10 Used Luxury Cars under $10000 for Sale 2020 See Latest Update

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10 Used Luxury Cars under $10000 for Sale 2020 See Latest Update.

Used Luxury Cars under $10000 for Sale: There are some interestingly fairly cheap use luxury cars under $10000 for sale. This article will provide an exhaustive list of the available cars for those interested.

There is a lot of variation amongst these already used luxury cars in terms of size and performance, so we used our general scores to help rank them from good to great.

Each slide will give the pros and significant cons to each of these models, to help you narrow down your options. In this article, we will list the 10 used luxury cars under $10000.

List of Used Luxury Cars Under $10000

1. 2007 Cadillac STS

 2007 Cadillac STS

Average Price: $6,253 | Overall Score: 9.1/10 | Reliability Score: 5/5

The big, bold Cadillac STS kicks off our list of the most reliable used luxury cars on a budget by representing the large sedan segment.

The styling of the STS is dated, for sure, but it is still, undoubtedly, a Caddy. The STS was designed to challenge the advancement of German competitors and it still holds its own in that regard, since it is still one of the most reliable luxury cars of the era. Regardless of whether you opt for the V6 or the V8 engine, you’ll get enviable performance combined with a smooth and quiet ride.

2. 2008 Audi A6

10 Used Luxury Cars under $10000 for Sale

Average Price: $5,703 | Overall Score: 9.1/10 | Reliability Score: 5/5

This luxury midsize sedan carried a high price tag when it was new, but if you can find a used example in good condition, you’re in for a treat.

The Audi A6 is spacious, with plenty of room for passengers to spread out in both rows and a large-enough trunk to carry a decent amount of cargo. The engine lineup is great, so potential buyers should shop around and test out a few different trim levels to see which option is the best fit

3. 2007 Infiniti FX

10 Used Luxury Cars under $10000 for Sale

Average Price: $7,147 | Overall Score: 9.1/10 | Reliability Score: 5/5

We know now that the Infiniti FX is an SUV, not a car since it evolved into the brand’s QX lineup. Back when this vehicle was released, people didn’t really know what to make of it.

Infiniti positioned the FX as an alternative to a sports sedan, with sleek crossover styling that was ahead of its time. Its low price and good reliability score make the FX a practical choice, and it is fun to drive, as well. Potential buyers should keep in mind that despite its larger body, the FX isn’t all that spacious, particularly in the rear row and the cargo area.

4. 2008 Audi A5

2008 Audi A5

Average Price: $8,275 | Overall Score: 9.2/10 | Reliability Score: 5/5

The sleek and stylish Audi A5 is another of the German brand’s vehicles to earn a place on this list, with reliability that makes it a smart choice for a used luxury car.

The A5’s performance isn’t quite up to par with its rivals from the era, but it outclasses many of those competitors in terms of interior quality and comfort. Standard all-wheel drive keeps the A5 planted as you cruise through the curves, and supportive seats keep you in place.

5. 2009 Acura TL

2009 Acura TL

Average Price: $8,584 | Overall Score: 9.2/10 | Reliability Score: 5/5

The Acura TL is another great choice for a used luxury car with excellent reliability. In addition to its high dependability rating, this luxury midsize car also has great safety scores, so it is a good choice for a family sedan.

This Acura provides good acceleration and handles well, particularly if you find an all-wheel-drive model. When the TL was new, most test drivers praised the comfortable and supportive seating and the modern design of the interior. Though the interior boasts high overall quality, the button-heavy center stack gives the cabin a cluttered look and can be distracting.

6. 2009 Lexus RX 350

Average Price: $9,930 | Overall Score: 9.2/10 | Reliability Score: 5/5

The Lexus RX has maintained its reputation for being safe, reliable, and practical for 10 solid years, making it a great used luxury vehicle. When the Lexus RX 350 was new, test drivers noted that it is not as much fun to drive as some other luxury midsize SUVs, but that may actually be preferential for some buyers.

From behind the wheel, the RX feels more like a car, which translates into an easy driving experience and a smooth ride for passengers. After 2009, Lexus cut the manual transmission option from the RX lineup, so if that is a feature that interests you, a 2009 model is your best bet.

7. 2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Average Price: $7,988 | Overall Score: 9.3/10 | Reliability Score: 5/5

In a lot of ways, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a perfect example of a luxury midsize car. Even better, you can go back and find affordably used examples that are still as stylish, safe, and reliable as they were new.

This is a very well-rounded car, with high build quality and interior comfort. One notable drawback is the infotainment system, which test drivers noted was unnecessarily complicated. You have a lot of choices across the E-Class lineup, so shop carefully to find the configuration that’s right for you.

Check out the convertible variant or turbo-diesel powertrain if you want something a little different.

8. 2010 Lexus ES

2010 Lexus ES

Average Price: $7,560 | Overall Score: 9.3/10 | Reliability Score: 5/5

The Lexus ES is another good option for a reliable used luxury car that’s designed more for comfort than for sportiness. The engine is peppy enough to satisfy most drivers, but the suspension is on the soft side, which results in mediocre handling that can leave aggressive drivers wanting more. The ES has a great cabin that is well insulated against outside noise and constructed of high-quality materials that are soft to the touch.

9. 2009 Audi A3

Average Price: $5,510 | Overall Score: 9.3/10 | Reliability Score: 5/5

If you have shopped for a luxury small car in the last few years, you might think of the Audi A3 as a compact sedan. In the A3’s early years, however, it took the form of a sleek and sophisticated hatchback, one that still makes a great choice for buyers in search of an affordable and reliable used luxury car.

The A3 hatch earns full marks for safety and reliability, and it also offers impressive performance. The high-quality cabin features standard leather upholstery on the supportive and comfortable seats. However, potential buyers should note that the back row provides less legroom than expected.

10. 2008 Acura RL

2008 Acura RL

Average Price: $8,341 | Overall Score: 9.3/10 | Reliability Score: 5/5

The Acura RL is another large luxury car that you can probably pick up for well under $10,000 without compromising on your concerns about reliability and safety.

The RL, which was discontinued in 2012, might look a little more dated than some of the other vehicles on this list, but it was cutting edge at the time, with a ton of standard technology features and standard all-wheel drive.

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