What to Consider Before Choosing Highline College in 2020 See Update

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What to Consider Before Choosing Highline College in 2020 See Update.

What to Consider Before Choosing Highline College: Highline College is located in Des Moines, Washington. Highline College has over 10,000 students, including 600 international students, a study on campus.

It’s residential setting in the Seattle area makes Highline College an ideal choice for students that want to combine opportunities for cultural and recreational activities with a world-class education.

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Are you planning to attend Highline College? Well, don’t just go uninformed, consider some things about the school before enrolling.

Assessment and Placement

The majority of applicants who are new to college need a skills valuation to get placement into exact courses. The placement procedure helps students select courses that best match skills, capabilities, and former experience.

High school records can be used for placement tests as can placement tests taken at another college. Placement testing is a vital way to assess present reading, critical thinking, and math ability.

There is no way to fail; however, students are advised to prepare. Students can save money and time by revitalizing their academic skills so that they do not register for courses with material formerly learned.

Visit the placement website, above, to find preparation workshops and study resources.

COMPASS and MyMathTest are Highline’s placement tests, which can be taken at the Placement and Testing Center, Building 25, 6th Floor.

Pay for your test at the Cashier office then bring your receipt and a photo ID to the Placement and Testing Center. No selection is essential and you do not have to take all subjects in one sitting. Learn more about the options for placement at Highline at placement.highline.edu

Students with disabilities should contact Access Services at (206) 592-3857 if they will be requesting accommodations for placement testing. Access Services is located in Building 99.

Students who have at some point in time attended a college or university prior to joining at Highline may be exempted from taking placement tests.

The Educational Planning and Advising Center will provide individual assessments for students who are undefined about their need for a valuation.

Students should bring their college transcripts to the center or e-mail [email protected]. Students with transfer credits from a college or university should have the classes assessed for transfer credit.

Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is the process for awarding credit for learning that has taken place away from the college classroom.

Advising and Educational Planning

Educational planning begins before registering in classes and continues as students complete their educational programs at Highline College.

The planning procedure involves much more than choosing classes. It involves evaluating academic skills, defining goals, and creating strategies to attain educational success.

Students should meet with an educational planner prior to their first quarter. It is suggested that students meet frequently to review performance, plan class schedules, and discuss educational and career goals.

Educational Planning & Advising Center (EPAC) advisers can aid students understand program prerequisites, trace campus resources, and explain Highline and university transfer guidelines.

The center has college catalogs, transfer and planning guides, and Internet and e-mail advising resources.

Advisers can offer valuable information and guidance, but eventually, each student is responsible for knowing Highline’s degree and college transfer requirements.

Students should ask for a faculty adviser during their first two quarters at Highline. The student and faculty adviser share a similar interest: the student’s education. Each student’s faculty adviser can help choose classes and develop an accurate and successful educational plan.

Some students wish to make class selections without an adviser’s assistance; in other words, they fancy finding out what they need to do, choose classes, and plan their programs without the support of an adviser.

However, students regularly find that most transfer and professional-technical programs demand careful planning and complex decision-making.

Therefore, most students will profit from meeting with an adviser upon finishing 30 credits at the college, and again two quarters before they plan to graduate.

Evening and distance learning students should make every effort to meet with faculty advisers. If scheduling an appointment with a faculty adviser is not possible, EPAC offers general advising during limited evening hours, as well as online and via the phone. For the center’s hours and further information, visit the Advising website.

Whatever Path You Took to Get Here, the School Welcomes You Welcome You.

You will like a lively, diverse environment at Highline College. Step onto the campus and you will be surrounded by people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures, who took diverse t paths to get here.

What are your skills, interests, and abilities? The university will help match them to the courses, certificate or degree that is right for you. College is the perfect place to begin if you want to earn a four-year degree, find a new career, or expand your skills.

At Highline, you will obtain help with academic and personal needs. The school also offers a wide range of services to help you succeed. Services comprise of educational planning, financial aid, personal counseling, job assistance, tutoring, and much more.

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