What Apps Should Professors Use?

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 – What Apps Should Professors Use –

Being a professor is a difficult job. You have many things on your plate, from taking attendance to teaching complex subjects to keeping yourself productive throughout the day.

What Apps Should Professors Use

What Apps Should Professors Use

You’re already doing a commendable job. But what if there’s a way to stay productive and manage your tasks efficiently?


No matter whether you’re in the university or teaching from home.

With technology at your bay, this is possible.

This article will show you six necessary apps that you should use as a college or university professor.

These top education apps will help you organize, teach, and become an even better teacher as you are.

1. Calendly

Calendly application is a scheduling tool that can connect the calendars you have on multiple devices. 

You can use it as a shared tool for many operating systems. You can connect with both Google and Apple-based calendar applications

With this application, you can automate the time slot availability for student meetings and program your sessions, such as lectures or presentations. 

Whether it is a simple meeting with the parents or a discussion with the students about the project, you can set your availability with Calendly. 


  • ​​$8 per month for the essential version
  • $12 per month for the premium version

2. StudyBlue

StudyBlue is an online platform that professors and students use to share their projects and study materials on time.

With the help of this application, the professors can conduct quizzes and send electronic flashcards for learning. 

This application is suitable for all types of students and professors. 

Professors can track the quizzes attended by the students in the application along with their performance for future development. 

The application also offers audio clips and images for the user’s studies.

The professor can create classroom groups to engage the students regularly towards the subject in the external environment.


  • ​​The basic version is free.
  • $3 per month for the upgraded version.


3. VeePN Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you ask, “What software do online professors use?” A VPN probably won’t be on the list. But it’s an essential app if you use your university’s Wi-Fi to access the internet.

College and university networks tend to have weak security. There’s a high chance a geeky student can hack into your device using this less secure network and do naughty things.

The solution? A VPN app. VPN is a service that reroutes your traffic and makes you appear to be connected to the internet from some other part of the world.

Moreover, it adds an extra layer of security by making you anonymous. There are several VPN apps for Android and iPhone available on the market.

We recommend using VeePN. It’s one of the best teacher apps you should have on your phone or computer. Install VPN now, and become secure!


  • Starts from less than US$ 13 per month

4. Addito

If you are a person struggling hard to maintain a clear attendance record and other numerical aspects of the students like their grades and participation, this app is the suitable choice for you. 

Addito allows you to maintain the classroom data with accuracy. The professors can combine it with other applications like the Google classroom for regular updates. 

This application allows you to send text messages to the students and their parents for test updates and other absences. 

It creates a unified platform for the professors and others to track their regular scores.

The information and student reviews stored within the application are restricted to professors only. 


  • Free and upgradable, the price varies as per the kind of upgrade.


5. Remind


What apps do teachers use to communicate with students? Remind is the one.

As a professor, you can use Remind to send announcements. And by linking with their Remind profile, you can also track their submissions. Further, you can also use it for scheduling tests. 

The main advantage of this application is the group chat option that allows the professors to chat with the students, resolve their doubts, and resolve their errors in the submitted projects. 

The entire application comes with a separate dashboard that provides features suitable to manage your deadlines and support the students.

It is one of the free educational software available for all operating systems. 


  • Free and upgradable, it roughly costs US$ 4 per student per year.


6. Haiku Deck

As a college professor, you provide regular presentations while teaching. So, to help you with the preparations and the assortments, use one of the best teacher apps: Haiku Deck. 

Using Haiku Deck will allow you to reduce the long sentences and unwanted details in your data to provide a refined output.

Furthermore, this app will make your presentation more professional. 

The app also has a separate library of templates and pictures that you can use to develop your presentation look.

You can use Haiku Deck on multiple platforms like laptops and smartphones. 


  • Less than US$ 10 per month.

FAQs on “Apps Professors Should Use”

Below are frequently asked questions on what apps should professors use.

1. Which app is best for online teaching?

a. Digital Class
b. StudyBlue Flashcards
c. Zoom
d. Google Meet
e. Kahoot
f. Quizizz.
g. Schoology
h. Educaciones

2. What Google apps do teachers use?

a. Google Classroom
b. ClassDojo
c. Google Keep
d. Glogster Edu
e. Sketchpad
f. VoiceNoteII
g. Lucidchart
h. Socrative Teacher

3. What apps do teachers use to communicate with students?

a. TalkingPoints
b. Remind
c. ClassTag
d. Klassly
e. ClassDojo
f. Bloomz
g. ParentSquare
h. Brightwheel

4. What app can use in the classroom?

Seesaw Class
Seesaw Class is one of the most popular education apps, as it’s used in over 200,000 classrooms.
It’s a great way to plan activities in any subject, for any age.

5. Is Zoom online classes good?

As an instructor, Zoom helps keep your class going if you can’t meet in person.
Synchronous online class sessions, where everyone joins a Zoom meeting at a scheduled time, are one way to create engagement when students are remote.
Zoom can also support other teaching and learning scenarios.

More FAQs on “Apps Professors Should Use”

Still answering frequently asked questions on what apps professors should use.

6. How do teachers use Zoom?

If it’s your first time using Zoom, visit the Educating Guide: Getting Started on Zoom and complete the steps in advance of your class to get you set up.
Schedule your class in the Zoom application for your desired date or time and copy the invitation details to send to your students.

7. Can Google Classroom detect cheating?

Well, the answer is no. Google Classroom uses Google Forms to prepare quizzes and assessments, and the latter has no such functionality to track cheating.

8. Can teachers see if you open a PDF on Google Classroom?

The Teacher can see if you opened It if you Start doing something on it Like editing.

9. What is similar to the Classroom screen?

a. Miro
b. Mural
c. Lucidspark
d. Stormboard
e. Confluence

10. What online tools will you use for communicating with students?

a. ProofHub
b. Skype
c. TinyLetter
d. Dropbox
e. Flowdock
f. HipChat
g. GoToMeeting


These are the six top education apps that professors should use. These apps will help you teach efficiently, be it online or offline.

Furthermore, they promote productivity and help you with tedious tasks or organizing and managing things.

You will be able to track your students better, communicate with them more efficiently, and become a professor with a total attendance of students. 

CSN Team.


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