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Singapore Visa 2022 Application Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

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– Singapore Visa Application –

Singapore Visa Application: Would you like to go on a vacation, visit a friend, or close a business deal in Singapore? Start by learning how to apply for a Singapore tourist, visit, or business visa in Nigeria. 

Singapore Visa Application

In this article, my main emphasis is on the Singapore Visa from Nigeria.

Nigerians in Singapore

Nigerians enjoy the goodwill of the Singaporean people. And a pocket of Nigerians makes up a fledgling Nigerian community in Singapore.

While some Nigerians have misrepresented Nigeria in Singapore, many are excelling. So, remember when visiting, to adhere to rules and regulations, and then steer clear of crimes and misdemeanor.

How to Secure Singapore Tourist Visa from Nigeria

To apply for a Singapore tourist visa in Nigeria and get this visa, you need to first qualify for it financially. Then you can visit the Singaporean Embassy in Nigeria for application submission.

Another important thing when applying for a Singapore tourist visa in Nigeria is the supporting documents.

The consular officer uses the documents to measure your qualification. Since these documents show your financial strength, health status, social ties, character strength, and so on.

Therefore, you must always take your documents seriously when applying for a Singapore visa.

How to Book Appointment for Singapore Tourist, Visit or Business Visa in Nigeria

There is no need for booking an appointment when applying for a Singapore visa in Nigeria. You have the liberty to visit the embassy and submit your application whenever it is convenient.


The Required Documents for Singapore Tourist Visa in Nigeria

The following are the documents for the Singapore visa application in Nigeria. However, the embassy may request for additional documents during your application:

1. Singapore Visa Application Form

The Singapore visa application is available online for download.  You should print out after download and fill completely with a capital letter and black ink.

 2. Hotel Reservation

The Singaporean immigration authorities request for proof of valid/verifiable hotel reservation from every applicant.

3. Flight Reservation

You should present a document of flight reservation. The embassy of Singapore is interested in your transportation plans for visiting and leaving Singapore.

4. Bank Statement

Your bank statement shows your earnings and financial strength. The embassy is highly concerned about this.

Your financial documents help reassure the authorities that you are well-established in Nigeria. And have no reasons to overstay abroad.

You may present your personal statement of account or that of your sponsor (if you are underage).

5. Introduction Letter from Employer

Letter from your employer attests to your career and employment status. Consular officers pay attention to documents showing where you work and what you do.

This letter must state that your employer is aware of your impending trip to Singapore and you would be on leave during that period. However, you may present a letter from your staff if you own your company.

7. Company Registration Documents

You should add this if you own your company.

7. Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate confirms that you have social ties with Nigeria. Submitting a copy of this will help improve your chances of getting your visa.


8. Birth Certificate of Children

Like the marriage certificate, submitting a copy of your children’s birth certificate also improves your chances of getting a visa.

9. Invitation Letter from Host

If you are visiting Singapore for business or visit, you need a letter from a host in Singapore. They should mention your purpose of visit and your duration of stay in the letter. However, you do not need this letter if you are visiting for a vacation.

Singapore General Visa Requirements

1) International passport valid for 6 months,

2) One recent passport photograph,

i. The picture must be 3.5cms x4.5cm and be border-less.

ii. You must look directly at the camera and your eyes wide open.

iii. The size of your face in the photo should be measure between 2.5cm to3.5cm.

iv. From the top of your head to your chin and shoulder be in the center of the photo.

v. And the top of your shoulder must be visible in the photo

3) Clear photocopy of the passport bio-data page

4) Letter from your employer stating that a leave of absence has been granted, the purpose of visit, arrival & departure dates if on a business trip, a copy of your certificate of the corporation is required.

5) Letter of incorporation if you own the company

6) 6 months Bank statement

7) Reference letter from the bank

8) Self letter of introduction (stating the purpose of visit, arrival and departure dates, Home address)

9) I. D card


How to Apply for Singapore Tourist, Visit, or Business Visa in Nigeria

Singapore visa application in Nigeria is easy. But you must submit all required documents for the application. Here are the steps below:

1. Gather Your Documents

2. Submit Your Documents at the Embassy

After you have successfully compiled the supporting documents, you can visit the Embassy of Singapore for application submission. You should take along your visa fee and be prepared to pay in cash.

3. Collect Your Passport

The embassy will alert you once your passport is ready for pickup.

If you have not taken a visa eligibility test, I’ll advise you to take the test now in order to properly plan your application. With all these ready, your Singapore visa is secured.

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