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Top 10 Tips on How to Engage Communication While Traveling

Filed in Articles by on June 22, 2021

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How to Engage Communication While Traveling: You have decided to travel for some reason and you certainly want to fill in your time. The need to communicate is as human as can be and it is only normal that you want to communication when on the go whether it is meeting new persons or with old pals.


Top 10 Tips on How to Engage Communication While Traveling

You surely need tips on how to engage in communication while traveling for the personal effect, to get information about places and people and so much more. Throughout this article, that is what we would be treating.

1. Chat on Social Media

There are many social media platforms to reach out to people on and communicate. Even if you are traveling you can keep up with your family and friends and what they are up to on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Telegram and so much more and what’s more? At little or no cost to you

2. Learn the Language and Customs of the Locals

Learning to speak some words or sentences of the native language is very good. Words like “Hello”, “Good morning”, and “ Thanks a lot ” would help you get along with the local people at first.

That shouldn’t stop you from learning more sentences to help you better communicate with people around. When you learn how to speak some of the local words, people would most likely get more receptive of you and even draw closer which would spur either or everyone to start conversations with you, making your time more worthwhile.

Showing interest in the local culture, customs and language is a way of telling the people that you are genuinely interested in them and they would reward you by being open to you, starting conversations with you and being helpful where necessary.  

3. Initiate Conversations

Initiating conversations is a good way to communicate when traveling.

People are less likely to talk to strangers or might be too engrosses in themselves to actuallyconverse with you so why not break the ice by initiating it? A simple hello sometimes might be all you need to kick start a conversation while traveling. Be polite and courteous.

Once you do so, there’s a high possibility that they would be responsive and converse with you. Though I do not encourage spamming people’s posts and updates on social media, you can still use the platforms as a way of informing people of your whereabouts and can engage in multiple conversations at the same time.  

So to keep everyone updated, get into the routine of posting a couple of photos throughout the day and checking into your hostel once you arrive to a new destination.

This will save you having to send an “I’m here” message and also keep the “are you ok honey?” texts from ruining your good time.

Before you go abroad, though, make sure you educate your older family members on how Facebook works. Tell them that they might not see every single post that you publish, show them how to check your profile page, what a check-in means, and how to message you privately.

And, if you feel necessary, beg them not to comment with any “mom-type comments” on your posts. Yeah… you know what I’m talking about.

Let your friends know what you’ve up to with Snapchat and Instagram

If you seek to keep the folks at home informed on your escapades, Snapchat is perfect for that. Post videos and pictures all day long showing them what you’re up to and where you are.

You can also use Instagram to update your pictures with everyone at home, and if you’re someone who favours Facebook, you can set up your Instagram to post your new ‘grams to Facebook with just a tap on the Instagram app.

Easy and quick, so you can go back to your adventures while your family can see that you’re safe and sound.

Use video chat to talk to friends and family back home

Applications such as Skype and FaceTime make it so easy to reacho ut to your family and friends while traveling, particularly if you get a little homesick or have parents that worry just a little too much.

Time differences can make video calls difficult to set up, so when you keep missing the other person, use the video message feature on Skype to send a fun video message indicating that you’re fine and having a great experience in the other part of the world.

Post such as that would make your family and friends be happy, and you’d enjoy coming back to your place after a day of touring to seea video message too.  

If you want to converse with  many people simultaneously, you can use Skype for that too, even 5people.

Send quick messages via WhatsApp

The advantage of Whatsapp is, it is easy to set up and all you need do is have the person’s telephone number which is registered on WhatsApp.

You would enjoy features such as statuses which last for 24 hours to see what everyone is up to and so many other features. Get chatting immediately.

Other Top 10 Tips on How to Engage Communication While Traveling are as follows;  

  1. Keep in touch with friends and family
  2. Smile more
  3. Cease being defensive
  4. Share things with other travelers
  5. Look out for friendly people
  6. Take genuine interest in people
  7. Help people out.

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