etc.

You can report a bad driver to the DMV as a potentially unsafe driver. You can ask the DMV to order the driver to retake a driver’s examination by submitting a request form or writing the ministry a letter.

The above ways are the best so far. Kindly apply them and have a quick response you are expecting

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