Why Indian Men Fail in Most Relationships 2024 Update

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We have always known men to have dominance and control over women in the past. I believe the cliché; “This is a man’s world” was coined because of this assertion. Guess what? times have changed, and patriarchy with it. Women are demanding more from men and comparing them globally.

They do not leave Indian men out, so keep reading to find out why most Indian men are not well rated with dating.

The relationship ranking is bad news for Indian men, because they are really below the ranks when we talk about the way their women and other women who have encountered them rate them. They have been criticized for the following reasons;

1. Exaggerated Masculinity

Indian Men

Indian men are fed stereotypes almost every day. Hence they feel the need to display their machismo at every instant.

I mean, how often have we seen our father or an uncle cry? Crying or expressing emotion is considered pitiful or a weak trait to be possessed by a male, which is completely illogical.

This makes it difficult for them to let down their guard and connect with their partners. They are left vulnerable to real-life problems which then results in pointless aggression.

The conclusion altogether is that women are now open to choices. Years ago, unmarried women used to get depressed as they were raised to be dependent.

If Indian men don’t step-up now, women will live happily ever after with their career and independence.

2. Lack of Basic Culinary and Tidying skills

Indian Men

Majority of Indian men do not know how to cook and tidy the mess they create. It’s very rare that a man will know how to cook and do the chores, simply because they do not teach most of the men to carry out these activities like girls are.

The ones who know have lived on their own for a while and thus know the importance of sanitation and knowing how to cook.

The real fun lies in cooking new delicacies and eating together or discovering memories while on a cleaning spree; something Indian women would appreciate more in their men.

3. Still Tied to Their Mothers

Their mothers influence Indian men. The stereotype of an Indian mother-in-law exists for a reason. They do not just give their opinions for consideration; they get to have the entire authority of deciding and this becomes a problem.

This way Indian men never learn to decide confidently. Since the feeling of male superiority is ingrained in them right from the very beginning, men also find it difficult to accept their mistakes and faults.

4. Special Treatment Entitlement

This plight of Indian men is centrally as a result of how they are raised. They are nurtured with a sense of entitlement and superiority.

If parents start bringing up their children equally, irrespective of gender they would have done a lot to make Indians survive in relationships.

Rules for both boys and girls must be the same and both should be treated equally right from their childhood. Gender should not be considered an issue while reprimanding children if they’ve done wrong.

There isn’t much good to say about Men and Relationships. Hopefully, soon these men would do better. So, please share this article with a man.

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