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Complete List of Visa Free Countries for any Nigerian 2021 Update

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Traveling for Nigerians really requires serious planning. With Nigerian passports ranking 89th in freedom to travel across the world, securing a visa is often very difficult. This is where Visa free countries for Nigerians come in to play. Keep reading to find out these countries that are like holy grails.

Visa Free Countries for any Nigerian 2021 Complete List

However, there are visa-free countries available to all Nigerian passport holders as well as countries that grant visas on arrival. In this article, I will list the Visa free countries for Nigerians.

1. Burundi

Visa Free Countries

Nigerians are allowed a visit to Burundi for 30 days without a visa requirement. The country is known for its craft works that serve as a great gift option for tourists.

From shields, baskets, and masks to statues and pottery. An important part of the culture in Burundi is drumming; the Royal Drummers of Burundi have been performing for 40 years.

The oral tradition of the country through poetry, storytelling, and songs is also something worth enjoying.

2. Barbados

Visa Free Countries for any Nigerian

Location – Caribbean Region

Located in the western area of the North Atlantic and about 100 kilometers’ east of the Caribbean Sea and the Windward Island, a visit to Barbados by Nigerians allows you a stay for six months without a visa. Barbados is rich in history and has some of the best beaches and seafood.

You will only be required to provide an E-passport, return ticket and proof of sufficient funds to gain entry into the country. The visa-free stay is only valid for a period of 6 months.

3. Bangladesh


Location – Asia

Renowned as one of the world’s most populated country, Bangladesh offers a 30 days permit for Nigerians to stay in the country.

You will be required to provide $500 worth proof of funds and return ticket. Enjoy the best Bangladesh’s cuisine and visit the port city of Chittagong for an amazing experience.

4. Cote D’ivoire

Visa Free Countries for any Nigerian

Location – West Africa

(Visa free)

A visa-free stay in Cote d’Ivoire formerly known as Ivory Coast is worth it as there several points of interests and tourist attractions you can visit during your stay.

The beach resorts of Assinie, the Parc National de Tai, valleys of Man and the artsy Grand Bassam are some of the breathtaking tourist attractions you can see in Cote d’ivoire.

You may also enjoy the lagoon boat tour or visit the open markets in Treichville or Cocody.

5. Benin Republic

Benin Republic

West Africa

Gaining independence from France in the year 1960, the Republic Of Benin has gone through a lot of metamorphoses down the years.

Being a neighboring country to Nigeria, entry by Nigerians is visa-free; as instituted by the Economic Community of West African States.

The country is home to the Pendjari National Park, which was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in March 2009.

The park is named after the Pendjari River and covers about 2,755 sq. km of land. It is home to wildlife, among which are buffaloes, antelopes, West African lions, elephants, and birds among others.

You will enjoy quality time at this park if you visit via the hills and cliffs of the Atakora range, which provide a scenic and wonderful backdrop of the park.

6. Cameroon


Central Africa

While Cameroon is not the largest country in Africa, in some ways it’s as large as Africa itself. Known as “Africa in miniature” it features French and English speaking portions, Muslim and Christian dominated regions, the tallest mountain in West Africa and terrain that includes rain forest, desert plains, mountains, and high plateau.

The country, one of the visa-free countries for Nigerian citizens, shares a border with Nigeria, hence being one of the visa-free countries Nigerians can visit.

While in Cameroon, you can visit tourist sites like the Limbe Botanic Garden, Benedictine Museum of Mont Febe, National Museum of Yaounde and the Kribi.

7. Cambodia


Southeast Asia

Cambodia, a country of tourist attractions, offers Nigerians a 30 days visa on arrival in the major airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, as well as at any major border crossing.

Cambodia’s beaches are a great place to be, especially for people who crave solitude on the beach. The people in Cambodia are benevolent, assiduous and welcoming

8. Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Location – West Africa

A visa will not be required by Nigerian citizen upon entry to Cape Verde, provided you can prove to the immigration officials you do not plan to stay permanently in the country.

You will be required to provide a return ticket, as well as proof of funds.

9. Guinea


Location – West Africa

(Visa free)

10. Guinea Bissau

Visa Free Countries for any Nigerian

Location – West Africa

(Visa free for 90 days)

These are the countries with free visa for Nigerians.

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