Weird Hobbies Ideas that are Quite Interesting and Exciting

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The fantasies of the human mind can be so astonishing. Don’t be too quick to label these fantasies as weird, you may be back-tagging yourself. Just to think of the weird hobbies that some people engage in can be simply surprising.

Weird Hobbies Ideas that are Quite Interesting and Exciting

In reality, however, these weird hobbies as we might choose to call them can be simply soul inspiring. Here, we have some amazing but weird hobbies ideas for you. Read through carefully.

Everyone has a distinct set of interests. It can do things, creating things, gathering things, or learning things are all examples of hobbies. Sometimes we do it to relax or to belong.

Some people enjoy dressing up as anime characters while others enjoy collecting coins. Some think outside the box and take up hobbies you might not even know existed.

However, not every hobby is produced equal. Some are difficult, simple, soothing, fun, and just plain weird! As a result, I’ve compiled a list of some of the weirdest and uncommon hobbies!

25 Weird Hobbies

Below is the list of weird hobbies

1. Toy Voyaging

Did you know your toys can have wacky, wonderful adventures on their own? Toy voyaging is a hobby where you can send your toy off on a vacation somewhere around the world.

You can even host another hobbyist’s toy on vacation too. People take photos of their toy seeing sightings and taking part in activities, as well as filling out travel journals.

All you need is a toy, and to get connected on the Toy Voyagers platform.

2. Geocaching

Move of fantasy pirates, you can go on a treasure hunt in real life with Geocaching. This hobby uses satellites to locate small boxes of treasures and trinkets to be swapped.

It’s actually free to do, and there’s a log-book to sign each one that is found.

3. Quidditch

Weird Hobbies Ideas that are Quite Interesting and Exciting

Any Harry Potter fan will be ecstatic to learn about this fantastic new sport. People play quidditch all over the world, particularly in colleges and universities.

These real-life games don’t have flying brooms or sorcery in their equipment or rules, but they’re still fun to play.

4. Navel Fluff Collecting

Though we don’t know how many people take part in this hobby on a regular basis, we do know that certain people devote a significant amount of time to it!

Graham Barker, an Australian, has been gathering his own navel fluid since 1984. His stored collection weighs 22.1 grams.

5. Extreme Ironing

This is one of the weirder hobbies on our list, which is essentially where people will iron something whilst undertaking an extreme sport.

It started in 1997 and has included adventures like climbing a mountain, riding a helicopter, and mid-air skydiving whilst ironing. There has even been an Extreme Ironing World Championship.

Believe it or not Extreme Ironing is a competitive sport which is growing in popularity. It involves ironing laundry, but in more extreme situations such as while rock climbing, kayaking or even skydiving.

6. Mooing

They base this hobby on the competitive ‘sport’ of doing the best impression of a cow.

The interesting hobby started in the USA, and the most recent winner of the competition was a 10-year-old boy in Wisconsin, USA.

7. Beetle Fighting

Weird Hobbies Ideas

This is what it sounds like; people putting insects against one another in small arenas.

It’s more than just some people playing with bugs when they’re bored. They film the matches and post them online, take bets, and some even breed the best fight-worthy beetles for the competition.

However, choose different beetles to fight against each other. Beetle fighting enthusiasts sometimes breed a different species of beetles for fighting.

Also, you can find videos about it online, but while some might find it interesting, others may think it’s gross!

8. Collecting In-Flight Sick Bags

This is simple to do – so long as you travel by air often. Simply collect the sick bags from every flight you’ve taken.

What do you do with them once you’ve got them? Nothing. Just collected them as price possessions and see how many you can get!

Actually, there are some sites for people to buy and trade sick bags to complete their collection. Check them out here.

9. Soap Carving

This artistic hobby is definitely not as intense as the one above, much more suited to creative and calm individuals. This is about carving intricate works of art into soap.

Using special tools and techniques is needed to really create something amazing out of blocks and bars of soap.

Many people like to share their creations in time-lapse videos on social media, or share their skills on YouTube.

10. News Raiding

Also known as ‘news-bombing’ this one definitely had to make our list of weird hobbies that people partake in around the world. This is where people find locations of live news-reports and make it in the shot as a bystander.

To make this as a hobby, it’s not a ‘onetime’ thing. You have to be consistent and diligent in finding where the reports are happening, and making your way into the background.

The prolific news raider, Paul Yarrow, is known for being on hundreds of T.V broadcasts in his time.

11. Dirt Polishing

This popular and weird hobby, with its formal name Hikaru Dorodango, is about polishing mud, essentially.

The actual technique of dirt polishing is where a small ball of mud is taken, extracting the moisture in it, and coasting it with layers of fine soil, to eventually make a smooth sphere of dirt.

The creations are actually quite beautiful works of art.

12. Fork Bending

True to its name, fork bending involves manipulating a fork shape to create another shape, design, or object (if multiple forks are used).

There are some variations to the hobby, as in the Japanese technique of using the least physical effort possible to bend the fork or to use spoons in magic shows to ‘bend with the mind.’

It’s a unique hobby that probably requires some insider knowledge on how to do it.

13. Extreme Couponing

No, this isn’t like extreme ironing–you don’t read coupons while you’re doing some kind of crazy adventure sport. Extreme couponing is about collecting and organizing coupons to save huge amounts in one shopping trip.

This hobby got so popular in the U.S. and U.K. that they actually created a television show, showing just how far people go to save money on their groceries.

14. Painting Rocks

This isn’t just a cute craft project for 5-year-olds to do… painting rocks is a sweet hobby for people who love being creative, and whom like a quieter way to spend their free time.

We can do painting rocks in a variety of ways–from faces, mandalas, or landscapes, shapes, and patterns.

Just find some nice rocks–river stones work well–to paint some stones in whatever way you like.

15. Entomology

This hobby is about the study of insects. Bug collecting is another name for it, where you can find all different bugs in the same species, or in a variety of them, to store in jars, containers, or more.

We think this one falls under the category of the weird and slightly creepy hobbies out there, but lots of people do it and love it.

16. Tattooing Vehicles

This hobby began in Taiwan, where a pensioner enjoys tattooing Buddhist text onto cars. But it also seems like anyone who paints cars artistically is considered being part of this hobby.

You’ll need to have some skill in painting, plus access to cars that you can actually paint (without people freaking out that you’re doing it) so it’s not the easiest hobby to get into.

17. Element Collecting

Element collecting is where you collect each chemical element from the periodic table.

You might find a use for the element you collect, or simply collect them with no practical reasons. This one requires study and knowledge to understand the elements.

You can get high-quality samples of each one, or find the element in everyday use. Be careful of the safety level of the element, depending on which state it is in.

18. Ghost Hunting

Not just reserved for the cult classic movie, ghost hunting is a real hobby, where people investigate locations that are thought to be haunted.

The aim of this hobby is to gather evidence to support the existence of paranormal activity happening. People use cameras to record their experiences, which they share with the ghost hunting community.

19. Tree Shaping

If you have patience, tree shaping is one of the weird hobbies that takes time. You can grow trees by cutting, bending, and manipulating them to grow into artistic shapes or living furniture.

Techniques such as pruning and grafting are used to make these art pieces. Mostly ornamental, there are functional objects that people make.

20. Noodling

The name isn’t actually what it sounds like–this isn’t a cooking method to make noodles, it’s actually bare-hand fishing. The most common type of fish that noodles go after is catfish, though there are other species that can be caught too.

Most noodling takes place in shallow water, and there are known methods to be used to make it a safer endeavor, as people can get hurt.

21. Competitive Dog Grooming

Weird Hobbies Ideas

Most popular in China, there are others around the world who take part in grooming their dogs to look eccentric, or to match famous cartoon characters.

They ran competitions in regional areas, with prize money for the events. Poodles are the most common type of dog used for this event.

There are some moral considerations for this, as many people are against this as a hobby because of the potential cruelty of the animal.

22. Duck Herding

Duck herding is one of the active weird hobbies that people can take part in as a competitive sport and team-building practice.

This hobby involves people guiding ducks around a course with obstacles and challenges, along with the help of sheepdogs, to eventually reach a pen.

23. Collecting Barbie Dolls

Perhaps collecting barbies isn’t one of the strangest entries on our list, but one of its enthusiasts made it interesting enough to be included.

Johnny Depp is an avid collector of the dolls and says he often plays with the dolls in his collection when getting into character for a role.

24. Making Snow Globes

Who doesn’t love playing with a snow globe? Wouldn’t make your own be even more fun? This is a hobby shared by one of the world’s most well-known celebrities–Taylor Swift.

Hence, even the stars have weird hobbies they enjoy on their downtime.

25. Witchcraft

This isn’t just for scary books or Harry Potter fans. Witchcraft is actually a very well-practiced art for many people around the world.

Modern practices might follow Paganism, Wicca, or Brujeria. Many people in different cultures around the world work with herbs, crystals, trinkets, and spells to heal disease, manifest, and make prophecies about the future.

26. Competitive Card Games

Do you like card games, but have the itch to take it to the next level. Sites like Solitaired allow you to play a variety of card games and compete against others based on moves or times. So if you really like a competitive game of FreeCell, you cant take it to the next level.

In conclusion, share with us your most funny weird hobby (ies) in the comment box. Also share this post with friends and relations using the share button below.

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