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Troll Names (for Funny Characters 2022)

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Troll names are a fantastic way to encourage your child’s imagination, and they can be used for social networking, gaming, and so much more.

Troll Names

Looking for Troll character names for your own Troll? Then you should be here.

What are Trolls?

The mythological Scandinavian creature known as the troll has become a well-known fixture in the worlds of legend, folklore, and fantasy.

Trolls are among the most anthropomorphic fantasy creatures and have been portrayed in a wide variety of ways.

Trolls can be found almost anyplace because they keep wandering, however, they are frequently found in cold and mountainous areas.

The typical troll stands nine feet tall and weighs about 500 pounds.


Troll Names 

Troll names ideas for funny characters.

1. Alexstrasza

This one translates to “life binder.”

2. Zandalari

Name of a troll from the island of Zandalar.

3. Orcs

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘Lord Of The Rings, this troll haunts the land of Mordor in Middle-Earth.

4. Zandali

This is the native language of the trolls.

5. Aigamuxa

African and Medieval European Folklore Origin meaning “huge-size trolls”, the name of a creature that haunts deserts and wastelands

6. Zogbanu

A name of African folklore origin meaning “largest of all trolls”

7. Blemmyes

Roman Mythology and Medieval European Folklore Origin meaning “giant-size troll”, for trolls who haunt hills, grasslands, thick forests, and sea-coasts

8. Dingonek

African Folklore/Cryptid stories Origin meaning “large reptilian monster“.

9. Girtablilu

Mesopotamian Mythology Origin means “troll with a human torso and lower body of scorpion”.

10. Voodoo

A popular term of French origin and means “person who specializes in magic and charm.”

11. Amani

This name was taken from the most powerful troll forest tribe.

12. Amani’shi

Taken from the elite force of the Zul’Aman  Amani tribe.

13. Anubis

This came from Egyptian mythology and means “human-bodied troll with a jackal head.”

14. Archimonde

Inspired by the most ruthless and cunning troll.

15. Manticore

Indian and Persian Legend Origin meaning “lion’s body with human head and scorpion-like tail”, great for trolls with poisonous spikes

16. Piasa

Native American Legend Origin means a “human face with antlers, having wings and four legs”, for trolls who haunt riversides.

Cute Troll Names

Troll names

These are cute troll names to choose from.

17. Pukwudgie

Native American folklore Origin the name of a “small-size troll” who haunts barrens and deep jungles

18. Satyr

Greek and Roman Mythology Origin meaning “human upper-body with goat-like legs and tail”, this name is for trolls who haunt woods and mountainous terrains.

19. Bloodscalp

This one refers to the jungle trolls that live in Stranglethorn Vale.

20. Brann Bronzebeard

This rather long troll name is of Gaelic origin and means the “youngest of the entire lot.”

21. Imdoomed

This name simply means “something bad is about to happen.”

22. Kaz’kah

A troll name that translates to “death totem.”

23. Iridi

A troll name of Greek origin and means “last hope.”

24. Brightwing

A troll name referring to the “most powerful person.”

25. Trolls

European Mythology Origin is a basic name for your troll character that means “large and ugly looking beast”, basic trolls haunt caverns, under bridges, and isolated mountains.

26. Talos

Greek Mythology Origin means “huge human-like bronze body”.

27. Spring heeled Jack

The 19th Century British Folklore Origin this name is for a mask-wearing troll who breathes out blue-colored flames. An English troll name.

28. Skunk Ape

North American Legend Origin means “large-bodied troll”, this troll is covered in orange fur with glowing eyes.

29. Mojo

A cute troll name of African origin that means “magical power.”

30. Arrach

Of Scottish mythology origin and means “small to medium-sized trolls.”

31. Hodag

Wisconsin Folklore/Cryptid Origin meaning “medium-built trolls”, perfect for trolls who haunt thick jungles.

32. Rador

A troll name of Latin origin which means “to scrape,” “scratch,” or “gnaw.”

Best Troll Names

Troll names

Here is a compiled list of the best troll names.

33. Baron

A popular title name of Germanic origin is in reference to a “significant fire element.”

34. Basilisk

This one has Roman mythology roots and means “rooster-headed troll with sharp claws and a reptile’s body.”

35. Veo

Indonesian Cryptid Origin means “medium to large size troll”, for trolls who haunt thick forests and deep lakes.

36. Xing Tian

Chinese Mythology Origin) meaning “large size troll”, for trolls who haunt hilly areas, grasslands, and the coasts

37. Zogbanu

African Folklore Origin) meaning “the largest of all trolls”, perfect for trolls who haunt deep forests

38.  Bastet

This one means “female-bodied troll with a lioness or a cat head” and is of Egyptian mythology origin.

39. Blemmyes

This troll name came from Roman mythology and Medieval European folklore which means “giant-size troll.”

40. Kabandha

A gigantic troll, one who is able to swallow an entire human being in a single big gulp.

41. Jack-in-Irons

English Folklore of Yorkshire Origin means “huge-size trolls, with all humanoid features”, these trolls haunt deserted roads, dungeons, and cesspits.

42. Zufli

This name means “baby witch.”

43. Zul

A cute troll name of Arabic origin that means “reliable.”

44. Zul

This one means “voodoo master.”

45. Dovregubbe

This is the name of the troll king in “Peer Gynt.”

46. Dovregubben

A cariation of the Peer Gynt troll king’s name.

47. Zulfi

This troll name is of Hindu origin and means “sword contingent.”

48. Hrungnir

The muscular giant troll in Norse mythology

Funny Troll Names

Troll names

Looking for something hilarious to name your troll character? Then you are in the right place.

49. Poppy

This is the name of the pink troll from ‘Trolls’, other troll characters in this film are called Branch, Bridget, King Gristle, Satin, and Chenille.

50. Zul’jin

This name refers to the “great tribal witch doctor.

51. Ogre

Northern European Folklore Origin meaning “large and ugly looking humanoid with deformed facial features”, for those who haunt hamlets beside swamps

52. Fomorians

Irish Mythology Origin means “large and deformed bodies made up of animal parts”.

53. Geirröd

This is the troll name of the father of giantesses Gjalp and Greip.

54. Gogmagog

Anglican Folklore Origin means “distorted human-like body trolls”.

55. Chronormu

This name means “beast” and is of Greek origin.

56. Fomorians

This name came from Irish mythology and means “large and deformed bodies made up of animal parts.”

57. Sandwalker

Arabian Cryptid Origin, this name is for “huge-sized trolls” that haunt deep gorges and burrows.

58. Scorpios

Greek Mythology Origin is for “medium to large sized trolls” that haunt caverns and underground tunnels.

59. Ymer

This is the oldest troll in Norse mythology.

60. Trym

Trym is the King of gigantic trolls in the Jotunheimen region.

61. Fon

This name refers to a male Zandalari warrior and means “someone who has distanced himself from the troll society.”

62. Chupacabra

This popular name is of Latin American origin and means “small-sized, bear-like troll with a spiked back.”

63. Ciguapa

This name means “blue or brown colored female troll with backward walking feet” and is of Dominican folklore origin.

64. Human

This name is an ironic choice for any troll who is certainly not human.

65. Jötnar

Scandinavian Mythology Origin means “a gigantic troll”.


Do all Trolls have 6 Letter Names?

Young trolls have always been shown to have first and last names with six letters each, while older trolls have been shown to acquire adult names or titles, typically with 8 letters, although there are exceptions.

What is the Name of the Girl Troll?

Moxie Dewdrop: This troll has magenta skin, and pink nose, and eyes. Her hair is light pink hair and her cheeks are covered in glitter. Moxie wears a yellow and orange dress.

What is the Gray Troll’s Name?

Guy Diamond is a Troll with silver skin covered in sparkly white glitter. He has long silver hair that sticks up with a metallic shine to it.

What are the Evil Trolls Called?

The Bergens: They’re the baddies. The evil characters want nothing more than to catch and eat Trolls. They’re cunning, gigantic, and super scary.

Is Terezi a Girl?

Terezi Pyrope, also known by her Trollian handle, “gallowsCalibrator”, is one of the trolls and is one of the main characters in Homestuck. Her associated zodiac sign is Libra.

What is Gamzee God Tier?

Gamzee was later seen in ministries with his full god cod-tier outfit on. Although he wasn’t murdering anyone, he was very mean-spirited.

He made fun of Terezi’s blindness, which partly lead to her fixing her sight, regrettably so.

What does Troll Mean in Slang?

A troll is Internet slang for a person who intentionally tries to instigate conflict, hostility, or arguments in an online social community.

Platforms targeted by trolls can include the comment sections of YouTube, forums, or chat rooms.

Is Disney a Troll?

No, the movie Trolls was produced by Dreamworks Animation.

What are Norwegian Trolls Called?

The trolls of Scandinavian myths, known as jötnar, are famously ugly giants that turn to stone in the sunlight.

The jötnar (singular: jötunn) in Scandinavian myths are usually ugly, often with tusks or cyclopic eyes

What are the Main Trolls Names?

1. Poppy

2. Queen of Pop

3. Branch  

4. Biggie

5. Creek

6. DJ Suki

7. Cooper

8. Guy Diamond

9. Satin and Chenille.

Hopefully, you laughed at a few of these names and can pull off a successful troll on a friend or streamer they like. Feel free to share this post on various social media platforms.

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