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Spectranet Nigeria Login | How to Login to Spectranet Nigeria Self-Care Account

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– Spectranet Nigeria Login –

Spectranet Nigeria Login: Spectranet is a 4G LTE broadband Internet service in Nigeria which offers cable and wireless broadband services to residential customers.

Spectranet Nigeria Login | How to Login to Spectranet Nigeria Self-Care Account

Spectranet has a self-care portal where customers can login to their spectranet account by with their User ID and Password.

With the self-care portal, you can make payments, find details and any information about spectranet.

The self-care portal is https://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng,

If you do not remember your password then use the “Forgot Password” or “Retrieve Your Password feature on the portal”



If you could remember the first generation of wireless standard was just analog with time, we slowly progressed to 2G Digital which is more advanced in all round compared to analog.

In fact, the Digital wireless network was known as the 2G network. It was during this time that Java phones dominated the mobile telecom market and there was a lot of fuss about it.

Right now we now have the 3G wireless mobile telecommunications technology which is a multimedia broadband.

Hence we could say that the 3G wireless network which is a little upgrade from the 2G network is still in use today because it is not only fast but it’s reliable with video call, voice call for data and above all mobile TV.

More Details

4G network is relatively new, it was first introduced in 2008. If you want to experience high-definition mobile TV, 3D television and video conferencing you talk about 4G.

The best service provider that is reliable and affordable in terms of 4G today is Spectranet.

The only drawback with this service provider is that their services and coverage is not widely spread as it only confined them in the big cities and town such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Abuja.


Advantage of SPECTRANET 4G-LTE

4G-LTE comes with a lot of benefits that is second to non in Nigeria as at today; although there is a 5G  network right now but that is not available here in Nigeria at the moment.

1. With SPECTRANET 4G-LTE network you will experience a fast upload and download that is second to know. You don’t need to wait for hours just to complete a single download or upload no matter how large.

2. SPECTRANET 4G-LTE data is designed for heavy internet users who consume a lot of bandwidths daily.

3. SPECTRANET 4G-LTE will handle all your conferencing videos flawlessly with no hitch

Spectranet Coverage in Nigeria

1. Abuja

2. Ibadan

3. Lagos

4. Port Harcourt

SPECTRANET Devices /Modem price list

Spectranet Freedom MiFi₦ 16000
Spectranet Pebble MiFi₦ 20000
Spectranet Portable MiFi₦ 25000
Spectranet TOZ Indoor CPE₦ 25000
Spectranet Indoor WiFi.35000
Spectranet Outdoor Modem70000
Spectranet Portable MiFi Premium35000

1. Spectranet Outdoor Modem: Spectranet Outdoor Modem supports high and reliable signal strength

2. Spectranet Portable MiFi: This is best for offices, home, public places

3. Spectranet Indoor Wi-Fi: if you want to experience fast internet connection in your Linux, MAC, Windows, and Android then get this.


FAQs on Spectranet Nigeria Login

Below are the frequently asked questions on Spectranet Nigeria Login

1. How do I check my Nigerian Spectranet balance?

Log in to your account. You should use the user ID and password provided to you by Spectranet when you purchased its modem or device.
Once you access your account, you will see your personal dashboard.
Get down to the option that states ‘data balance.

2. hat is Spectranet customer care number?


3. Does Spectranet have SIM card?

Yes it does

4. Does Spectranet work in lugbe?


5. Which is better Spectranet or smile?

In a speed test conducted using the Ookla speed test app at Ikeja in Lagos State, Spectranet 4g-LTE recorded a higher download speed of 11 mbps compared to swift 4g-LTE’s 8.9 mbps and Smile Network’s 8.2 mbps.

6. Does Spectranet work in Ogun State?


7. Is Spectranet working in Kano?


8. Does Spectranet work in Oyo?


9. Is Spectranet good in Abuja?

It is very fast and efficient in Abuja

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