10 Types of People You Will Meet in Nigerian Banks

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10 Types of People You Will Meet in Nigerian Banks.

People You Will Meet in Nigerian Banks – Visiting a bank is quite stressful because you will go through a lot of challenges from co-customers and even the workers. When it comes to temperament, there are basically four types of people on earth.

But when characters and behaviors are at stake, you can meet a thousand and one different types, all in one day. Especially in Nigeria, people act in a fun way, and sometimes you cannot help but wonder when Nigerians are going to change their substandard attitudes.

If you do banking on a regular basis, you can easily get closer to the items on this list. You must have found one or more of these types of people in a bank; they are everywhere and can really annoy you. Discover the different kinds of People You Will Meet in Nigerian Banks.

1. The Pen Borrowers

It won’t hurt if every Nigerian will spend N20 to acquire a pen rather than borrowing one in a bank which they usually fail to return.

Once you lend out your pen to these borrowers, you have to close mark them else your pen is gone for good. It’s either you won’t recognize the person again or he will tell you “sorry I gave it to the woman over there” when you finally fish him out.

Pen borrowers would not bring a pen to the bank but would go home with more than one, this is why most banks attach a rope to their pens.

To think that these banks do not trust customers with a common pen, while the customers trust them with their life savings, is alarming.

2. The Ghost Queue Members

Also known as “I’m behind you” people, these types are really annoying. The first thing they do when they enter a bank is to pick a spot in the queue before going to get a deposit/withdrawal slip.

Just when other faithful queue members are about to get to the front, their ghost colleagues show up to claim reserved spots.

It gets funny at times when about ten people would tell one person “I’m at your back,” only to come back to see other ghost members claiming the same spot.

At the end of the day, this causes confusion, and if the bank officials do not intervene it may result in serious fracas.

3. The Bank Door Rejectees

Sometimes it’s the people at fault and other times the stubborn door that would not let them in. These people will always have a problem with bank doors, and before you know it they will start stripping off their belts, keys, mobile phones, umbrella, pieces of jewelry, and of course, weapons if they have any.

4. The Slip Wasters

It’s amazing how people can make silly mistakes on slips as though they were writing JAMB. This kind of person can waste slip; they keep canceling, tearing, squeezing, and taking another one.

The most difficult part is writing the amount in words, they just keep rewriting the word version of N8735 to get the most accurate spelling.

5. The Trouble Makers

The best thing is to avoid these types because any slightest comment or contribution will aggravate their anger. They come to the bank to fight the manager and any other person that crosses their path.

They are the ones who right from the entrance start lamenting about how the ATM debited them without paying, and how the bank must revert their money else they would close down the account.

6. The Wealthy Customers

These people can take forever in a bank with huge amounts of money, making other customers with little money wait for hours before doing their transactions.

It also happens during ATM withdrawals, this kind of customer will keep withdrawing until the person behind him who probably has just N5, 000 in his account would plead with him not to bankrupt the machine.

7. The Waiting Thief

If you are sensitive you will notice that not everyone that comes to the bank is a customer. Some are there to monitor customers who leave with big money and then follow them outside to steal from them.

You will see them hanging around without doing any transaction, just looking around and passing information with their mobile phones to their colleagues outside even though they know it is not allowed to use your mobile phone in the banking hall.

8.The Back from the Future Customers

These set of people probably just crashlanded from 3005, and usually do not remember the date. They will ask you for today’s date and even after you tell them the correct date, they will ask someone else to confirm.

9. The Meticulous Counters

This group of people does not want to hear that their hard-earned money was short of a note after they leave the bank, so they would take hours still on the queue, counting and confirming every single note.

10. The Questionnaires

You would find mostly teenagers and older people as human questionnaires in a bank. They would ask you about everything in the bank and where to fill in their details. The only thing left is for them to ask you to help spell their name.

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