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Reasons Why Immigrants are Currently Leaving Canada

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– Why Immigrants are Leaving Canada –

Why Immigrants are Currently Leaving Canada: Over the years, there have been incidents of people leaving Canada, so the big question now is, why is that? That’s exactly what I will show you in this article, reasons immigrant are leaving Canada.

Reasons Why Immigrants are Currently Leaving Canada

The Problem in the Area of Job and Job Promotion

A study by Statistics Canada showed that one-third of male immigrants (aged 25 to 45 at the time of landing) left Canada within 20 years of arrival.

More than half of those who left did so within the first year of arrival. Why is that?

The reason is that in an organization where an immigrant is working, they would not want to promote them (the international fellow) to certain opposition within the organization.

For a vivid example, Mir, who studied in the United States and landed an impressive position with one of the best financial management companies in the world. Why Immigrants are Leaving Canada.

Merrill Lynch, was excited when he first applied for Canadian immigration, and it came through in six months. He hurriedly moved to Vancouver.


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He said, “I was sure that with my education and work experience I would have no trouble finding a job,” he says. What happened next was a series of extended survival jobs in retail and no interview callbacks for months.

Mir decided it was time for a change and took some courses in computer programming. Eventually, he moved to Regina. “I interviewed for the job and got it.

But it was the beginning of a nightmare. Mir claims that his work has been constantly nitpicked.

He was stared at during meetings (which in his words comprising all “white folks”) and on one occasion was completely sidelined when his boss was on leave.

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“I hold the second most senior position in my organization, but I don’t think I will ever be made director here. They [the management] completely ignored the fact that I was supposed to be made acting director,” he says.

He said that he what he heard at a committee hearing about hiring immigrants in Canada shocked him.

“Major Canadian multinationals in B.C. are on record saying that immigrants cannot express themselves well in interviews and therefore it is difficult to consider them for senior positions. This is why immigrants are leaving Canada.

Canadian Immigrant spoke to new and old immigrants, some who feel let down by the system here and are leaving to explore better options and some who acknowledge that there is no other country like this one and will come back one day.


The Problem of Canadian Experience

Another major problem why many people leave Canada is the strict requirement of Canadian work experience before you can get a job.

For example, Stephan Burckhardt, who came wash previously working in Washington states but moved to Canada because of this daughter’s prospect. Why Immigrants are Leaving Canada

When he started living in Canada, he applied for a job which he got but something was missing. He said,“The salaries in Canada are abysmal.

I do not mean to compare, but the difference in compensation is just too much. In Switzerland, I was being paid about $350 an hour, and in Canada, I started at $20 an hour.

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He didn’t stop there; he again applied to two companies and was called for an inter-interview by one of the company, he was told  that they needed a Canadian with more Canadian experience and they even told me to my face: ‘She [the winning candidate] knows someone at the Globe and Mail.’ I did not stand a chance, did I?” he says.

Besides his claim that the skilled worker program is misleading, the other form of bias that he feels is rampant is age discrimination.

Burckhardt has been told that he was not in the preferred age group for a particular job, despite his experience. Add to that the constant rejections because of his educational credentials, and Burckhardt had had enough.

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He said “My wife is American, and Swiss society is pretty conservative. I like the social life in Canada; the people are good and tolerant. I don’t think my native country will be very accepting of her and that is one thing that worries me,” he says.

Burckhardt has two job offers; one in the United States as the executive director of a non-profit and the other in his native Switzerland as a partner in a consulting firm. “As a family, we spent close to $1,500,000 in the eight years we’ve been here. Why Immigrants are Leaving Canada.

Once we sell our home, our leaving Canada will mean a net loss of close to $100,000 per year to the Canadian economy counting no multiplier effects.

High Cost of Living

One of the common reasons why immigrant leaves Canada is because of the high cause of living. Everything is actually costly in Canada.

Unlike many parts of the world, living a comfortable life in Canada comes at a greater cost than usual. Buying a house in cosmopolitan cities like Toronto, Vancouver is now much a dream too many folks like me.

Your car insurance can be very high. A friend of mine pays $300 as vehicle insurance while he paid $60 for the same when he was in the US.

Added to this also is the High tax rates, the more you earn the more you pay. For example, someone earning $70,000 per annum takes home approximately $52,000. So the tax, which includes both federal and provincial, comes up to $18,000.

The higher you move up the salary bracket, the more you contribute to the government in terms of tax.


FAQs on Why Immigrants are Leaving Canada

Below are the frequently asked questions on why immigrants are leaving Canada:

1. Do Canadians want to leave Canada?

A new survey suggests that 23 percent of new Canadians plan to leave in the next two years 

2. Are Canadian immigrants happy?

Most immigrant groups in Canada report higher levels of life satisfaction than people in their country of origin.

3. Why is the population in Canada so low?

The population density is among the lowest in the world, mostly because a great deal of the country to the north is virtually uninhabited.

4. Why are immigrants good for Canada?

Immigrants contribute to our economy, not only by filling gaps in our labour force and paying taxes, but also by spending money on goods, housing and transportation.

5. Do immigrants pay more taxes in Canada?

New data and studies show the extent of this fiscal burden; recent immigrants have lower average incomes and tax payments than other Canadians.

6. How much money do new immigrants get in Canada?

Immigrants with no prior job experience had a median pay of CA$39,300

7. What is Canada’s cost of living?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,347$ (4,257C$) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 930$ (1,183C$) without rent.

8. Why is it hard for immigrants to find jobs?

Immigrants with permanent residence status can face difficulties achieving full employment in the U.S., often due to employers not trusting foreign degree programs.

9. Are the Indian immigrants happy in Canada?

In fact, these migrants are so happy with their new country and their decision to immigrate that they have voted Canada, the seventh-best place in the world, to be an immigrant or expat.

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