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TwinKas Registration and Sign In Portal 2022 Updated Guide |

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– TwinKas Registration and Sign In Portal 2022 Updated Guide | –

TwinKas Registration: This article focuses on How to Create TwinKas account on, which is one of the famous Ponzi Schemes out there.

TwinKas Registration and Sign In Portal 2021 Updated Guide |

Kindy Read on for more details, as this post will walk you through the necessary steps you need to ensure you are able to create an account and carryout other account-related activities.

In this short guide, we will be reviewing full details about the New trending Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria (TwinKas). As usual, it’s only tested and confirmed the Ponzi scheme that we update here on our platform, so grab this offer now.

Make sure you bookmark this page and visit it daily for the latest online money-making Ponzi scheme updates.

From our review, Twinkas doesn’t need bringing of members to get paid just like another peer to peer donation systems out there. Once you register, the system will automatically match you with people who will pay you and people you will pay.

The system looks more like GreenSpeer because it needs no referral and there is nothing like a referral link. The only difference is that TwinKas gives you the opportunity to choose the amount you want to register with while you must start with 5000 in GreenSpeer.

TwinKas Registration – How it Works

There are 4 packages in this community, when one registers, he/she will decide on which package to choose.  This package ranges from Classic, Professional, and Premium to Ultimate.

In the Classic package, you will have to register with 5000 and get 200 percent back. That is to say, when you choose the 5000 naira package, you are getting 10000 back.

The professional package goes for 10000 and you get 200 percent which is 20000 back. Here, the system will automatically pair you with two people who are going to pay you 10k each.

In the Premium package, you will have to register with 20,000 and get 40,000 back within 21 days. When you register, the system will give you who to pay, after paying; the person will confirm it and you will get people to pay you too which will be done by the system.

The last package is called the ultimate package, when you register and choose the ultimate package, you will be required to pay 50,000 to a participant and get 200 percent back. The system will automatically merge two people to pay you 50,000 each.

Twinkas Nigeria – How to Register Twinkas Account

Before you join/create an account with Twinkas make sure you can make your payment to whoever you’re being merged with else the system will remove you after 24 hours.

  1. To register Click here to create your TwinKaS account in the new page that will open, Then select the level you want to start from by clicking Sign UP at the list of the level you want.
  2. After that, a new page where you will fill your details will open. After filling all the details, click Create Account and you’re done
  3. Before you will be able to see who you will pay to, you must select a package, so just scroll down on your Twinkas dashboard and click on Join a package now, for you to see who you will pay to.

IMPORTANT: Always remember to submit payment proof after you have made the payment because without it your payment will not be confirmed.

Twinkas Login – How to Access your Twinkas Account

After registration, you can access your account at any time to check people paired to pay you. Twinkas Login can easily be done with any browsing device provided you have a strong internet connection.

To log in your Account, click HERE

If you need us to help you with more updated information at the right time about TwinKas Registration, kindly provide us your phone number and email address in the comment box below. Also, feel free to ask any questions pertaining to this guide.

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CSN Team.



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    1. martins says:

      please twinkas, i registered since march with 20k and i have not received any payment.what is happening???kindly pay me my money ooo!!!

    2. Ogbaji Pius Ogar says:

      Good evening friend I paid since February an up till now I didn’t see nothing in my wallet

    3. I were supposed to b paid since still noting yet.till now. What will I do to recover my money.

    4. Tosco says:

      I paid 20,000 since Feb. HV not been paid

    5. lilian says:

      since 7feb,v not been paid,what’s happening

    6. Nyegonum Confidence David I paid in to some one account since d 9th day of feb 2017 up till date I have not seen any reply at all and u want me to join u people right.

    7. How will i buy unit for my 4 ultimate package and got paid?pls tell me

    8. havilla says:

      i have over 100k stucked on till now but am happy just recovered part yesterday on i hope this stays and help recover all the lost it was launched on friday.

    9. Jiro says:

      Everything is done by the system. It matches people for payments on first come first served basis

    10. HO says:

      I have register and have made my payment for like three weeks now I have not receive any payment

    11. Capt. Rawlings says:

      If I register, log in and make ultimate package, am I supposed to me matched through some one else and this information sent through that person and the person informs me through a Tex message or am matched by the system and get direct information from the system from my details.

    12. Inima says:

      How to i register the ultimate package without the classic package.please explain i dont understand

    13. odushe ifeoluwa daniel says:

      08039129669, am interested but am havuing issue with sigin up

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