Top 10 Richest Families in the World 

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If you are rich, or just poor, you might often watch and wonder how very rich generations either make or sustain the hands of wealth. The lists below are the Richest Families in the World and their estimated earnings.

Richest Families in the World

Not that it is either from envy or malice—but rather a thrill very rare, which is easier, than carrying out the financial news, searching for online brokers, or studying economics and finance. 

The growing attraction to wealthy families can indicate a society obsessed with wealth and muddling over the portrayals of the wealthy. 

Such business people are the celebrities of many whom they are appraised for their agility (no matter if it is a good one or bad one) in maintaining this elite position.  

This list does not contain just any family but rather those, whose lines of wealth and businesses have come to stay. Here you go: 

1. Walton Family

The source of this family is the Walmart company with a net worth exceeding $200 billion. 

Estimated Wealth: $259.7 billion
Company: Walmart

2. Mars Family

This generation was once termed the richest by Forbes named him after being measured by the value of the empire he possesses, which involves several candy brigands such as M&M and Snickers. 

Estimated Wealth: $141.9 billion
Company: Mars Incorporated

3. Koch Family

As the most prosperous corporation, spread over different areas, the riches the Koch family has earned are phenomenal. 

Estimated Wealth: $127.3 billion
Company: Koch Industries

4. Al Saud Family

As Saudis’ ruling family, the Al Saud family holds too much oil on, investments. 

Estimated Wealth: $112 billion
Company: Saudi Royal Family

5. Ambani Family

With Mukesh Ambani at the helm, the conglomerate Reliance Industries leads the charge as India’s biggest business. 

Estimated Wealth: $89.9 billion
Company: Reliance Industries

6. Wertheimer Family

Estimated Wealth: $89.6 billion
Company: Chanel

French high-fashion house Chanel is legendary for the timeless “little black dress,” the No.5 perfume, and the late high-profile designer Karl Lagerfeld, who died on Feb. 19, 2019.

7. Thomson Family

Estimated Wealth: $71.1 billion
Company: Thomson Reuters

The Thomson family garners its wealth from Thomson Reuters, the media company. The family got its start in the 1930s when Roy Thomson started a radio station in Ontario, Canada, and later moved into newspapers.

8. Al Nahyan Family

Estimated Wealth: $305 billion
Company: Abu Dhabi Royal Family

The Al Nahyan family, also referred to as the “House of Nahyan,” is the richest family in the world. The leader of the family, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is the ruler of Abu Dhabi and the President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

9. Ortega Family

Estimated Wealth: $59.6 billion
Company: Zara

Rising, the Ortegas’ fashion chain, Zara, made so much money that they got all the riches.

10. Kwok Family

Estimated Wealth: US$40.4 billion
Company: Sun Hung Kai Properties

The Kwok families, real estate tycoons in Hong Kong, with their many assets, are the ones who mainly contributed to the construction of the monumental landscape in Hong Kong.

This list of affluent families highlighted those who established a family company as a means of accumulating money.

Walmart is one of these family-run companies that is currently listed on a public exchange. Others are still privately held family companies, such as Koch Industries and Mars Incorporated.

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