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T-Mobile net worth is a significant metric used to assess the financial health and value of the company. As one of the major players in the telecommunications industry, the net worth reflects its market position, and financial stability, making it a crucial indicator for investors and stakeholders.

T Mobile Net Worth

Tmobile’s CEO

Michael Sievert, an American corporate leader, presently holds the positions of president and CEO of T-Mobile US, in addition to serving on the company’s board of directors.

In November 2019, T-Mobile declared that Sievert would be appointed as CEO in May 2020, succeeding John Legere, who was then the chief operating officer (COO).

However, Sievert took over the role a month ahead of schedule, on April 1, 2020, which coincided with the closing of T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint.

T-Mobile CEO AND Executives

To summarize, our research conducted by the data team reveals that Mike Sievert is the CEO of T-Mobile, a company that boasts a workforce of 75,000 individuals, with 70 individuals serving in leadership roles.

Below are additional noteworthy demographics about the T-Mobile leadership team:

1. The executive team of T-Mobile comprises 34% females and 66% males.

2. White individuals account for 67% of the management team.

3. The management team of T-Mobile is made up of 10% Hispanic or Latino individuals and 10% Black or African American individuals.


T-Mobile US Inc. Historical Enterprise Value Data

Data for this Date Range
March 13, 2023237.84B
March 10, 2023237.57B
March 09, 2023239.50B
March 08, 2023 242.04B
March 07, 2023 241.67B
March 06, 2023242.70B
March 03, 2023240.48B
March 02, 2023  239.57B
March 01, 2023  239.74B
February 28, 2023240.84B
February 27, 2023240.84B
February 24, 2023240.84B
February 23, 2023243.84B
February 22, 2023243.84B
February 21, 2023243.84B
February 17, 2023245.84B
February 16, 2023245.84B
February 15, 2023245.84B
February 14, 2023246.84B
February 13, 2023246.84B
February 10, 2023247.84B
February 09, 2023247.84B
February 08, 2023247.84B
February 07, 2023248.84B
February 06, 2023248.84B
February 03, 2023248.84B
February 02, 2023248.84B
February 01, 2023249.84B
January 31, 2023251.84B
January 30, 2023251.84B
January 27, 2023250.84B
January 26, 2023251.84B
January 25, 2023250.84B
January 24, 2023248.84B
January 23, 2023240.84B
January 20, 2023250.84B
January 19, 2023250.84B
January 18, 2023245.84B
January 17, 2023247.84B
January 13, 2023249.84B
January 12, 2023237.84B
January 11, 2023247.84B
January 10, 2023247.84B
January 09, 2023248.84B
January 06, 2023247.84B
January 05, 2023246.84B
January 04, 2023240.84B
January 03, 2023245.84B
December 31, 2022245.84B

T-Mobile’s Net worth

T-Mobile US net worth as of March 2023, is  $170.12B.

T-Mobile’s Network

T-Mobile possesses licenses to operate a cellular communications network across several frequency bands, including 1900 MHz (PCS) and 1700 MHz (AWS), offering coverage in numerous areas within the contiguous United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The company has also obtained licenses for the 700 MHz band (block A mostly) that are accessible in specific regions of the country.

Additionally, in 2017, T-Mobile secured a nationwide license for the 600 MHz frequency, which it plans to utilize gradually in the coming years as television stations vacate the spectrum.

Regarding technology, T-Mobile deploys GSM, UMTS/HSPA+, and/or LTE (Band 2 and 25) on the 1900 MHz band, while on the 1700 MHz band, it deploys UMTS/HSPA+ and/or LTE (B4 and B66).

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