How to Create a Yandex Email Account

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This tutorial involves step by step guide about registering an account with Yandex email at website. You only have to pay attention to every listed detail to know more. 

How to Sign-Up for Yandex.Mail Account

Yandex Mail is an email service provided by Yandex, a Russian corporate giant involved in multiple electronic businesses. It lets users have a Yandex e-mail ( which is a service for e-mail creating and managing

Yandex Mail gives users a tremendous amount of space where everything can be stored including mail and attachments. 

On the other hand, the service not only prevents spamming but also provides virus scan and encryption systems for the security and privacy of the private mail of the users. 

Yandex Mail is a free correspondence service, herewith, users can use the service by adding their Yandex account on the mail page.

The process of opening a Yandex email account is user-friendly and requires minimal effort from you. Follow these steps:

1. Browse to the Yandex. Mail the website by clicking on your web browser and typing the address in the address bar.

2. Click on the “Sign up” or “Create Account” link to begin the process of registration. Then, fill in your name, indicated email address, and password in the provided box.

3. To make sure that only they are recognized as the users, Yandex may require phone verification. Enter your phone number and instructions for verifying it will be sent to you by SMS

4. Finish any captcha or verification process and agree with the requirements shown in the terms and privacy policy of Yandex to be entered.

5. There is either a “Create Account” or “Sign Up” button where you can provide all the required details.

6. After signing up, you will get an email to register, and once the registration is completed you can use your email address and password to log in to your Yandex mailbox.

After following the listed steps, you can then personalize your account settings, e.g. language choices, profile pic, and multiple signatures to your taste. 

Is Yandex Email Free?

Of course, Yandex email is simple to use and it will not cost you a penny. For users, creating a Yandex email address for free and using a number of features.

This has to do with email sending and receiving, attachments, spam control, and email management toolsets, which are very accessible. 

Besides the Yandex email service, there is also a Yandex. Disk cloud storage service where the files and documents connected to the specific email account can be stored and kept online. 

Even though Yandex has plenty of paid options for subscribers and additional features such as a bigger inbox, better security, and an ad-free experience through its subscriptions, the basic email is still free for all users. 

This gives a Yandex email a form of a comforting and readily available note card for individuals and business establishments in need of a swift and no-cost email solution with basic functionality.

Can I Register for Yandex Without a Phone?

Can I Register for Yandex Without a Phone?

No, as for now, Yandex phone verification happens during the registration time. The phone number verification code will be sent to you via SMS. 

You will have to fill in your mobile number as a valid one when creating a new account with Yandex. This stage is important for account protection and, of course, for the detection of fake accounts. 

When you enter the code in the field on the screen after identifying yourself by means of a call to your phone, you can complete the registration process and will have access to your Yandex email account. 

In case you don’t have a mobile device or it doesn’t suit you to use a phone number for verification, you should study the email services list that doesn’t need to verify phone numbers. 

Yet, remember that email providers often follow this KYC measure to ensure account security and to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the email accounts.


In order to open a Yandex email account, you must go to the website that is Yandex.Mail. Click on “Create Account” then enter your information, like the name, email address of your choosing, and a strong password. 

Meet your login on the phone number to ensure safety, complete any captcha tasks and submit. Then, use your account with the email and password you have chosen to access it, set your contacts, and start sending and receiving emails, managing your contacts and Yandex cloud.

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