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Thank You Letter Formats, Templates and Reviews 2022 Update

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Thank You Letter Formats

“We lose the precious sense that an end is only a beginning in disguise.” Did you know that using the perfect thank you letter format can land you that job on the spot? Indeed structured closures are a tool for positive outcomes in recent times where “Information is passive”.
Thank You Letter After an Interview

Creative writing holds the power of persuasion, and eloquence, its signet. Smooth-talking, a leadership maneuver when the odds are against you;

something we call “diplomacy”- the expertise to tell someone to go to hell that he looks forward to it. See, the same principle!

Writing the perfect thank you letter after an interview requires no specific skill, just mastery of these few rules listed below.

Before we proceed to list the rules, it’s necessary to know what a thank you letter really is.

The Philosophy of An After – Interview Thank You

Thank You Letter After Interview

Formal letters are not very descriptive of our emotions. The “thank you” culture is more dominant in an informal sphere where gratitude must be noticed.

The formal environment perceives it more as an illocutionary gesture. 

Thank you does not always come to mind, especially after a bad interview. Such negligence is an appeal of the normative judgment- you’ve got to mean it.

Many assume faking it to sound polite. After all “you fake it until you make it” right?

However, saying thank you is counterintuitive to the judgment that goes with it. It doesn’t necessarily have to imply gratitude, in this context, think of it as showing respect for the position. 

We all know how depressing “thank you for the tough interview” sounds. Show your respect, that’s all! You skipped hell when you just meant “I respect your position”.

You really don’t have to lie- thank you for showing me hell at that interview today! Firstly let’s get into the guidelines for effective communication.

Guidelines for Writing A Thank You Letter


There are general rules for effective communication, moreso, specific tick-boxes to check. Every machine comes with a manual, every country has its constituency; you can’t ignore the importance of rules.

The following thank you letter after interview guidelines will guide you into the heart of your interviewer- if adhered to:

1. Be Prompt!

Be Prompt to Write a Thank You Letter After an Interview

Thank you after interview letters should be written the same day of the interview. How would it feel to take a friend for a treat only to receive a thank you a few weeks after half your salary was spent on his drinking habits?

Keep track of time and be aware of the company’s closing time. Allow 30 minutes for a drive back home, 30 more minutes to settle in. Give an extra 15 minutes then, here’s your moment to send in that well-written after interview thank you letter.

Indeed “time is wealth”. Ensure to send a thank you letter before the day is over, time is of the essence.


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2. Be Concise

Be Brief

Long pointless letters can be provoking.  You want to appease the interviewer not provoke him. It’s like your regular light bill or the unwanted mortgage bill, no one wants it, but when it comes, eyes go for the highlights.

Thank you letters are unnecessary however, they can be appreciated if written effectively.

The interviewer has a number of applicants to interview, he doesn’t want to hear how simple and understanding he was, neither does he want bulky letters flirting with him.

Keep it short and simple! You have just one shot at capturing his attention and probably just an informal second, make it count!

3. Keep It Interesting

Chat Boxes- Thank You Letter After Interview

This does not encourage you to bring in irrelevant topics into your after-interview thank you letter. Again, be specific! Reference the discussions you had during the interview. Leave out all forms of vagueness.

You can include explaining how a specific area of discussion changed your thinking. Acknowledge your interviewer’s experience and knowledge on the subject.

He may probably have corrected you and explained why his idea was contrary to yours, where you know you are correct, try to establish a common ground.

4. Proofread and Edit

Proofreading image

Check for all wrong spellings and incorrect grammar. Punctuate properly. You want to impress your soon-to-be boss; you don’t need a full-stop when you have not gotten the job yet. Commas in short sentences should be your best friend. Your story does not end here!

5. Confirm Your Letter Format

Typewritten Letter

From the many existing fonts, pick any of the standard fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, or Verdana. Ensure that your font size is no larger than a 12 point size and no smaller than a 10. Your margins should be an inch margin and no wider than double-spaced lines.

Avoid using unconventional formatting styles like choosy colors, highlights, capitalization (use only for abbreviations). Emojis are very unprofessional unless you are applying for the position of a clown.

Also, if you are a Grecian goddess and you feel the need to show off the beauty of your writing, your handwritten letters should be legible and written in black ink.

Standard Interview Letter Format

You have may probably have heard of letter formats and their two categories – formal and informal letter formats. For the nature of this article seeking to address difficulties in a professional context, the formal category will be addressed. 

With the advancement of digital technology bridging communication and distance, emails, and chatboxes are the most preferred in current times, especially formal communications. 

The correct format for such a professional medium is as discussed below.


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Addressing an After Interview Thank You Letter

Addressing a Thank You Letter After Interview

As a reminder, the beauty of a letter lies in its structuring. A letter is addressed with the female/feminine gender pronoun because she can only be approachable for her on-sight beauty.

Who would want to hold a conversation with a disorganized-looking woman? Her unkempt hair would be a scare-man, then her poor choice of attire would be first noticed.

Here’s what you may already know of not:

The Sender’s Letter Address

Letter Addressing

Your address as the sender should come first and is to be placed at the top right-hand side of the page. The address should be detailed and accurate to provide enough information should there be any need to make contact.

The block format is mostly preferred to maintain uniformity.

As an example:

7 Queens Avenue, Blue Roof Estate,

P.M.B. 90010                                        

Olusegun Express, Port Harcourt,   

Rivers State.                                          

March 23, 2021                                    

[email protected]                   

+234 8011234567                                 

 The Recipient’s Address

Letter Format 2

The recipient/receiver’s address should be placed at the extreme left of the page just after the sender’s address.

Writing “To” depends on the writer’s choice of prepositions. But ensure you write as the first line, the official title, company/organization’s name, or the position the recipient occupies in the company

As an example;


The Branch Manager,

Zenith Bank,


Rivers State. 

Salutation of a Formal Letter

Dear Sir- Thank You Letter After Interview


where we couldn’t find a suitable image to represent the salutation in a formal letter, the informal “Dear Sir” had to be used. Actually, there’s no perfect salutation as a variety of common nouns exist.

The salutation should be written a few indents directly under the recipient’s address. Since it is a formal letter, do away with personal or endearing adjectives like in the picture above- Dear. General greeting formats are Sir, Madam, Mr. X, or Ms. Y (if you know the recipient by name).

Also, if you decide to go down the latter lane- addressing him/her by the name, do not address them only by their first name. Make sure to include their full name or use their last name only.

As an example;


Subject: Thank You Letter After Interview

      I thank you for finding time to read to the bottom of this article, and I want to assure you that the experience will be worthwhile. It has indeed been a wonderful experience communicating my knowledge and experience on this subject to you. Where also, you have taught me what it takes to entertain- yes! With a bag of chips and a full bottle of a smile during communication.

The Subject of a Formal Letter

Man Reading a Letter; enticed by Subect

Therefore, the subject of any formal letter is a one-line summary informing the purpose of the letter. It is centralized just after the salutation. It brings focus into what the reader is to expect.

Still using the feminine description of a letter, your subject should be appealing. The subject would greatly determine if your reader would follow you to the end of it is just another letter gone into the paper shredder. Summarize the purpose of your letter in one line.

As an example;

Assuming, you were thanking the interviewer for the interview, you could consider putting up a subject like:


Subject: Feedback and Appreciation for an Educative Interview

Catchy right?

She wouldn’t resist reading to know what knowledge she imparted within that 30 stand-still minutes of your life. Don’t forget to highlight the knowledge she holds- flattery is the most useful tool in persuasion.

The Body of The Letter

Writing a Thank You Letter After Interview

Someone will segment the body of the letter into two or three paragraphs. Each of these parts bears the content of the subject. The rules are to maintain a formal tone, with the first paragraph carrying a clear message of the purpose.

Be precise and don’t waste your reader’s time with irrelevance.

In the first paragraph, you are to address the purpose of appreciation, thanking the reader for taking the time off his/her clogged schedule to discuss matters needing an interview.

Highlight the effect such an interview had on you, how it increased the drive in admiration for the respected position. You can also feature in this paragraph any formal connection you made with the interviewer- as I said, formal!

However, the second paragraph explain how your experience and educational background aligns with key areas discussed during the interview. Don’t fail to include shared goals and methods to achieve these goals. 

The third paragraph is, however, your opportunity for a strong conclusion. Close strongly by showing gratitude, include anticipation for their response, and the need to contact you for any further details. Reference your contact information in the address above. 


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 Full After Interview Thank You Letter Examples


7 Queens Avenue, Blue Roof Estate,

P.M.B. 90010                                        

Olusegun Express, Port Harcourt,   

Rivers State.                                          

March 23, 2022                                    

[email protected]                   

+234 8011234567                                

 Address to Recipient


The Branch Manager,

Zenith Bank,


Rivers State.




Subject: Feedback and Appreciation After an Educative Interview.

     It was a pleasure to meet with you today. I appreciate you for taking out time to speak with me about the open customer service position at XYZ.

Also, it was really an enlightening experience to hear about the company’s 98% recuperation from the Covid-19 effect showing great promises for profitability.

During the interview, you asked me how I intend to contribute to the achievement of the company’s set goals and objectives, and I responded with an experience in my past commitment. However, I would like to share directional experiences and how it aligns with XYZ’s goals.

The company focuses on providing quality services to the aged in already established facilities. I have lived with my grandmother and her twin sister before her sister passed, and I very well understand the intricacies of taking care of caregiving to the fragile age. Although my services would be rendered from over-the-counter, I would still bear the responsibility of acting as the company’s voice if need be, and what better qualifications are there asides from true experience.

Paragraph 2 (Attaching a Credible Testimonial Link To Email)

Also, for the joy of doing it, I own a successful little blog that drives an approximate amount of 1million geo-traffic visitors, talking about old age and kindness. This project aligns with the company’s goals on quality and kind service to this gray-age bracket. 

Conclusion and re-emphasizing gratitude

I am very much delighted to be granted an interview opportunity with you, and I look forward to hearing from you on Monday next week as we discussed in our meeting. I am very much excited to be considered a prospect for this position and I am also very grateful for your time.

Yours Sincerely, 

Jeffery James

Example 2

Flat 7B Golden Gate Estate                           

Baxter Str, NY 123456                                    

(000) 123-1234                                                

[email protected]                   

August 19, 2021                                               


Ms. Janet Rufus
Vice President, Marketing
Clearify Corporation
2000 Bedford St.
NY 12345

Dear Ms. Parker:

       My sincere gratitude for making out time to interview me for the open Social Media Specialist position at the Clearify Corporation. It was an honor to meet you and the team, learning from you about the marketing program and the free tour around your office was the best part of it.

It was thrilling to be exposed to the potential the Social Media Specialist position holds. Indeed the past specialist left huge boots to be filled in. The incoming specialist will have to build a strong rebranded presence for the Corporation on all its social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

My experience extends from creating social media content to the management of those social media properties for both established and start-up organizations. In my portfolio, building and managed a network of 5K Facebook followers for Chymax Enterprises, ghostwriting content for Amalia Industries, and setting up other corporations digitally. 

My application for this position reflects my search for a dynamic yet full-time work environment. I am excited to be considered for this position even as I share in the company’s goal for digital growth and development.

However, if I can provide any additional information to help you with your decision-making process, please do well to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Shelby Harriet

Shorter Templates to Include in Emails

Template 3 for a Thank You Letter After Interview

The world has evolved and many people send emails nowadays in place of letters. Below are email letter templates that you can use in creating your own emails;

Template 1

However, there’s a quick way to build a short after-interview thank you letter. This thread of examples will feature both formal and informal addressing patterns. We list a few examples below. 

Hello Alex, (now this establishes a connection and sounds more comforting)

Thank you so much for chatting with me today. It was a delight to learn more about the marketing manager position and I feel very excited at the opportunity to join the management crew and assist this team to drive the desired engagement to your amazing content.

Also, I look forward to hearing from you as we discussed, and do well to contact me for any other information to smoothen the process.

All the best,

Template 2

Letter Writing with a Fountain Pen

Hi Tim,

Thank you so much for making out time to interview me earlier today. It was indeed an educative experience to find out more about the career trajectory at (company name) and to hear what it was like to be the 7th employee—very impressive!).

As a follow-up to our earlier conversation, I’ve attached a short deck I mocked up-just basic ideas for increasing renewals. I’ll be glad if this would prove a helpful resource and would be happy to discuss it further.

I can tell (insert company name) practices healthy work ethics, and it would thrill me to be part of its team. However, please contact it required me if extra information to aid the process.

Kind regards,
 Jr. Amos


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Template 3

Thank You Letter 3

Hello Ms. Jones,

Thank you for inviting me over to your office today. It was a wonderful experience to hear about (insert company name here)’ goals for streamlining (insert work description here) and how it would impact the innovation sphere. 

(Corporation’s name) seems like a wonderful place to work—and not just because you mentioned some incentives or those mouthwatering holidays! I share in the mission that drives the business and look forward to an opportunity to work with your team to implement those ideas I mentioned around (catchphrase).

Also, please let me know if I can assist with any other information to make easy the process.

Have a great weekend,
Tim Jones

Template 4

Subject Line: Thank You From (NAME)! | (JOB TITLE) Interview Candidate

Dear (Name),

Thank you again for taking out time to speak with me about the open (Job title) position and for providing new insights into the responsibilities and day-to-day duties involved.

Our conversation today was very productive in that it increased my interest in the role. I am positive (skills you discussed during the interview) would be beneficial to (company name) and her stated goals.

I will also be pleased if (specific project or work discussed in the interview) will contribute to the productivity of her objectives.

However, please reach out if you have additional questions for me! I look forward to having another conversation with you soon. 

Best regards,

(Contact info)

Template 5

Pen on Writing Paper

Subject Line: Thank You for (POSITION NAME) Interview | (NAME)

Hi (Name),

Also, it was a pleasure speaking with you again today about the (position). I loved hearing more about (project or goal discussed in the interview)—and can’t wait to potentially help your team on it! As always, please let me know if you have any questions or if I can send any additional information your way. 


(Contact Info)

What to Include in An After-Interview Thank You Letter

What to Attach in an After-Interview Letter

However, it is normal to get carried away when writing letters, but you would agree that not every thought goes into your letter. Sift out personal conversations, your future may depend on what is left. 

Earlier we had compared a letter to the female gender, let’s make it two steps further- let’s skip the usual courting habits. Knowing what to include in an after-interview thank you letter is like picking the right choices in your dream girl- the wife. 

It’s been established the following are the basic qualities you’ll look out for in a wife-to-be:

1. Beauty (Aesthetics)


No doubt every man gets excited when beauty crosses his path. He wants to hold a conversation, drown himself in such Heavenly artistry, he wants to know her thoughts and ensure he doesn’t pay rent to be in her mind.

Likewise, a letter, even more, a thank you letter with a clear subject. This would be your power of attraction- beauty!

I say it, “the handwriting of a man is a mirror reflecting his value”; for a handwritten letter, employ the services of a better craftsman if your handwriting wears dreadlocks. 

Whereas for emails, there are stylish fonts, but formal is beautiful too. Imagine a woman walks into a conference where men in suits are gathered, she has her own trimmed suit on- say a two-piece, her hair neatly packed behind her ears, with eyes reflecting the boldness of the letters V-I-R-T-U-E, what would be your reaction?

Formal fonts at the Times New Roman or Georgia are appealing also. The black font color is bold yet welcoming. Ensure to explore other font types and match them with the font sizes, you wouldn’t want to frighten your reader with a size 36 Georgia- imagine if that was a woman.

2. Well Dressed (Organization)

Well dressed woman

Where we had spoken of natural beauty in the paragraph before, organization is also important. Back to the metaphorical woman, I bet you wouldn’t respond to ‘hello’ from a woman with uncombed hair, and a color conflicting shabby attire.

Now imagine you were charged to court for a speeding ticket probably, and this woman was to represent you! Also, you may probably have heard she’s the best lawyer there is, but c’mon, the penalty of getting a speeding ticket wouldn’t be as bad as sitting next to her for the duration of that court session.

Think this through! You may as well demand the death penalty. If you don’t and you’re acquitted, it is commonly polite to go on a tea celebration with your lawyer. Yea, not with her dressed like that! I thought so too.

The same goes for letter organization, here are a few points to take note of in organization;

Keep your sentences short.

 4 sentences max. in a paragraph.

4 paragraphs in your letter.

 Avoid repetition.

Observe proper punctuation.

3. Speech Coordination

Communication in After-Interview Thank You Letter

Like our woman in the example, after she has checked the first two boxes, eloquence is another. She must be conversational, as all men would agree. Likewise, with your letter, the interviewer does not need another dull picture like the pile of application letters on his table.

The proper and coordinated letter will energize him to setting apart your application, saving the best for later.

Here are a few tips to assist you;

➜ Use agreeing thoughts.

➛ Do not break the flow in thoughts.

➜ Learn to summarize and establish salient points.

➛ Smooth transitioning from one paragraph to the next is comforting.

➜ Apply formal humor.

➛ It is not your place to ask questions. Do not include questions, rhetorical or direct!

➜ Incite your reader with a little appraisal.

➛ Invite your reader with your first thank you.

➜ In addition, remember to say thank you within and after the body of the text.

4. “Please Contact me,”

Feedback After-Interview Thank You Letter

As illustrated by the feminine encounter, it is very normal to want to meet again after your first meet. Society dictates you request her contact- a phone number, address, or a social media handle. Although these methods are for informal meetings, it can make them formal with a few rules.

Society dictates that man should establish contact. We expect the interviewer to call in this case. Good interviewers would contact you irrespective if you got the position. ]

Contacts could come in form of a phone call at work hours, a professional email, or a delegate- for those who prefer old school.

➜ To make a request for contact, always attach a “please”.

➛ Do not include any contact information in the body of your letter.

➜ Furthermore, reference all anticipated contacts to the address at the top right corner of your letter.

➛ Only include professional media handles like LinkedIn in your contact information above, unless the position you are applying for would demand your services on these media as a working tool.

5. In Anticipation of…

In anticipation of...

No man just leaves a beauty after a brief conversation and after getting all the information he needed. Some men would escort her to her destination. Some would politely request a date. Reader’s engagement is metered by the strength of your call-to-action (CTA).

In a polite way, “I look forward to hearing from you.” or “Thank you in anticipation of your response” are options you can choose from. 

The call-to-action is a necessary request, trust me, if it does not appeal to the interviewer’s office, it surely will appeal to his inner conscience.

Here are a few tips for you;

➛ Do not use a call-to-action (CTA) when you have not created that gratitudinal presence.

➜ Always remember to reference your contact information in your CTA.

The best part about sending in thank-you letters is, if you’ve never been polite, well, you can apply this make-up.

Meanwhile, after-interview thank-you letters give a 4-paragraph opportunity to expound or say what had skipped your mind during the interview.

Now that’s one way to be kind. Practice this kindness by sharing this post to those you hope will land that dream job- don’t worry, there’ll be chicken at thanksgiving!

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