Top 20 Websites to Download Nigerian Movies for Free

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You might be a movie lover but is naive to source for amazing movies. Let’s take you on a stroll to the top websites to download Nigerian movies for free.

Top 20 Websites to Download Nigerian Movies for Free

Movies are what gives us the fullest fun in boring times. Not everybody has the financial capacity to pay for Netflix or showmax.

Top Sites to Get Nigerian Movies

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top websites to download Nigerian movies:


Netnaija is one of the best resources for finding both current worldwide films and movies from Nigeria quickly. The best place to download free 9ja movies and other movies is this website.

Comedy videos, football highlights, and Yoruba films are available on this site. Also, You can get songs, videos, and the most recent entertainment news from them as well.

2. Iroko TV

This must be the site where people most frequently download movies from Nigeria. Furthermore, you can watch thousands of Nollywood movies on your smartphone from any location by using the iRokoTV app.

You can watch excellent and new movie content by going to the Iroko TV website.

3. Nollyland

It is among the greatest movie platforms in Africa with a great user experience. Downloadable or streaming versions of Nollywood movies are available.

Also, You can download movies from Ghana, Nigeria, and other African nations from the website.

One of the best websites in Nigeria for downloading and watching Nollywood movies is NollyLand. It is a dependable platform for streaming and downloading both recent and older Nigerian films.

4. RealNolly TV

From the website, you can download free Nigerian movies. This is one of the areas where downloading Nigerian movies is most convenient. Nevertheless, registering is a requirement before you can access anything.

You may now watch all of the recent and older Nigerian movies made by the Nollywood industry after registering.

5. Youtube

On the well-known streaming platform Youtube, the most recent and vintage 9ja films are offered in stunning HD formats.

Whether they are in Yoruba or English, there are several YouTube channels that post free and uncut Nigerian Nollywood movies.

Furthermore, The greatest source to find Yoruba movies, watch them online for free, and download them is YouTube. The only drawback of YouTube is the occasional adverts that show up while watching movies.

6. NaijaPals

On this website, you may watch or download the newest Nollywood movies. Also, there is a ton of content on the internet, including movies, music videos, and other things.

One of the best websites for downloading Nigerian movies is the one where you can also find the most recent news.

7. IBaka TV

The IbakaTV app offers hundreds of Nollywood movies from Nigeria. It is accessible to iOS and Android users. You can quickly download and stream content to your phone with the software. By going to their official website, you can start watching the movies of your choice.

8. CodedWap

On this website, you can download free movies from India, Ghana, and Nigeria that were released in 2023. Also, news about entertainment is covered in a different section.

You can therefore access everything you need like the newest, purest Nollywood films in 2023 with CodedWap.

9. NaijaOnPoint

You can download free Nigerian movies from this amazing website in 2023. There are more news and entertainment features. Like CodedWap, this website ensures that you never miss any new Nigerian film.

10. WapBaze

This website has a ton of video content, making it one of the best locations to download both foreign and Nigerian movies. You can also watch comedy videos, WWE matches, and a lot more.


11. GistVille

The 11th-ranked website on the list, Gistville, is among the best resources for downloading Hollywood and Nigerian movies for free without having to sign up or subscribe.

12. 9jaFlaver

9jaFlaver is a dedicated website for downloading Nigerian movies that distributes the most recent Naija movies.

More than only movies are available on this website. If you’re looking for Nigerian music, 9Jaflaver is a great and reliable resource.

13. Delonifera TV

International African movies are available for both free and money on the African-owned website DeloniferaTV.

Also, they provide a movie-watching app that you can use to watch movies whenever you want, every day of the week.

Smartphones running iOS and Android can download the program. To view a number of Nollywood movies for free or with a subscription, go to DeloniferaTV.

14. 123 Movies

123Movies is a popular website where you can find a wide variety of movies. More than just Nigerian movies are available on this website. Hollywood films can be downloaded as well.

You can subscribe to their website to receive the most recent news about movies in Nigeria and across the world.

The movies on 123 Movies can be downloaded for free and in high definition. Movies with well-known Nollywood actors are available for download.

15. Nollywood Movies

As the name implies, Nollywood Movies is all about Nollywood movies, news, and filmmaking. Since the website is run by actual filmmakers, all of the movies you see there are 100 percent original, and it was made to address the issue of piracy.

How does it function? You can choose the movie channel to see a preview of the movie you wish to watch after going to the website and registering.

You’ll have to use your card to pay for the movie. The movie is then available for download or streaming whenever you wish.

You can download as many movies as you’d like. The movies are of excellent quality, and downloading them doesn’t cost a lot.

16. 9jaDownload

Materials, which include everything from Nollywood movies to Nigerian music videos, are all available on 9jadownload.

You may learn the lyrics to popular Nigerian songs on this website. It’s interesting to notice that this platform also features evangelical music, in contrast to many other platforms.

Also, you can find the most recent Nollywood rumors and entertainment news on 9jaDownload.

You can view any video on their site without registering. You just need to select the movie you want to watch, and you can begin.

17. Video Moja

Video Moja is another well-liked platform for watching movies from Nigeria. There is a video app for it on the Android platform.

On their website, you can easily and without charge watch the most recent Nigerian movies. Also, In less than a minute, you may create an account on the site and set up your profile.

After that, you can start watching movies for free. You have a large selection to choose from, thanks to Video Moja’s weekly addition of new films.

Also, You can either download the Video Moja app or go to their website to watch and stream your favorite Nigerian movies.

You can watch action movies, thrillers, dramas, comedies, romances, horror movies, and a lot more.

18. Nigerian Movie Network

The Nigerian Movie Network features a selection of Nigerian movies. On this website, new movies are frequently posted every day. You can use the search function on this website to find the movies you wish to download.

If you’re a member, you must sign in before you can begin downloading movies. If you are not a member already, you must register before you can start.

The website offers categories dedicated to soap operas, religion, Igbo, Yoruba, action, comedy, romance, and drama. You can also search by film genre.

You can download Nollywood movies from this website as well as get the most recent Nollywood news.

19. Tv Nolly

You can watch or download movies with TVNolly, one of the top online video streaming services. The offered free and premium video streaming services from TVNolly are used in more than 150 countries.

A substantial number of their viewers are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and Ghana.

You can look for your favorite movies in the most popular, drama, comedy, Yoruba, Hausa, classic, and Ghallywood film categories.

You may get the best and latest Nollywood films starring A-list stars through their VIP services.

20. Buzz Nigeria

Buzz is the name of a news and entertainment website in Nigeria. However, the website also provides movie downloads in addition to other intriguing features.

Because the Buzz Nigeria platform is updated frequently, you can download the newest Nigerian movies there.

All you need to do is go to the Buzz Nigeria website and browse the list of Nollywood movies that are available right now.

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