Sad Playlist Names: Ideas and Suggestions

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Do you seek sad playlist names that either assist you to get out of loneliness or allow you to revel in it? Look no further, because you have come to the right place.

A playlist is a fantastic tool for organizing and managing your favorite tunes.

What is a Playlist?

The playlist may be described as a collection of songs that are grouped together by genre and are available for listening at any time and any place.

A playlist does, however, also have a name that attracts people as they become curious about your playlist.

This post is for you if you want to make a sad playlist with all of your favorite sad songs because we’ve given you some good ideas for names for sad playlists.

Sad Playlist Names

We’ve compiled a list of sad playlist names ideas and suggestions just for you.

1. It Hurts to Miss

2. Getting Lost in What I love

3. Sad Music for Unhappy Souls

4. The End of the Relationship

5. Another Lonely Day in Paradise

6. Ocean of Tears

7. Please Don’t Break My Heart

8. Feeling Alone

9. The Rolling Stones

10. Head over Heels

11. Dance to These If You Want To Get Fir

12. Mistaken

13. A Trip Through Classic Jazz

14. Soul food

15. The World Becomes A Fantasy

16. What is even Techno

17. Back in the days

18. Party Anthem

19. Entering a Parallel Dimension

20. Alarm Tones disguised as Songs

21. Companions for life

22. Hip shaker sting

23. Grow old with you

24. Just Listen To The World Around You

25. Sweet Classic Tunes

26. Listen don’t Read

Creative Sad Playlist Names

When creating a playlist, you need to be creative with it. Check out this sad playlist name ideas

27. Songs that make me question my life

28. Always Be My Baby

29. The Coming of Age

30. Roots of the suffering

31. Ocean of tears

32. Steampunk extropy

33. Party hard

34. Heartbroken

35. Neighbor awakening in c major

36. Stargazing into early mornings

37. Stardust Orbit

38. Signs of love

39. My Secret Keeper

40. Power of Love

41. My prince left

42. Punters of party

43. Sleepover Music

44. Come Back To Me

45. Feelings and other stupid things

46. Man will be a man

47. Feed Your Soul

48. The Rise and Fall

49. Blue in Green

50. Agonizing Times

51. Meet you Again

52. We Will Never Be the Same

53. I’m Sorry I Missed Your Calls

54. No Tears Left To Cry

55. Teardrops on My Guitar

56. Lonely Nights

57. Songs I’ll let my dog walk me to

58. Far Away and Longing

59. Frienemies & Bad Blood

60. Blowing Bubbles & Blaring Beats

61. Songs I’ll “accidentally” break my mom’s vases to

62. Raindrops On My Skin

63. Smells Like Grass

64. For Those Special Sunrise Moments

65. Rain on a Balcony in Barcelona

66. Dancing Alone in your Room with Dim Lights

67. That Little Black Dress Feeling

68. Tales Of Heart Waves

69. Coffee Alone

70. Handmade Glory

71. Ballads of Tomorrow

72. Music For My Teenage Angst

73. In A World Of My Own

74. The Dark Side of the Moon

75. The One That Got Away

76. Lonely Nights & Broken Hearts

77. Broken Heart Society

78. They Were Everything

Sad Songs Playlist Names

These are sad songs playlist name ideas for your mood.

79. Never Enough

80. If You Saw This Playlist Name Before, No You Didn’t

81. Insert Playlist Name Here

82. The Best Playlist of all Time

83. True Love Knows No Lies

84. Love Messengers

85. Be Friend

86. Everything Is Connected

87. Be In Peace

88. Inside Your Eyes

89. Heavenly Touch

90. Songs To Slow Dance

91. Right In The Feels

92. Low Voice Music

93. Jump Then Fly

94. Songs Called Ivy

95. Food Of Love

96. Ten Summer Tales

97. Whenever You Need Me

98. Songs to smash my head against a wall constantly screaming

99. Songs to get grounded to

100. Songs to sneak out to

101. It Sounds Good in Metal

102. Don’t Listen While Driving

103. Naturally Acceptable, Unnaturally Hated by Everyone

104. Bizarre Conspiracy Mix

105. London Warehouse

106. New York Penthouse

108. Driving in a Getaway Car

109. It’s All Just Sunshine, Baby

110. Dreaming of Cotton Candy Skies

111. Peonies and Palmas

112. No one needs to know

113. Windows down

114. Late night

115. Sorry mom

116. Without music, life would be a mistake

117. Nostalgic Songs

118. The Tragically Hip

119. Touching songs

120. Play this at my funeral

121. High expectations

122. Self-isolation

123. Cold nights great vibes

124. The last summer

125. Los inquietos del norte

126. No Expectations

127. Get away from me

128. I’m tired of love

129. Losing Interest

130. When I think of you

131. Falling Away From Me

132. I need to be alone

133. Hopeless Romantics

134. My Electric Guitar Gently Weeps

135. That One Song on the Radio

136. Radio Drives

137. All I Want is Music & Sunshine

138. Songs About Feelings and Other Stupid Things

139. The Anti-Social, Social Club

140. Stay Wild, My Sweet Summer Child

141. Songs That Make You Dance on Tip Toes

142. Artists That Sing in Cursive

143. Songs that make me question my life

144. Too Sad to Cry

145. This is Life I Guess

146. C’est La Vie

147. Broken To Pieces

148. Songs That Save Me

149. Alone at a Party

150. Cry Yourself To Sleep & Music

151. Hold My Hand & Don’t Let Go

152. Midnight Pillows

153. Sighs & Yearns

154. Strumming my Heartstrings

155. Don’t Listen To This All Night

156. Baby, Please Come Home

157. Lonely Lullabies for Sweet Dreams

Tips on How to Choose a Sad Playlist Name

When selecting a name for your playlist, it’s crucial to keep a few things in mind because they’ll enable you to come up with a name that suits your sad playlist.

1. Consider why you originally intended to make a playlist, and then elaborate on that feeling.

2. Create a word that encapsulates the tone or concept of your playlist.

3. Always create a name that is relatable for your sad playlist because it will make it clear to users everywhere what genre your playlist is focused on.

4. You will not only draw in a lot of users if you give your sad playlist a distinctive name, but you can also establish a distinct reputation in the music app.

5. Your playlist should have a catchy name that also has significance.

6. Music is a form of expression that heavily incorporates emotions. As a result, the name you choose for your playlist should evoke strong feelings and have significance.

7. Play with the language and, if you like, add some emojis.

8. Think about whether you want to make it shorter and more concise with only 10 tracks or longer and more varied.

What Should I Name a Sad Playlist?

1. A Darker Kind of Day

2. A Playlist of Breakup Anthems

3. Above The Law

4. Acoustic Break-Up Songs

5. Adrenaline Rush

6. All My Tears

7. All the Singles

8. All-Time Low Playlist

What Should I Name my Playlists?

1. The Chillest Songs to Listen to While Doing Homework

2. Music to Start Your Day.

3. Songs to listen to after a long day at work

4. For the One who Likes a Slow Jam.

5. Relaxing Classical Music for Quiet Nights In.

6. Breathing Easy at the Beach.

7. Relaxing Songs to Help You Sleep

What do you call Depressing Music?

Sadcore is sometimes considered synonymous with the term slowcore, and both share the distinction of often being dismissed as a label by the bands they would describe.

What do I Name my Spotify Playlist?

1. Best of the 80s.

2. Summer Jams.

3. Hip Hop Hits.

4. Rock Anthems.

5. Dance Party!

6. Best Love Songs.

7. Oldies but Goodies.

8. Power Ballads.

What is the Best Sad Playlist on Spotify?

1. Sad Songs

2. goCat Burns.

3. Glimpse of UsJoji.

4. AugustTaylor Swift.

5. Another LoveTom Odell.

6. All For YouCian Ducrot.

7. Something to Someone, PianoDermot Kennedy.

8. Easy On MeAdele.

9. HurtlessDean Lewis.

How Many Streams does SAD have in 2022?

The song has also amassed more than 1.8 billion streams on Spotify, being one of the most streamed songs on the platform.

The song remains X’s biggest and arguably most popular hit song to date.

How do I get Spotify Aesthetic?

1. Update Your Profile Image.

2. Use Artist’s Pick to Share Updates with Fans.

3. Introduce Yourself to Fans with an Artist Bio.

4. Connect Your Social Media Channels & Create an Image Gallery.

What are the Spotify Moods?

From genres like dancehall, J-pop, and bluegrass to moods like pump-up, moody, and soulful, your favorite songs will now be the best representation of you at any given moment.

What is a SAD Genre Called?

Blues is a style of music famous for being sad. The lyrics often share stories from the tough lives of the people who write blues songs.

What do you call a Vibes Playlist?

1. Vibing with Chai.

2. Songs called ‘Happy’ are extremely sad.

3. Deja Vu.

4. Pop Psychos Music.

5. Torturous Music here.

6. Don’t listen to this at night.

7. Love Songs.

8. Tap to feel Despair.

Playlists are created by people for a variety of reasons. It can be that they are passionate about particular songs or artists, wish to share their favorite music with others, or want to highlight the variety of their music library. This is exemplified in how people use music apps like Boom Play and Spotify.

We hope you found the best sad playlist name from our list. Do well to share it with others too and let us know which is your top pick.

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