17 Signs & Characteristics of a Sigma Male

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Ever heard of a sigma male? You believed that the only males were alpha and beta, didn’t you? In this article, you’ll find out more. Unexpectedly, there are six recognized types of male personalities, each of which is named after a letter of the Greek alphabet. Males of the astrological signs Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, Delta, and Sigma.

sigma male and alpha male

However, it appears that there is a greater focus on only showcasing alpha and beta males as if to imply that the sigma or other types are not important and it has stood out for years now.

The Pseudoscience Behind The “Sigma Male,” was explained, in a Forbes Magazine article by Dani Di Placido, questioning the status quo.

In addition, the alpha male is portrayed as being the most dominant member of the social hierarchy of masculinity and the superior man.

Who, and why, singled out alpha males to be at the top of the imagined hierarchical pyramid?

The goal of this article is to increase the understanding of the sigma personality by first contrasting it with the alpha personality and then outlining 17 characteristics of sigma males.

By the end of the book, you’ll have a better understanding of why they’re becoming more well-known lately. You can even decide for yourself whether sigma males should come in first place on the food chain.

Who is a Sigma Male?

The phrase “sigma male” refers to a popular, successful man who is also fiercely independent and self-reliant in masculinist subcultures.

Theodore Roberts Beale, alias Vox Day, a far-right activist and writer, is thought to have originated the phrase.

Members of the manosphere and social commentators have different conceptions of what the sigma male is. He is essentially an introverted alpha male, according to Di Placido. He is a “lone wolf,” though.

Others believe he is equally strong as the alpha but not as submissive as the beta male.

The male archetype known as Sigma has existed for ages, but it has only recently become popular. You’ll see that this particular male archetype isn’t your typical guy once you look at their traits.

He chooses to follow his own path and deviate from the norm, which makes him stand out from the crowd. He rejects the conventional notion of the social dominance hierarchy, which some claim is fictitious and arbitrary.

The Social Dominance and the Sigma Male Hierarchy

Animal ranking within the animal kingdom has been described using dominance hierarchies, for example, the males in the lion pride. Social dominance hierarchies are the term used to describe how the principle is applied to male human beings.

The top-ranking group should possess more positive traits than the rest, according to the male personality ranking system.

It goes without saying that the idea of male social dominance and socio-sexual hierarchies is just as intriguing as the debate over whether or not they actually exist.

A system of classifying and ranking men into male archetypes is known as a socio-sexual hierarchy.

Do you want to know your ranking? The mentioned six types of male archetypes are represented in a pyramid below, with the sigma male occupying the second position, exactly midway between alphas and betas.

1. Alpha Male

2. Sigma Male

3. Beta Male

4. Delta Male

5. Gamma Male

6. Omega Male

It’s believed that characteristics like self-assurance, bravery, responsibility, leadership potential, and hierarchical consciousness affect a man’s position in the social hierarchy.

Mention should also be made of the fact that the ranking system seems to have something to do with masculinity.

Masculinity, also known as manhood or manliness, is a group of traits, typical actions, and anticipated roles that are connected to men and boys.

Who is to say, however, that all men, including those classified as sigma, are happy with their position in society? Let’s venture to say that some males would rather be an alpha than a sigma.

Remember this as we compare the traits of sigma males to alpha males.

Alpha Male VS Sigma Male

Alpha male

The “harsh, domineering male archetype” that is currently at the top of the pyramid is known as the alpha male. He belongs to the group of people known as extroverted, or gregarious, due to his outgoing and sociable qualities.

It is believed that he has an easy time attracting women because they are drawn to him like moths to a flame.

And there’s more. He likes to brag about his accomplishments and seek attention, but his reasoning can be subpar or even flawed.

His rigid personality, aggressive and domineering traits are frequently interpreted as oppressive and close to abusive.

Sigma male

This guy is less gregarious and more reserved than his alpha counterpart. He spends a lot of time alone with his thoughts and doesn’t require social stimulation to thrive.

According to a Masculine Development article, sigma males prefer to live as wanderers, adventurers, and travelers rather than identifying with dominance hierarchies. A Sigma Male spends a lot of time alone thinking because he doesn’t require social stimulation to thrive.

They think they can succeed personally and professionally without actively interacting with others. It’s interesting that despite this, they continue to be popular with women, largely due to characteristics that set them apart from alpha males.

He also made the observation that sigma rivals are despised by alpha males because they appear to succeed in life without exerting half as much effort as alphas do to achieve status or fame.

With his book The Sigma Male: What Women Really Want, author John Alexander may have stoked even more envy.

sigma male

17 Strong Characteristics of the Sigma Male

Sigma males differ from other male archetypes in that they have peculiar traits. Some of their characteristics might surprise you, or you might even recognize them in you or anyone you know.

1. Being independent

The so-called introverted alpha male is independent as well as self-sufficient. He doesn’t rely on others because he feels independent, which could be harmful. But he goes above and beyond to give himself everything he wants and needs.

He most certainly isn’t a “scrub,” as the TLC song “No Scrubs” from the US Billboard Hot 100 portrays.

That dude who appears cool but still resides with his mother and is dependent on women for his financial support.

The sigma archetype equips himself with the means to carry out his visions and goals in life. He doesn’t require admirers or backers to encourage him. He mostly relies on his ingrained survival skills rather than other people.

2. Quiet

Do you have a quiet, silent partner? He might be a sigma male, who prefers to withdraw into a quiet setting. In fact, he values it and needs it to heal and rebalance himself on a physical and mental level.

He is also referred to as the “strong, silent type” because he uses a lot of his alone time to reflect and deliberate before making important decisions.

This particular quality of his frequently gets mistaken for being boring.

Although he probably has a man cave where he hides out, the man is able to find peace wherever he is because he has the ability to access inner peace.

3. Mysterious

The lone wolf has a peculiar quality that attracts women quite well. We simply are unable to identify it. Aha! He exudes a mystique and charisma that is palpable.

The aspect of his enigmatic personality that makes him more attractive is that he is not difficult to read, he is just not that transparent.

You might anticipate that his enigmatic personality would turn women off. Instead, they become intrigued by the behavior. It might take a little more effort to peel back all of his layers if you’re trying to categorize this guy.

4. Lone Wolf

Running in a pack is the polar opposite of the lone wolf’s personality. He is compared to a wolf who deviates from the pack in order to live independently.

This does not imply that he is anti-social, as some have claimed. It simply means that he is self-sufficient and doesn’t rely on others for their basic needs.

These lone wolves are adapted to taking care of themselves and paving their own path,. If he wants something, then he won’t hesitate to go and get it

5. A free thinker

A free thinker is someone who “forms opinions on the basis of reason independently of authority,” according to Webster. Sigma men are thought of as being deep, independent thinkers.

They focus on the small things, not necessarily to overanalyze, but rather to gain a deeper understanding.

When you think they’ll adopt society’s viewpoints on issues like politics, gender, or justice, they’ll surprise you with an original viewpoint. Their attitude of non-conformity is in line with this.

The man can live happily and successfully by himself. His isolation during a pandemic does not cause him to spiral into depression. His trademark is solitude, and he is content and at ease in it.

He frequently isolates himself from social interactions, which gives him time to plan how to be more successful.

6. Individuality

In addition to flying alone, this alpha male is also self-reliant. Relying on others requires too much time, effort, and stress in the hopes that they will complete the task correctly.

By handling things on his own, he can avoid stressors and gain confidence in his performance.

He is misunderstood as someone who believes he has everything under control and doesn’t require anyone else.

Sigma males appreciate help from their families, friends, and romantic partners, but they don’t like the idea of relying on them to take care of their physical or emotional needs.

7. Self-assured

Another one of his trademarks is silence, but this doesn’t mean he’s coy or feeble. Males with a sigma personality are described as being silent but strong, seductive, and self-assured by those who interact with them.

He demonstrates self-assurance by rebelling against the social order that tries to constrain him.

Masculinity, also known as manliness or manhood, is a group of traits, typical actions, and anticipated roles that are connected to men and boys.

 8. A real leader

Without a pack, the alpha male is regarded as the true leader. He is not a leader like his alpha rival, who gains his sense of respect and self-worth by dominating and dictating to others.

Sigma males are deep thinkers who pique the interest of others with their charisma and clever line of reasoning. As a result, people stop to listen to them and then naturally follow.

sigma male

Additionally, they are able to treat employees fairly and justly thanks to their emotional intelligence and empathy. Employees feel valued under their balanced leadership style, which encourages action out of willingness rather than fear.

The lone wolf sets out on his own to forge his own path because he is confident in himself. He believes he can succeed and perform well without having to follow the norms and expectations of society.

Many women find self-confidence in a man to be extremely attractive, not control or dominance.

 9. Lover of Freedom

If the guy you’re dating values solitude and exhibits several more of these traits, he may have the sigma personality. Space is healthy in a relationship, but this man’s partner may find his need for time away from everything frustrating.

He may decide against a traditional job in favor of self-employment, so don’t be shocked. He can do whatever he wants without having to answer to anyone, which is something that sigma men also dislike.

He can travel the world and learn more about topics like international politics and culture thanks to his physical freedom.

His need for freedom makes clingy women a bad match for him as a partner. She’ll likely continue to feel anxious and abandoned if she doesn’t.

10. They set trends

Because they create trends rather than adopting them, these guys stand out from the crowd. Their choice of attire, charm, and demeanor all scream “authenticity.”

The tendency to set trends is consistent with the idea that these people detest rules and regulations.

A man made of this stuff can be dangerous if he hasn’t yet attained the emotional maturity to know when rebellion has gone too far. He isn’t exactly a bad boy who deliberately breaks the law.

He enjoys challenging laws and ordinances to see if they are appropriate, equitable, or just. He can change oppressive laws and policies in the workplace or community by having this mindset.

11. Adaptable

Sigma males value flexibility, or the capacity to quickly adapt to change. They can work well with people of various personality types and adapt to various situations and environments.

Even though they don’t rely on teams or groups to succeed or receive recognition, they have no trouble working as a team.

They are also effective collaborators, bosses, and leaders due to their adaptability.

If there is a sigma male in your family social circle, you might notice that instead of giving in to change’s discomfort, they continue to change and stay current.

12. Disobedient

Quiet but disobedient? How is that even feasible? Perhaps you are not surprised by this.

You read earlier that he rejects social stratification and instead prefers to follow his own compass.That’s a polite way of saying that he is disobedient.

Although the label “rebellious” carries a bad connotation, it’s okay if the person disobeys social conventions and still succeeds, for example, as an industrialist or innovator. The goal outweighs the means.

One of his success strategies may be to challenge the established order. He needs to be able to think creatively outside the box in order to innovate successfully.

He must be willing to test theories that others wouldn’t think of. Going against the norm is a way for him to express his freedom and makes it clear that he doesn’t care about being accepted.

13. Sincere 

Sigma personalities don’t hesitate to introduce themselves as they really are. They don’t feel the need to put on a mask to cover up undesirable traits in order to attract people or romantic partners.

They are essentially the same person whether they are with you or away if you could be a fly on the wall.

You’ll need to spend some time doing research to learn everything there is to know about these guys because they exude an air of mystery. You might suspect the silent alpha is keeping something from you if you’re dating him.

Don’t say anything that will give him the impression that you don’t believe in him. Even though he won’t express it, he will be upset. Grant him time, once he fully trusts you, he’ll unveil himself to you.

14. Emotionally astute

The affable and independent man does appear to have emotional intelligence. This indicates that he exhibits empathy and a strong sense of self-awareness.

He is able to recognize and control his emotions thanks to self-awareness. He gains the ability to alter harmful habits that harm his relationships and well-being.

He makes a good friend, partner, and employee because of his capacity for self-evaluation and self-correction.

The manosphere believes that the high level of awareness observed in sigma males may be related to spending a lot of time alone reflecting and introspecting.

15. Safeguard

Contrary to the insecure beta men, men with sigma inclinations come across as secure as well as self-confident. Furthermore, unlike many alpha males, his confident self-image is not exaggerated. The source of it is also internal rather than external.

Men’s ability to feel secure stems in large part from their ability to form secure attachments with their primary caregivers as children.

Being assertive, open, honest, emotionally available, and having a healthy sense of self-worth are some examples of secure traits.

Secure men respect boundaries, don’t manipulate women, and don’t have a problem committing.

sigma male characteristics

16. A careful listener

Male alphas rely on their social networks to feel significant and gain respect. He will likely persistently seek approval from friends and loved ones if he has narcissistic tendencies.

Not solitary wolves They don’t look for approval, need approval from others, or rely on compliments to boost their ego.

A lost art is attentive listening. Some people are constantly talking and hardly ever stop to listen to what others are saying.

Consider the narcissist, who is infamous for dominating conversations and making everything about them.

17. Validates oneself

They do value compliments and praise, but they are not the type to draw attention to their successes in an effort to be noticed. Instead, they look within and validate themselves. When faced with stress and difficulties in life, they can also soothe themselves.

Building oneself up is related to being independent, self-sufficient, and self-reliant. love of freedom

If the guy you’re dating values solitude and exhibits several more of these traits, he may have the sigma personality.

Space is healthy in a relationship, but this man’s partner may find his need for time away from everything frustrating.

He may decide against a traditional job in favour of self-employment, so don’t be shocked. He can do whatever he wants without having to answer to anyone, which is something that sigma men also dislike.

Physical freedom allows him to travel the world and expand his knowledge on things like transnational culture and politics.

Because of his need-for-freedom tendency, he’s best partnered with women who aren’t clingy. Otherwise, she’ll probably keep feeling anxious and abandoned.

Males in the Sigma fraternity will actually hear you out. They make for the perfect conversation partners, according to some experts. It also exemplifies respectful listening and empathy.

Well-known Sigma Males

Even though you may not hear much about this particular type of man, he exists everywhere, and some of him are even well-known, such as:

‣ Leonardo Da Vinci

Keanu Reeves

Elon Musk

‣ Steve Jobs

‣ James Dean

‣ Muhammad Ali

‣ David Bowie

John wick

‣ Harry Styles

Conclusion on the Characteristics of a Sigma Male

If you find out you’re a male sigma, embrace your sigma male nature! Do you date one? Respect him! He’s hard to catch because he doesn’t like to show his emotions. Do you want to become a sigma male?

Start your journey by developing the characteristics of this endearing, enigmatic, self-assured, uncomplicated, and emotionally astute guy.

Read this article to find out more about emotional intelligence and the 6 Benefits of Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence.

You won’t regret it! Or better still, embrace yours and get to know how you can improve and be a better person.

Hope you found this article interesting. If yes, please do well to hit the like and share button!

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