Travel Agencies in Nigeria – Top 10 Recommendations and Contact Details

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– Travel Agencies in Nigeria –

Are you aware of the travel agencies in Nigeria? However, choosing a reliable travel agent might be one of the toughest challenges one can face. We have compiled a list of the best travel agencies in Nigeria. 

Travel Agencies in Nigeria

The major role of any travel agency is to help you make your travel plan comfortable. They will save you time and give you all the information on everything you will need for your trip.

Sometimes might not know much about the place you wish to visit. The travel agency gives you information on those places to your taste and provides useful advice.

Quality of a Good Travel Agent

Usually, but not always, travel agents establish travel agencies from where they render their services to their clients. However, below are the qualities a good travel agent should possess.

1. Dependable

This trait actually encompasses several helpful human traits, such as being reliable, punctual (getting you the information in a timely manner, being detail-oriented).

Also, he/she should be accurate- getting you the correct information.

2. Passionate

In this business, there’s a lot of mind-numbing details to follow up on, as well as plenty of repetition as well.

But the result, which ultimate is the delighting the client, but also the real-world product, enjoying the splendour of the national parks.

Equally, in the history-drenched cities of Europe, or the amazing cuisines one encounters travelling the world, there is so much really to be excited about.


3. Specialises

Being a travel agent is sometimes like being a jack of all trades. There is so much ground to cover (literally the world!) that no one person or company can cover it all.

Many times, agents have to be good generalists because it binds them to encounter a wide range of clients. Yet the only realistic solution to the overwhelming abundance of possibilities is to specialise.

4. Builds Long-term Relationships

I think this is a real key point for all successful travel agents. If they are going to build a successful business long term. However, they are going to require a large stable of clients with whom they have an in-depth relationship.

Clients, who they’ve known for years, keep coming back to their travel agent because of the excellent service they receive, regardless of the changing itineraries. One cannot really serve a client well if they are just a name in a folder.

5. Insightful to Customer’s value

This is a really important point that superb travel agents need to get. There is a big difference between the two. Good value is something that is appropriate.

Also, it is pleasing to a client, regardless of the actual price tag, and the cost is, of course, just the price.

However, one could sell a really cheap trip or even an expensive one to a client. But if it is not really what they want, then it isn’t a good value, no matter the cost.

6. Willing to Go the Extra Mile

This is a golden quality to have in a travel agent because sometimes, even the most carefully laid plans can go ask. For this reason, terrible weather or an act of God spoils your holiday plans.

Also, you may already be in a foreign country or have invested a lot of time and money into the trip. When things go south, you really need an advocate on your side.

Again, be with someone who knows how to get you out of trouble and can quickly re-assemble new plans at a moment’s notice.

7. Authentic

However, this can be hard to quantify quality, but it’s something that clients will pick up on intuitively. Also, this isn’t a person who’s just trying to push a random product on somebody because it’s available. 

Authenticity means that the agent really knows the places. Also, the agent has been there and experienced the accommodations.

Equally, experienced the services that they are recommending, from a consumer’s point of view.


Top Best Travelling Agencies in Nigeria

Consequently, in your ambition to holiday overseas, rogue travel agencies have cheated you. Perhaps you haven’t booked a much-anticipated trip since you don’t have the time to attend to all the details.

However, look into the travel agencies available in Nigeria

1. Pier One Explorer Tavel And Tours Ltd

Address: 44 Ogunlana Drive Surulere Lagos

2. Airgate Travel And Tours Limited

Address: 4, Ekinmogu Street New Garage Gbagada, Lagos

3. Aeroport Travels & Tours Ltd

Address: 18, Awoniyi, Elemo Street, off Osolo Way, Int’l Airport Road Ajao Estate, Isolo, Lagos

4. Aerovessel Travels and Tours Ltd

Address: Suite B154, Ikota Complex, VGC Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

5. Wakanow Nigeria Limited

Address: Plot 8, Elegushi Beach Road, Off Ikate Roundabout, Lekki, Lagos, Lekki, Nigeria.

6. Jolie Global Travels and Tours Ltd

Address: 7 Agatu Street, Area 11, P.O. Box 10634, GARKI, Abuja.

7. Ashton & Dave Travels and Holidays Limited

Address: No. 7 Saka Tinubu Victoria Island, Lagos., Victoria Island, Lagos.

8. Sure Travels Limited

Address: 89, Akpakpava Road, Suite 50 Amenze Shopping Mall, Benin City, Edo.

9. Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management 

Address: 18, Awoniyi Elemo Street, off Osolo Way, 7/8 Busstop, Airport Road, Ajao Estate, Isolo Lagos, Oshodi, Lagos.

10. Conarock Logistics Travel & Tours Limited

Address: A11 Riggs Plaza, Omole Ojodu Lagos, Lagos, Lagos

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