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What to Get Someone Who Has Everything and Still Get Appreciated

Filed in Articles by on October 13, 2021

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– What to Get Someone Who Has Everything –

Some people nowadays find it difficult on what to get someone who has everything already. Are you one of such persons and you are confused whether the type of gift you buy would be considered embarrassing or worth to the person you are presenting it to? Don’t worry, you are on the right page as you keep reading to find answers.

What to get Someone who has Everything

Perhaps, they already have everything they want, or they had taken minimalism to new heights and probably just don’t want anything again.

Irrespective of the reason, hard-to-shop-for people demand some extra creativity on your part. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to buy beautiful gifts for even the richest person.

Ignore the usual humdrum gifts. This time around, come up with giving them something they can actually use and smile.

Secret: Just before you begin shopping, make sure that you add the free Capital One Shopping browser extension. When you’re shopping on Amazon, you will be given an alert if there’s a better price elsewhere.

Capital One Shopping will also add automatically available discount codes to your order.

Table of Contents

Unique Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Everything

As often said, money is a renewable resource, but time is not. So put into consideration giving your recipient the most outstanding gift of all time.

1. A Virtual Assistant

With regards to what to get someone who has everything already, a virtual assistant (VA) can assist in a broad range of chores such as repetitive work tasks, managing their inbox, contacting customer service departments, travel planning, bookkeeping, scheduling.

Whatever personal work or home chores your recipient is planning ahead to do while the kids are watching cartoons, you can give them that time back by assisting them to do so.

The recipient can then spend that time you sort out to help him with his or her family, catching up on much-needed sleep, or just doing his favorite hobby.

Fortunately, once he gets over the initial awkwardness of dedicating his personal chores to you as an assistant, he will start having time for himself every week to meet up with other necessary things to do.

2. An Experience

Beforehand, most of us have enough furniture. We don’t need another thing to clutter up our living rooms or probably another toy to play with and then set aside.

You can begin to think beyond physical items and create an experience instead.

When you prepay for an event or adventure to your friends or family members get fun hanging out with you and probably achieve something new from you.

The experience with you is pretty much more valuable than a new iPhone speaker or a pair of shoes.

However, it shows that you had carefully taken your time to plan something worth them than just to buy them another set of gifts.

Experience gifts can include:

Theater or concert tickets

Sporting event tickets

A massage

An aeroplane flying lesson

A hot air balloon ride


Whitewater rafting

Tickets to a gallery opening at a local museum

A wine tasting

Check out Vayable, Groupon, and LivingSocial for experience-based gifts for any budget.

Also, if you want to give tickets to an event but you do not know the exact seat or event the recipient will like, simply direct the recipient to Vivid Seats so they can choose their own while you pay for them.

Secret: If you are running bankrupt this year, companies like Zebit is here to boost your account with a loan offer.

With Zebit, you’ll be glad to receive up to $2,500 of credit just for shopping. You can pay back their loan over time. The beneficiary effect with this company is that there is not much interest to be paid on the loan given.

3. Gift Cards

Many people think gift cards are a cop-out but consider also that people who have everything clearly know what they want and what they will not appreciate you giving them.

So why do you force a gift on them that they aren’t looking for? However, there’s no challenge to be faced in buying someone a gift card or a gift certificate for his favourite store or activity.

This simply shows you pay careful attention to his preferences while acknowledging the fact that it is better and more preferable shopping for himself though.

Whether the gift card is for their favourite item or another alternative, a gift card means to the recipient that the gift is truly about them and makes them valuable.

With regards to what to get someone who has everything already, stop thinking about the kind of gift you’d rather give, and hurry now to buy them the kind of gift they’d rather receive with excitement.

4. A Quirky Pencil Cup That Fits Inside A Hand

With regards to what to get someone who has everything already, he will really embrace a pencil holder if you get one for him.

Pencil Cup features a hand holding a cup. It often comes in white, yellow, orange, green, or black colour. It is a great place to store supplies on a desk.

It’s a little more fun than your basic pen holder but in this case, it is more convenient and acts as a conversation piece on anyone’s desk.

“Wow! I love this pen holder… though I never tip it over, as it possesses a sturdy base and moderate large cup for highlighters, pens, and pencils,” an Amazon user says.

5. A Smart Assistant/Speaker That Has A Sleek Design

This brand new Echo Dot is also one of Amazon’s most famous speakers and has built-in Alexa technology which anyone can read news from it, tell the weather, or play music of any kind.

It can also serve as a smart home hub that connects almost all of your smart devices. Many reviewers say this is a great promotion for anyone who owns a previous generation Amazon Echo before.

Therefore, even if you’re shopping for somebody who has one already, buying this again for him will still make a great gift.


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What to Get Someone Who Has Everything for Her Birthday

Everyone, whether single people, dating people, married couples, or a birthday celebrant is entitled to a night out package. This is simply a night in a row where someone can stay all night at your birthday and watch Netflix.

A Night Out

With a Night Out package, you can plan a date night (or night out) for your recipient from start to finish.

The night out may include pre or post-dinner cocktails at a swanky bar, a dinner reservation and gift card, pre or post-dinner cocktails, transportation, tickets to a fundraiser gala.

The vital thing is that you are the one getting to do all the logistical planning for them. Therefore, what your recipient only has to do is getting himself up and stroll out the door.

Furthermore, if your recipient has young kids, don’t just forget to plan for his babysitting with someone you know beforehand.

What to Get Someone for Baby Shower Who Has Everything

Parents of young children need nights and days. Yes! this is quite true. All you need to do is to surprise them with the gift of breathing room and time. This is important so that they will not just worry about themselves for once.

1. Babysitter Service

Babysitter Service

You can hire a sitter for the kids from anyone you know or you can simply go through it with the service of Sittercity.com or Care.com.

Remember that many parents feel nervous about leaving their children with anyone other than sitters they have known before. For this reason, you may need to do a little finding just to know those people and arrange for their services.

Even if you may not plan another thing for the kids, keep hiring a sitter for a specified time to pleased your friends and loved ones. This will also go a long way in offering them the most exciting moment of their life just to get out of the house for some time.

2. Meal Kit Delivery Service

Meal Kit

Meal kit delivery services offer all ingredients for your meals with easy-to-follow recipes. They’re pretty much convenient, they’re easy, they can help dieters avoid poor food choices, and they save trips to the grocery store.

Due to their rise in fame, they offer plenty of meal kit delivery services to choose from. Some options include Green Chef, Home Chef, and HelloFresh. 

With a meal kit delivery service, your recipient will get to try a meal kit service for a few weeks and would be glad to have been valued this much.

Many people would want to lose weight, you can help them do it by offering them a meal kit delivery service. 

Inexpensive Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

If you are looking to give inexpensive gifts for someone who has everything already, it is better you play up the convenience and time-saving angles to increase his user experience.

Each time the person sees your gift, the thoughts of you will likely come up in his mind.

1. Cooking Classes

Generally, some people oftentimes cook more at home. They felt more confident in the kitchen by cooking their favourite dishes

Cooking classes from Sur La Table cover a broad range of cooking skills including meal prep and how to use kitchen utensils.

it also includes intermediate lessons on how to cook quickly with appliances like pressure cookers and air fryers. It also involves advanced lessons such as pairing wines with food.

Alongside this, cooking classes can truly transform your recipient’s and their kitchen lifestyle.

2. A Personalized Gift

When someone already has everything, you can still captivate him with a personalized gift that will give him the best of his moment.

When you order something valuable, or otherwise designed specifically for your recipient, it shows that you’ve put real thought into finding the perfect gift for them.

Personalized gifts don’t just need to be flashy or very expensive. A few ideas of gifts to get for such persons include the following:

➛ Photo socks

➛ A keychain with important dates including anniversaries or birthdays listed on it

➛ A leather journal with an embossed name or message

➛ Personalized jewellery

➛ An engraved flask

➛ Engraved wine glasses

➛ A personalized wooden cutting board

Just make sure that you put thought deeply into the gift the person will feel happy using.

You can check out Etsy for a seemingly endless range of personalized gift options.

What to Get Someone Who Has Everything for His Birthday

Name a Star After Them

1. Name a Star After Them

This gift opinion gets closer to the red zone between sweet and hokey. Though you’d be amazed how many people may find it romantic. Despite that, who doesn’t love this idea of being immortalized?

Would you love several services that will enable you to name stars after your loved ones? You can check out the Online Star Register and CosmoNova for the two reputable options.

Also, be prepared to break out a star map and a telescope with the view to point out the exact star to your recipient. Mark the occasion with just a glass of champagne to come up with the romance factor.

2. A Bluetooth Record Player

For the audiophile or hipster on your gift list, it’s difficult to go wrong with a vintage vinyl player.

Modern record players, however, make a fun gift for those who enjoy gadgets. For a cheap option, you can check out this vintage Bluetooth turntable (with vinyl) to MP3 recording from Victrola.

Also, you may proceed to go a little higher-end with their fully automatic, die-cast aluminium turntable from Audio-Technica.

Finally, you can add this to the gift by putting also a vinyl version of your recipient’s favourite album.

3. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Last Christmas, I remember I bought myself a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 noise-cancelling headphones. I don’t know how I had managed to live without them in the loud shared office where I work.

Even though it was like wrapping myself in a personal sound bubble, it gave me relative silence at the point of turning them on even when no music was played.

These particular headphones sit firmly on the tight end of the market, but you can still buy noise-cancelling headphones with the least price you have.

Whether it is audiophile or not, your recipient will probably still experience a little more peace and quietness in their life.

Offer them the gift of escaping loud and noisy environment whenever they want even if is only for a few moment or days.

4. A Scratch Map

Some of us love international travel, while most of us keep scratch maps to track our journeys.

Comparing with scratch-off lottery tickets, scratch maps come also with all countries coated with silver or gold plating.

As you visit a specific country, you will have to scratch it off the map. It makes a fun and one of the most inexpensive gifts for your lover.

Scratch maps that differentiate between states in countries such as the US, Brazil, and China is often a great way to be more realistic. You can check out the vintage scratch map as a good example from maps internationally

It is one of the best travel gifts for both men and women.

Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything and Wants Nothing

A National Parks Pass

1. Home Cleaning Service

The last thing many of us want to do at the time we are not working is to scrub our toilets, shower tiles among others. A home cleaning service usually offers another alternative for helping your recipient recover the lost time.

You can hire a local or nationwide cleaning service for your friends and loved ones to experience the most exciting moment of their life.

You can hire a home service from Handy.com, amusingly titled You’ve Got Maids.

2. Airline Tickets

If you have a more sizable budget, consider giving the gift of airline tickets to your friends and family if you have a more sizable budget.

Studies conducted by OnePoll found that more than 50% of Americans don’t have a passport.

To help things out, you can increase your recipient’s experience, widen their horizons and push past their comfort zone. If they’ve never been to Europe, you can consider buying them European airline tickets.

To be sure that you get them involved in the process, be very careful that the destination, date and time that you book for them is actually valid.

3. Travel Accommodations

Flights make expensive gifts. To help out with their travel costs, consider booking them one or more nights’ accommodations.

There are many cheap alternatives to hotels, many of which prove far more reliable and memorable. I could remember that every guesthouse in Eastern Europe, every bed and breakfast in South America I visited was really affordable to pay for.

If your recipient decides to choose accommodation for himself, you can buy gift cards for Airbnb or a major hotel chain for them.

4. A National Parks Pass

Does your recipient like outdoors? Give them countless access to over 2,000 federal recreation sites, including national parks, forests, including other areas managed and controlled by the Bureau of Land Management.

A one year pass from the National Park Service is amazingly affordable and makes sense for recipients who live close to the park they love to visit. Despite that, it also serves as an excuse to explore the country and see more of its natural attractions.

For hikers, backpackers, campers, and nature lovers, an annual park pass often makes a perfect gift.

Gadgets for the Person who has Everything

What to get Someone who has Everything

1. A Lens Kit for Their Phone Camera

Mobile phone cameras have come a long way since the year 2000, rivalling the image quality of full digital cameras. Though, they come with one major limitation which is the lens that you can’t extend it to zoom or swap it out for wide-angle shots.

Luckily for you nowadays, you can do a wide variety of things involving snap on a zoom, wide-angle, or fish-eye lens. 

You can try your luck with an affordable 9-in-1 lens kit from MACTREM to upgrade almost any of your smartphones into a versatile digital camera. 

2. A 23andMe Genetic Test

You can learn a lot from a genetic test: useful insight such as health risks and predispositions, amusing information such as celebrities with tenuous genetic links to you, or even an ancestry information about your family’s roots,

For persons already having everything they want, consider giving them 23andMe’s genetic testing kit as a gift that looks into their family’s past.

It may cause deep anxiety about their roots and having the most exciting moment ever.

3. Headspace

Each week, it appears like a new invention comes out with fresh data confirming the physical and emotional benefits of meditation.

As someone who practices or as well as for those who try to practice it daily, I can testify it does. Therefore, it helps you manage stress and regulate control over your mindset and emotions.

But not everybody is ready to venture into a lotus position and begin saying mantras. For many people, guided meditation usually help them stay focused.

While the app store is loaded with guided meditation apps, a few can be assessed on the rival Headspace.

Headspace generally offers a broad range of guided meditation sessions at different lengths. They also offer progress tracking, courses,  and incur anxiety exercises for panic attacks.

4. A Kitchen Herb Garden

There’s nothing sweeter than having fresh herbs in your cooking. Being an apartment dweller, I can’t just nip out to the backyard to pluck some fresh basil or thyme from my garden.

Even though I have a backyard, I may not have the time to keep a regular and proper herb garden.

If your recipient does not have the proper window layout for natural light or does not have the time to water herbs daily, they can use a small indoor garden kit rather.

The kit provides timed light and watering on automation. You can try the indoor garden kit from Click & Grow as a starter option.


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What to Get Someone Who Has Everything for Christmas

What to get Someone who has Everything

1. Food and Drink

Nowadays, I mostly give consumables these days to family and friends. The downside side of this is that they don’t want more stuff.

Even though they may want, I will not want to feed into the opinion of always chasing the latest trending and shiny object.

For this reason, I choose to give upscale cheeses, cigars, wine, beer, and homemade foods. Keeping in mind that choosing consumable gifts will be very much appreciated because they will not be wasted.

2. A Brewing Kit

A Brewing Kit

As often said, “Give someone a beer, and you sate them for a day. “Teach them how to make their own beer, and you sate them for life”

When you brew your beer, you usually get to make fun and creative styles that best suit your own unique palette.

You can also buy your recipient a beginner brewing kit if they’ve never in their life brewed before. Teach them and adopt a new hobby for them.

3. A Membership or Subscription

Consider a membership or subscription as a gift that will excite someone who already has everything. You can give your loved ones and friends access to a year’s worth of entertainment via a video streaming service like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video.

If they’re such that like music or reading books, you can offer them an audiobook service like Audible, or a music service like Spotify or Sirius XM.

For friends with children, you can give a membership subscription to a kid’s gymnasium, local children’s museum, zoo, or aquarium, or you can even opt for membership on anything from Costco to AAA, and to magazine subscriptions.

A subscription box membership is another great gift you can offer to them. My Subscription Addiction is a great resource to find boxes for just about any interest and budget.

If you are not sure where to commence, you can choose a club or organization that would have value to your recipient. You can as well contact them to ask whether they do offer gift memberships for purchase.

With this as a gift, every time the recipient assess their membership benefits, they’ll develop the thoughts of you.

Practical Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

After George Castanza gave out devaluable donations to “The Human Fund” on the hit sitcom “Seinfeld,” it appears just like charitable donations and as gifts lost to some of their lustre.

1. A Charitable Donation

A Charitable Donation aims at donating to charity in lieu of a gift has come a very long way now with services like GoFundMe and IndieGogo.

The trick in making a thoughtful donation simply lies in a single question of such: what will your friend donate if they were choosing the organization?

A recipient curious about cancer research will probably love a donation to the American Cancer Society or probably the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

You can also use crowdfunding sites to investigate the causes that hit closer to homes such as giving money for a friend’s medical treatment or gifting a veteran through the Wounded Warrior Project.

You can also opt to take the charitable donation tax decrement on your own tax return. Here, you can do this by dedicating the gift in your recipient’s honour.

Ensure that you make the gift legally in the recipient’s name so that they will have the tax deduction if they itemize their deductions.

Your recipient may not in any way need anything for himself, but there are many people in this world who do.

Check out JustGive.org for a list of organizations perfect for gift donations.

2. Stocks, Shares, or Crowdfunding Investments

Everyone needs investments if they ever hope to retire from work. For the person who has everything, consider the gift of offering them a passive income-producing asset.

This may include shares of each stock or ETFs, REITs, or even real estate crowdfunding investments via Fundrise.

Alongside this, if they don’t already have a brokerage account, you can as well sit down with them in person to assist them open one with a company like SoFi Invest or Robinhood.

Also, you can get to buy first shares for them, thus showing them how to do so. 

An appalling 45% of Americans don’t own any stocks at all, according to a 2019 Gallup poll. And for many, it always comes down to not knowing where to begin.

Take the chance of building wealth with your recipient at the first few steps with your loved ones. They may roll their eyes today, but certainly, they’ll come back and thank you later they reach their financial independence.

This also can also answer the question of what gift to get someone who has everything already.

3. A Wildly-Popular Hand Cream Gift Set

As a general rule, you can’t have too much hand cream, most especially when the colder weather hits. These popular hand creams are combined with shea butter to hydrate and soothe dry and scaly hands.

This set comes with 8 different hand creams which involve blueberry, lavender, rose, and lemon. This pack also include a foot cream and lip balm.

What to Get a Woman Who Has Everything

What to get Someone who has Everything

1. This Genius Avocado Slicer that is a Cult-Favorite Kitchen Tool

Even if the person you’re giving has everything, they probably may not have this avocado slicing tool. In fact, many of the reviewers say they didn’t even know that this tool is of utmost importance.

This tool performs three functions which are slicing into the peel, removing the pit, and slicing the avocado.

Even though is so simple to use, yet, is so genius, which is why it’s ranked up to 14,000 Amazon reviews. One Amazon fan says, “I bought this as a Christmas gift for my best friend who eats avocados a lot.

She said that she absolutely loves it. And now that she is glad to have been able to get this for her family.”

2. A Colander that’s Shaped Like a Fun Monster

There’s always one friend in the group who loves to cook for everyone else. Get that person this fun monster colander.

One reviewer says, It’s shaped like a “Spaghetti Monster,” and it’s perfectly adorable. You can use it to strain veggies or pasta with ease.

 “As my wife gets this as a Christmas gift I bought for her, she put on smiles every time she pulls it out for use from its home in the cabinet.

This alone makes it worth five stars in my own view, but it’s also sized nicely just a bit smaller than the “standard’ colander.

The product is made of perfectly strong plastic, with extremely expressive eyes which makes great handles. Which rich man wouldn’t like it since this is best for what to get someone who has everything.

3. A Baking Pan that’ll Make the Crispiest Brownies

If your baker pan is a type that has a soft spot for brownies, you can make a change to it if they are not crisp at the edges. To have a crisp at the edges, then a brilliant brownie pan is a perfect gift for your friends.

Nobody rejects brownies with soft edges, because it ensures that each square has a crispy golden edge.

4. This Snowflake Multi-Tool That Can Perform 18 Functions

This multi-tool comes in handy when you need it, and can go the extra mile to perform versatile functions all in one design. It has a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a wrench, and lots more.

With just $11, it answers the question of what to get someone who has everything already. Multi-tool makes a great gift for anyone that would probably not have bought for themselves. Over 1,800 Amazon reviewers are excited to have invested in this popular multi-tool.

5. A Microwaveable Popcorn Popper that You Can Bring With You Anywhere

Okay, hear me out: This microwaveable popcorn popper is kind of surprising. The glass is BPA-free and hypoallergenic fitting up to a quart of popcorn.

Just estimate the popcorn kernels in the top lid and then pour them into the jar. Put the entire popper in the microwave and cook for about three or four minutes.

You’ll have the perfect snack-sized amount of popcorn already in a jar of which you can bring with you anywhere you’d like.

6. A Window Herb Garden That’s Super Easy To Use

If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend who loves the garden though lives in an apartment that doesn’t have access to it, you can get them this windowsill herb garden.

Window Herb Garden has everything you need to grow fresh herbs annually. It usually comes with labels, seeds, nine planters and nutrient-rich soil discs that expand to in order to fill the pot with water.

7. An Easy-To-Use Homemade Ice Cream Maker

An Easy-To-Use Homemade Ice Cream Maker

This best-selling ice cream maker is a fun kitchen tool that almost all people don’t own. This is truly a good time to captivate someone to make his own ice cream with this dish.

The dish works by simply pouring mixed ingredients into the fast-freeze pan. Also, you can get to pop it in the freezer for a few hours. You will have homemade ice cream that is delicious.

What to Get Someone Who Has Everything they Need

Perhaps, rich people already have everything they want, or they had taken minimalism to new heights and probably just don’t want anything again.

You can still get them the following needs, and this will always bring the thoughts of you in their mind whenever they see your gifts.

1. This Wooden Digital Clock that Reads the Room’s Humidity & the Indoor Temp

What to get Someone who has Everything

A good clock may appear like a practical gift, yet it comes with a bunch of features just to make it an upgrade from whatever clock they have right now.

This one really displays the interior heat and humidity levels just to give you an accurate result of the environment around you’d measured. It also comes with a sleek dark grey tone, as well as for a few other neutrals that will blend in any home, office, or bedroom.

2. A 6-Pack of Wine-Shaped Lipstick

These wine-shaped lip tints make for a great gift and come in six different colours for every person’s style or taste. In a range of purples, pinks, and reds, these lip tints last for a really long time and are even waterproof.

One reviewer confirms, “I am in LOVE with this set. Not only does it has something to do with a wide range of usable colours that look awesome on, but it is also easy to apply. It is very long-lasting, and doesn’t dry out my lips.”

3. A Wine or Beer Holder that Suctions to Your Tub or Shower

There are few combinations that are best mixed together as an alcoholic drink giving a warm shower or bath. That’s where this genius shower caddy comes in.

It suctions to the side of your tub or shower and can hold your favourite drink of choice including the non-alcoholic as well.

For this reason, you can suds up with your favourite drink at your reach. No wonder more than 3,600 Amazon reviewers have been reported to have been adding this to their bathrooms.

4. A Smart Water Bottle That Glows To Remind You To Drink (and Can Play Music!)

This smart water bottle is a super fun gift to get for someone. Not only does it remind you to drink water, but it also goes a long way to play music if you connect it through bluetooth to your phone, or your computer.
“I love this water bottle, I’ve had it for a few months now and I haven’t had to charge it or had any issues with it. 
I began drinking more water as it is easy to carry around and very light. 10/10 would highly recommend. Looks cool and is super helpful.” One Amazon fan says.

5. This Bluetooth Speaker & Touch-Activated Lamp

Not only does this lamp have five colour options and three brightness levels, but it is touch-activated so you can tap it to turn the light on.
It also has built-in Bluetooth speakers that enable you to play all your favorite music. It is a perfect gift for all music lovers or smart-home fanatics.

6. This Genius Toilet Light That’ll Illuminate Your Bathroom At Night

This best-selling toilet light will light up your bathroom even at night, so that you will not stumble around looking for the toilet or sink.
It is super easy to install and can pretty much be customized to one of 16 different lights if you wish. Over 7,000 Amazon reviewers have been reported to have added this to their bathroom with many fans calling it a “great gift.”

7. An Attachable Camera Lens That’ll Improve Their Photos

An Attachable Camera Lens That'll Improve Their Photos
If you know someone who is in love with Instagram and loves to take his or her posts very well, then give them a three-in-one pocket lens that they always be attached to their phone.
This will actually help improve the quality of the photos they shoot on his phone. he will also be able to take macro, wide, or fish-eye angles, and then add variety to their feed.
With just $24, this will make for a fantastic tech accessory that will instantly upgrade a phone.

8. A Smart Picture Frame That Can Showcase All Of Their Favorite Photos

This digital photo frame has a 10-inch full HD screen that clearly displays your favorite pictures or videos in a slideshow format. It has a convenient remote that allows you to toggle via the media you’ve uploaded.
You can upload your photos via a USB and plug it in to be able to see precious memories rotate through it. This gift is very charming for what to get someone who has everything already.
You can also upgrade to the Wi-Fi digital frame, which gives you the option to send photos from your phone or computer to the frame. With just $85, this is one of the cheapest digital frames you can get for someone that has everything.

9. A Flexible Phone Tripod With 17,000+ Reviews

This best-selling phone tripod really steam up the game for anyone seeking to take photos or videos. With its flexible design, it can be wrapped easily around tree branches or even railings just to take photos without anyone having to hold it.
It also has a versatile design that fits almost all the smart phones. This is one big reason why so many Amazon reviewers seek to buy it.
According to one fan, “Works great, highly recommended, can tighten and lockdown so that it won’t swift to any angle. The Remote works great so that the phone won’t move while using the camera.”

10. A USB-Rechargeable Lighter That Goes On Your Key Chain

This tiny lighter is a great accessory for what to get someone who has everything. You can have it as one of your accessories to hang from your keys. It works by charging it via USB.
It will work for about two hours continuously. It’s also waterproofed, and comes with its own lanyard so that you can hang it from a camping backpack or a purse if you wish.
Over 5,000 Amazon reviewers have been reported to have invested on this rechargeable lighter.

In conclusion, having found the simple answers concerning what to get someone who has everything already, it is also important to know that the challenge doesn’t lie in choosing the perfect item, but rather in finding and investigating a way to show your love and appreciation.

What do you give to friends and family members who have everything? Do you have any gifts that are not on this page? Feel free to make your comment on the comment section box provided below.

CSN Team.

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