RevoSquad Review Registration – Create RevoSquad Review Account Here Online –

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– RevoSquad Review Registration – Create RevoSquad Review Account –

On this article, I will be showing you how to create RevoSquad Review account here online step by step and you will be on the way to know how to sign-up on Revosquad.

Let me do a quick RevoSquad Review for Nigerians and maybe other countries, but I will be explaining it our way.

No time for coffee, according to my guys, ain’t got time for dulling…

RevoSquad – How Does it Work

Revosquad is like ultimate cycler, it’s matrix system where you are required to bring 2 people and the 2 people you registered under you brings 2 each to pay you making 4

What I’m trying to let you understand…

You only need to bring 2 people and your N12,500 compulsory activation fee…

You don’t pay to a central account here, you pay to a member directly to his or her bank account…

The word RevoSquad means building your squad to make money (it’s in my own dictionary *Lol*)

There are 6 levels on this platform, in which you are required to bring only 2 people and the 2 you bring keeps doing the same…


Don’t say it… I know

It’s hard to convince people when it comes to money matter here in Nigeria…

This where joining a good and active squad is advised…


Many of us know what SPILL OVER is and it occurs in every peer-peer donation platform..

When my downlines are complete others joining will be matched to pay my downlines that’s what spill over is.

How Active is Your Squad on RevoSquad and When Will I get Paid?

The system is new now, the earlier the better which means you stand anteater chance of being paired to be paid quickly because of new registrations

This is a festive season and MMM is currently on holidays, RevoSquad is here to make Xmas expenses light and easy…

RevoSquad uses the old design of ultimate cycler, they redesigned the old design to meet ghetto needs of Nigerian…

Why You Should try RevoSquad

There is no admin fee here, ultimate cycler recently enabled the admin fee of $10 and it’s compulsory during upgrade…

No product marketing… It’s basically for participant empowerment by building an active squad..

Revosquad is purely simple for novice and amateurs.

RevoSquad Review

Level 1

This is the first level in your journey to financial freedom.

This level is activated when you have successfully empowered the member which the system has matched you to after completing the sign up process with the sum of $25.

This is the level where you build your squad by inviting others with your referral link, after which 4 people will be matched to you to empower you with $25 x 4 = $100.

Level 2

You upgrade with $50 out of your profits from the first level by empowering the member which the system has matched you to.

This is also a 2×2 matrix. The system automatically matches 4 people who are also upgrading to this level to empower you with $50 x 4 = $200 giving you a net profit of $150 in this level.

Level 3

It is a 2×2 matrix as well. In like manner, you empower a member with $100, to upgrade to this level.

In respect to your ability to empower $100, you automatically upgrade to this level where 4 other members will empower you with $100 x 4 = $400 i.e. net profit of $300 upon each time you empower a member in this level.

Level 4

At this level, the same process is applicable since it’s also a 2×2 matrix where you empower the matched member with $200 thereby activating this level for 4 other members to empower you with $200×4=$800 after you’ve empowered a fellow member and been activated to this level.

Level 5

It is also a 2×2 matrix. Upgrading to this level will take $400. At this level, you are empowered with $400 x 4 = $1,600 .

Level 6

This is the final level. In the same manner, you upgrade to this level with $800, and you are empowered with $800 x 4 = $3,200.

The secret about earning on RevoSquad is about joining an active team, group or squad…

The system is new, don’t dull, join and make money quickly…

NOTE: Each level has multiple stages i.e you can continue to enjoy the benefits from each level over and over again until you decide not to activate the next stage thereby dumping your account.

It is very important to understand that these business avenues operate independent of the other and you can actually empower and re-empower your squad members at each level comfortable to you as a member.

RevoSquad Registration

On an internet enabled phone,

Click this link to register –

You will see your referral name and phone number and the top of the page…

Complete the registration process

The next page will contain the details of the person you are to pay…

Contact the person to notify him or her of your payment

Make the payment, if the person fails to confirm your payment please click the “Report Button” on the payment page…

Call the person concerning your payment and wait for confirmation mail…

RevoSquad Login

On an internet, enabled device, click here to login

Fill in your username and password and you are in.

RevoSquad is quite simple to use…

If you need us to help you with more information at the right time about RevoSquad Review Registration, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also, feel free to ask any question pertaining to this guide.

CSN Team

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  1. John Friday says:

    I registered and referred two more people under me and for three weeks now I’m not still paid

  2. Okwumbu blessing Nneka says:

    I referred one person and he was matched to pay another person, why

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