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Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

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– Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me –

Here are some blatant and obvious indications that your wife is no longer attracted to you, despite how awful it stings to say it.

Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

Being married to a person who thinks you are attractive is one of the nicest emotions in the world.

However, if it’s been a while and you’ve begun to suspect that your wife no longer finds you attractive, it can lead to uncertainty, anxiety, and even melancholy.

If you are suspicious that your wife is not attracted to you anymore, many signs can give you an idea of where you stand.

Some of these warning signs may be very visible, while others may be fairly subtle.

But when you combine all of these indicators, you’ll have a very good indication of how you and your wife are doing.


Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

Here are signs that your wife is no longer attracted to you

1. She won’t Touch You

Physical closeness includes kisses, hugs, and caresses in addition to sex. Does she ever snuggle on the couch or sit close to you?

If not, it’s because she doesn’t want to be close to you. Women are drawn to their husbands because they want to be kissed, held, and personal.

Although they don’t necessarily want to have sex with their husbands every day, they do enjoy being close.

When you try to kiss or embrace your wife, she may push you away and may not want to be intimate with you very often if she no longer finds you attractive.

2. Everything Bugs Her

The fact that your wife finds everything you do annoying, is another sign that she no longer finds you appealing.

She dislikes your mannerisms the way you dress, the way you eat, the way you laugh, and even the way you slice your vegetables and she also dislikes your chuckle.

She appears to take offense to everything you do. Either she tells you or her body language makes it clear.

She is very terse when speaking to you. She responds to your questions with a single word and either acts coldly or is completely disinterested in you. It seems impossible for you to accomplish anything.

3. She Doesn’t Value Your Opinion

Signs My Wife is Not Attracted to Me

Your viewpoint used to be the one that she valued the most. But now her new acquaintances, colleagues, or even her boss are progressively eroding your standing.

She no longer values your opinion the way you or she once did. This is a worrying indication and can even point to a failed romance.

If your wife doesn’t appreciate her partner’s opinion, it simply signifies that she no longer finds you attractive.

She would consider you to be innovative in this circumstance if you came up with a new plan of action, a fresh point of view, or picked up a fresh skill.


4. She no Longer Makes an Effort with Her Appearance

A lady who is drawn to you will take steps to entice her husband, such as dressing beautifully and applying makeup.

Your wife may no longer find you attractive if she used to be a fashionista and is now content to spend days in the same pair of sweats.

People frequently put more effort into their appearance at the start of a relationship because they want their spouse to find them beautiful.

Your wife isn’t attempting to impress you or catch your attention if she doesn’t seem to care about her appearance when she’s with you anymore.

5. She has Become Disrespectful

Mutual respect should be the cornerstone of every relationship. When you truly care about someone, you don’t want to treat them disrespectfully since you are aware of the harm it could do.

It is a very excellent indication of respect to consider you while making future plans and to speak with you on any crucial issues.

After you do anything kind for them, a simple “thank you” shows that they value your assistance and don’t take it for granted.

There shouldn’t be any secrets between spouses in a happy and successful marriage.


You can see for yourself signs that your wife is no longer attracted to you. Fight for your love and get your wife back. What’s your take on this? Drop your comment in the comment section below!

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