5 Useful Tips to Choose Online Plagiarism Checker

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– Useful Tips to Choose Online Plagiarism Checker –

You’ve been asking about the useful tips to choose online plagiarism checker. However, what confuses most people in colleges is that they’re supposed to do research and refer to trust authorities and experts. 

Useful Tips to Choose Online Plagiarism Checker

Students must produce original work and not steal the ideas of another person or entity. However, “original work” means a student should be able to form his/her own opinions on a certain subject.


These opinions, though, should reflect a student’s knowledge of a certain subject and that’s why they have to refer to trusted sources.

5 Useful Tips to Choose Online Plagiarism Checker

In fact, in some countries, the act of plagiarising a professional’s work is flattering. Using Plagiarism checkers by students in some countries often finds the transition difficult.

However, below are the 5 tips for using a plagiarism checker.

1. Protect Your Work

When you’re searching the internet for a service that’ll help you to keep your work free from plagiarism, you should be careful of some sites.

Many of these sites claim to offer a free online plagiarism checker service along with other writing services.

Most of these services are simply basic ones and do not provide quality checks. This is where you should check plagiarism with the Edubirdie tool.

It’s a quality feature on the EduBirdie site that writers and students can trust upon for their academic work like thesis, essays, and dissertations. 

Just make sure that you read the fine print before you put your work through a plagiarism checker and see how it works.


2. Ensure Your Plagiarism Checker Compares Against Multiple Sources

To make sure that the report you’re getting from your plagiarism checker is reliable, you must try to find out how detailed their checks are.

To know how detailed a plagiarism check is, try to find out if they also refer to other search engines besides the one that you’re using. 

Effective websites to check for plagiarism will compare your text against billions of websites before giving you a report that shows how much you’ve copied from others.

This report should also have references that’ll show you the publications you may have copied from, untrustworthy checkers will only give you a percentage. 

3. Look for Sites That Support Different File Formats

When writing essays, people may choose to use different file formats, and that’s why a good checker should be able to scan most of the file formats.

However, a good free online plagiarism checker should be able to scan major file formats like docx, pdf, and txt, to name a few.

Besides being a metric to judge a site’s reliability, supporting multiple file formats will also help students to submit their assignments faster.

A student will save time when he/she can just scan their document instead of spending it converting file formats and copying text from large documents. 

4. Good Plagiarism Checkers Use the Latest Technology

A good checker should be able to able to detect citations and references, so they don’t get read as plagiarism. Checkers should also allow you some control over how you want to scan your document. 

The best free plagiarism checker should use the latest tech to allow you to customise how your document gets scanned for a plagiarism check. 

If you don’t want your work to get compared, set this tool to exclude them from the site’s data pool. It means you should be able to check the web, essay, and resume content separately. 


5. Fast and User-friendly Designs

Time is money in the real world. Hence, that’s why colleges teach their students to adapt to it by handing them mountains of assignments. However, students must deliver this assignment in limited time frames.

This means students shouldn’t let anything waste their time if they want to get good grades. 

However, time is important for students. They use plagiarism checkers for speed. Also, to check their documents in minutes, not days or hours.

To save even more time, students should use checkers with user-friendly interfaces. 

With the 5 best plagiarism check tools that are fast and user-friendly, EduBirdie, Grammarly, and Copyleaks top the list.

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Emma Rundle is a top professional writer who has self-published several non-fiction books and short stories. To help budding authors and writers.

Also, she provides online classes and evening classes at a local institute.

Her courses include assignment writing skills for academic writers and book publishing crash courses for wannabe authors. 

In conclusion, inspiration shouldn’t lead to intellectual property theft.  And since students often fall into this trap, take precautions.

The easiest way to ensure that your assignments are your original work is to use online plagiarism checkers. 

These checkers should be able to show you references that you might’ve missed and not read the cited text as plagiarism. Also, be cautious when you’re using plagiarism checkers, as some of them can steal your work.

However, this article has explained how to use a plagiarism checker. As you absorb this content, kindly share it with your family and friends.

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