23 Printable Spring Coloring Pages for Adults & Kids

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Naturally, kids love to paint, and even adults love to paint whenever they’re free. If you’re looking for an activity to keep your kids busy, then you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled these spring coloring activity pages for you, which can be printed at your convenience.

spring coloring pages

1. Welcome Spring

Spring is a time of rebirth as the natural world wakes up and revives after going dormant in the winter months.

In spring, our days start getting longer, flowers bloom, and warmer weather allows us to enjoy the outdoors more.

spring coloring sheets

2. For many, spring is the first time in several months when sunny rays break through a gray sky. Going outside and feeling the sun’s rays on your skin feels good, especially if you’ve endured harsh winter conditions.

Spending time in the sun doesn’t just feel good physically; it also has many health benefits.

The sun’s rays help our bodies produce vitamin D, improve sleep patterns, and produce serotonin in the brain, which can boost our emotional well-being — but remember your sunscreen!

spring coloring pages for kids

3. Hearing the happy chirps of birds or catching the first glimpse of your local wildlife are certainly reasons to love spring.

Not only that, but spring is the season when many animals reproduce.

4. One of the best parts of spring is that beautiful flowers begin to bloom again. It’s wildflower season in many places, with hills and canyons dotted with bright florals.

It’s also cherry blossom season, and it’s a joy to experience the beauty of those delicate pink flowers in full bloom.

Of course, flowers are more than just pretty and nice-smelling. They also nourish bees and birds and are important to the ecosystem.

free printable spring coloring pages

5. Pets grown extra thick fur to keep themselves warm during the winter. As messy as it can be when pets shed their winter coats, they are lighter and more full of life.

6. With warm weather comes warm air. Open your windows to allow the breeze to refresh your home.

free printable spring coloring pages

7. The white flowers of blackthorn are one of the first blossoms every year – they appear even before the shrub has leaves!

Pink blossoms like cherry and apple follow shortly after, and pinkish-white hawthorn blossom in May.

spring trees

8. It’s amazing what a little sunlight, moisture, and warm soil can do for plants and grass.

Plants convert sunlight into energy and produce the pigment chlorophyll, which turns them green.

It’s not just nice to look at—a 2012 study found that people who saw green before a challenge came up with more creative solutions. Spring’s green plant life will hopefully do the same!

love spring

9. The start of spring also sees the return of many other insects. Check out beautiful butterflies and check the ground for scurrying beetles.

10. Some flowers come back in the spring without having to be replanted. These are called perennials.

Sunny spring

11. Days begin to get longer in spring because the Earth tilts toward the sun.

Whether you wander between the trees in a forest, sit under them in a park, or admire the ones outside your own window, trees are a wonder to behold at any time of year.

Trees go dormant in winter and lose their leaves. Then in spring, you’ll notice new growth on the trees around you, signalling the change in season. 

spring flowers

12. Spring is often associated with the start of the pollen season. However, some pollen types can release as early as January.

13. The first day of spring, the vernal equinox, has 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.

baby animals

14. Spring is an amazing time for animals all over the world. Not only are they waking up from their long winter sleep, but they might also be born.

15. Annual flowers need to be planted every spring.

spring color page

16. Rain, snow and storms, oh my! The weather in spring can vary with the changing of the season.

spring butterfly

17. Spring is a busy time for parents in the animal kingdom – particularly for birds!

Spotting a bird’s nest is a true sign of spring, but they can be tricky to see, as many birds carefully conceal their nests to keep their chicks safe from predators.

18. When spring is close, Blossom trees (and the fruit that falls from them, after the blossom ends) are an important habitat and food source for lots of other animals.

Bees, caterpillars, blackbirds, and even mammals like voles and badgers, all rely on these trees for food and shelter.

spring sun

19. When spring comes, increasing temperatures mean that snow and ice will no longer plague your commute or lawn.

spring coloring pages

20. Snowdrops are one of the very first signs of spring. These delicate flowers emerge in the depths of winter, as early as the 1st of January.

spring coloring pages

21. Many frogs and toads hibernate during the winter, but by the time spring comes around, they’re awake and raring to go.

22. Spring is when plants and animals come back to life, which is why it is known for rebirth or rejuvenation.

23. New flowers to smell, trees are getting green and baby animals are everywhere. Spring is a magical time that means more sun and summer fun is coming.


Remember that all these spring coloring pages are free and can easily be printed from your home. This will helps keep the kids busy, instead of playing wildly.

It can also help intellectually, helping you see the aesthetics in nature, too. You can always paint our coloring pages as part of your hobbies.

We hope you found these useful. If yes. please do well to hit the like and share button!

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