Amazing Salary History Template 2022 for Job Seekers and Applicants

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– Salary History Template –

To begin, you’ll need a Salary History Template. However, this is because many employers may want you to disclose your payment history on your job application.

We have developed unique forms in this post to display how much you have made at various phases of your career.

Salary History Template

Though not the most ethical practice, you can do nothing but follow their directives. However, unless you want to risk that, they won’t invite you for an interview.

Also, you can either include the information directly on your resume, or you can create a separate page for the salary history. And then submit it together with your resume and cover letter.

What is Salary?

A salary is a form of payment from an employer to an employee, which may be specified in an employment contract. And it is contrasted with piece wages, where each job, hour, or other unit is paid separately, rather than on a periodic basis.

Also, from the point of view of running a business, salary can also be viewed as the cost of acquiring and retaining human resources for running operations and is then termed personnel expense or salary expense. In accounting, salaries are recorded on payroll accounts.

Amazing Facts about Salary History

A salary history is a form of document which presents the past earnings of the employee. Employers often ask for the salary history of the applicants when they apply for the job.

Also, generally, a salary history includes a job title, salary, name of the employer, and benefits package earned by the employee in the past. However, some people often get confused between salary requirements and salary history.

When is the Salary History Asked?

Generally, employers look for the salary history at the time of job posting. Also, it is asked during the interview or during the telephone screening.

Also, this opportunity gives ease to the employees. And they can decide whether they want to reveal their private information in advance.

Also, there are certain employers who may not ask for the salary history in the job posting, but they may ask for the history during the interview.

Most employers opt for asking about the salary during the interview. And this is because the applicant is quite a under pressure and may desperately want the position too. Therefore, they respond to them.

Why Salary History Should not be asked During Application or Interview

According to experts, companies should not do this as most of the applicants are not ready for the employers to box them in a corner. Also, novice applicants likely are found pretty nervous and develop certain responses of their own.

Therefore, employers should discard this act of asking about the salary history or salary during the interview. However, they can provide a salary range option to them.

And this is so that it becomes easier for them as they do not have to tell the specific amount.

Two Things to Remember Regarding Your Salary History

Before you copy, paste, and enter information into our layout, try to remember a couple of things:

You should be honest with them:

The amount of money you earned before has nothing to do with the salary you can get in your new job.

Is not uncommon to see someone earning $50,000 annually, though they were earning just $30,000 a year ago. Such things happen and there is no reason it could not happen to you as well.

Employers should feel that the salary is not the most important thing for you:

You should somehow mention it either on your cover letter or on your resume. Also, at least you should mention nothing that would show that money plays the prime in your mind.

More so, you do not think about anything else when choosing your job.


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Salary History Template

Amazing Salary History Template 2021 to Attach to Your Job Application

Below are amazing salary history templates you can learn from:


Your Cell Phone Number
Your Email

Salary History

Position 1 (the most recent)
Name of the employer (address or website can be included, looks more genuine)

Annual Salary

Position 2
Name of the employer

Annual Salary


Martin Jones
3333/222 Kensignton Road,
12021 New York City, NY
[email protected]

Salary history

Marketing Manager
ATCT Ltd. (
12/3/08 – Present
Annual Salary: $45,000

Most Simple Template

The above is the most simple salary history template that provides an employer with all information they may need.

However, if you want to be more creative, or if you are applying for a position where attention to detail matters, you can use a different template, sharing more details with the employers. For example:

Marketing Manager
ATCT Ltd. (
12/3/08 – Present
Starting annual salary: $38,000
Current annual salary: $45,000
Reason for raise: Achievements in the marketing department
Reference: Martin Eagleson, Marketing Director, 0029339293

Just like your past failures in job interviews have nothing to do with your chances to succeed in the next meeting with the employer, note.

The salary you got in your last job has nothing to do with the salary you will get in your next one.

Thus, do not make things complicated. If the employer asks you to include salary history on your resume, follow their instructions. Use one of our templates and worry a little about the numbers. Good luck.

However, do not withhold this knowledge, share it with your family and friends.

CSN Team.

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